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  • I just watched that last hunger games stream and now I'm quite sad. I should have never held your hand :'(

  • Furval, I have a question about the current Login Senshi Calendar. The name of the Yui's pet you say is Nono in your current question about the color of his fur, but in her profile it says Nonno...I wasnt sure which one to put (in the answer for the previous day), so I put the one from the profile, will you accept that as the correct answer as it was given by the developers, or will it be counted as a wrong answer :(.....

    Thank you in advance
  • Hi, excuse me but I have a question and I didn't found the answer ^^"
    In fact I want to trade some things with a friend and we can't put an item in the grey case in the trading interface.
    Could you help us please ?
    Thanks you very much
    • 1. please make sure its tradeable / not bound
      2. please make sure its not locked

      if your item is tradeable & not bound & not locked, can you take a screenshot of the item you are trying to trade?
  • hi ε(*´・ω・)з so my mount perished on me and i have no idea how to get it back so i was wondering if anyone had this problem ^^ thank you if you reply
    • sorry for not getting back faster, please DM me on discord for a faster reply!
      was this mount the starter 3-day wolf mount? :O it will expire after 3 days use (timer continues even after logging off)

      Discord: Furval#4369
  • hello, I see that I could have won at the hunger games
    and that I am disqualified because I did not join, but I am registered on the forum I participate in the event maintenance in the connection calendar and I am also on the official discord (
    NPCBOTHier à 13:16
    Hi @bradley ! Welcome to Official Twin Saga! Have a look around and join in the fun!)
  • hello, question, i try to play and when i try to connect it's say Load FileList Failed !! i don't understand why because yesterday i was able to play as usual. I try to restart my computer and reinstal the game and still nothing work .. can you help me please ?
    • could you give me more information? screenshots of some sort would be great! we also have many solutions in the forum :)
  • Hello! Furval, could i get anything else instead of another Xin from the christmas calendar 23rd day? Thanks in advance
  • ¿? what happen , no more "[Calendar Login] Senshi Contract - Luna" or maybe just for today there will be chllenge ? T.T
  • i could understand why i cant write to forum now. Ok. But why i cant enter to my terracottage? Server just kicks me off.
    • please make sure you have a strong internet connection. try to not have anything running in the background :) join the discord for better support. thank you!
    • I cant join discord*( it's not allowed by my religion|.\\=-=//.|
      i have very strong Ic. But ill try to change isp, thx=)
    • seems that network isnt problem.
      1. Tried to connect through two different isp. Problem isnt solved.
      2. Checked all files. Problem isnt solved.
      3. I cleared DNS cash. Problem isnt solved.
      twinsaga.com/forum/index.php?t…127-faq-technical-issues/ ctrl+esc -> type cmd -> shift+ctrl+lclick(it helps sometime)
      4. Run programm as admin, Problem isnt solved.
      5. Tried compatibility. Problem is not solved.
      6. I could try NA vpn, but i think it willnt help to solve my problem.
    • you can join discord via the web browser. you do not need to download the application
  • +1 rep for tasty legs
  • Hi, I'm a winner of the Calendar Login Aflallo but I still have not received it. I was wondering if it was normal. (I'm in the French/German serv), thanks. (LoutreBleu)
  • Hi! I havent received the affallo contract from event yet :/
  • Hey there, look at this :) Can't see the pictures in this thread :/ Can you tell someone to fix it? twinsaga.com/forum/index.php?t…aster-event-mystery-eggs/
  • bonsoir j'ai un soucie avec mon personnage ,

    voila je rentre dans le jeux et tout mais aussitôt que je sélectionne mon personnage il blocker et je peut pas rentré dans le jeux j'ai tout essayer et sans aucun succès alors j'aimerais beaucoup que vous m'aider sil vous plait
    • Sorry, I do not understand French. Could you direct your question to Selaia or Mari :) thank you! I will create a converstion!
  • So, I didnt read the (please numeric the choices) in the day 7th of Lenna Forum Event, but I did send 7 diferent choices with this ";" separating them. Do I need to resend the answer? Because I can't edit it as I closed the google doc webpage. =/
    • no problem :) Thanks for letting me know. (just wanted it to be obvious they were separate ideas)
  • Hey,

    Quick question about Senshi Creation Event. The prize is 5x Senshi contracts of choice, that means I can choose 5 different contracts or they must be from one senshi?

  • can you give the correct answer for christmas advent calendar ?
    i'm curious about it

    thanks before
  • Happy Thanksgiving~ ♥
  • Furval Stew for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • First comment claimed, you're mine now!

    Jk, I've noticed you and others GMs have the "Unknown location" status, is it mod-only feature or normal user can enable it as well?