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  • Hi Dan, I sent you a pm regarding the event spot the difference.
  • I'm on twin saga for the yuuki contest thing
  • hallo ich hab mal nur eine frage ist heute eine wartung ?
  • Hallo, ich kenn mich hier noch nicht aus aber kann ich dich etwas fragen?
  • Hi, ich weiß, dass das Patch II Senshi Event seit... über 2 Monaten? Beendet ist, aber wurden die Ergebnisse irgendwo, irgendwann verkündet? Und wenn ja, wo?
  • IGN: Angelbunny32
    Aeria accent: Angelbunny32
    Entry: Funny Cherry Story

    Cherry's Pie

    One day Angelbunny32 went to go join the little fervals for a tea party. She sat on the ground drinking tea and enjoying their company, then all of a sudden a big *Boom* could be heard and ripples could be seen in the tea. Then, a girl came falling out the sky and fell on top of Angebunny32.

    AngelBunny32 wondered if this was what the French toast she loved making feels like when she smashes it down with the spatula against the frying pan. The girl soon realized that she was on top of Angelbunny32 and immediately jumped off of her. The girl then apologizes and introduces herself as Cherry. Just as Angelbunny32 was about to introduce herself to Cherry, Marisa pops out of her body like always and exclaims "Ah-ha! I thought I sensed Sanctopolis energy" Cherry then gasps with surprise "Queen Marisa, is that you!?" Marisa nods and introduces Angelbunny32 as being her chosen worrior. Cherry looks at Angelbunny32 with a little curiosity, then nods her head. Then Marisa explains to Angelbunny32 that Cherry is well known in Sanctopolis as "The red riding hood rabbit"
    Cherry smiles "Yep, that's me"

    After all the introductions were out of the way, Angelbunny32 then proceeds to ask Cherry what the explosion was? Cherry explains how she was being attacked by the heretics and used a bomb in self defense but must have thrown it closer than she realized and exploded herself away. Angelbunny32 started to wonder why the heretics attacked cherry? But, before she could open her mouth to ask, she hears someone shout "There she is!" Angelbunny32 looks to see who's speaking, it was the heretics leader, Hasser. Hasser then shouts "Quick, take her basket! I want whatever yummy thing I smell in there!" Angelbunny32 then looks over at Cherry with a basket in her hands and asks her what was in it? Cherry replies "Oh, just some of my bombs, my two little squirrel friends....Oh! And this cherry pie I just made today" she said happily as she pulled out the pie. But then the heretic army started to run at Cherry for her pie. Cherry in self defense pulls out her bombs and exclaims "well if you want somthing to eat, then you can have a little taste of my cherry bombs!" Cherry starts throwing her bombs at the heretics. *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* and starts running and evading the heretic army's attacks. With all the excitement going on Marisa decides to join the chaos flying all over the place following Cherry's lead. With so much going on and seeing the little fervals in panic, Angelbunny32 shouts " EVERYONE, PLEASE STOP!!" Everyone stops in the midst of what their doing and stares at Angelbunny32 in curiosity of what she'll do or say next.

    She soon realizes that she has everyone's attention and starts to panic about what to do next. But, then she looked down at what used to be a tea party and suddenly gets an idea. She suggested that everyone could join her and the little fervals for their tea party. And that if Cherry didn't mind, could make her pie the main dessert of the party, Cherry liked the idea of her pie being the center of attention and happily agrees. Hasser looks at Angelbunny32 then at the pie then at his men and nods, then everyone put their weapons away and all gathered together at the picnic blanket. Everything was going good and everyone was ready for Cherry's cherry pie, But when everyone took their first bite, they all then realized how awful it tasted.

    Angelbunny32 "I guess the pie smelled better than it tasted..."
    Marisa " *Bleck* this tastes yucky... "
    Hasser "This is the pie I was trying to take from you!?"
    Cherry "Is it really that bad???"

    Cherry takes a bite of her own pie as everyone watches"It tastes alright to me?"
    Everyone falls over in amazement.

    After a long day of excitement and fun everyone wished each other their farwells and good byes. As well as Angelbunny32 making a new friend today.

    The End.

  • I guess I'll put it here, I don't know how else to share it?

    There is some kind of login bug not letting me post on the forums =(
  • How do I submit my story? 😶
  • hey it's me Fishy on Discord. can you please check DM?
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  • hallo kann ich dich mal was fragen ?
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  • wie lange dauert Wartung noch ?
  • You are the best! The very best! Like no one ever was! ... ♥
  • Erstmal möchte ich mal ein hi da lassen (laugh) und ne andere frage ist dieser vip vertrag geht der ab kauf 30 tage oder ist der nur für Januar gültig ??
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  • 10/10 Legs
  • du warst heute auf meinem profil und hast gar kein hallu hinterlassen tzü ^.^ guck so: yahallo :)