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    How to participate?

    You just need to choose a box from the image below and add your character name!

    At the end of the event, a GM will announce the winning squares.

    Choose out of the following squares:


    Example submission :


    Square: A1


    This is the EN version of the Valentines event. If you enter this one, you cannot enter DE nor FR version and vice verca.

    • Late entries will not be accepted
    • You can choose the same square that someone has already chosen.
    • Include your IGN with your post
    • Only one entry per person is allowed.
    • You cannot use multiple accounts
    • Failure to follow the rules will disqualify your entry


    There are 100 squares with 100 possibilities. Choose wisely! There are only 50 squares that have a reward.

    If you are lucky, you can win one of the following prizes:

    • 1 square has: Astral Crystal (bound) x25
    • 2 squares have: Astral Crystal (bound) x15
    • 4 squares have: Astral Crystal (bound) x12
    • 6 squares have: Astral Crystal (bound) x10
    • 8 squares have: Astral Crystal (bound) x8
    • 5 squares have: Friendship Gems (bound) x15
    • 4 squares have: Friendship Gems (bound) x20
    • 4 squares have: Advanced accessory evolution scroll (bound) x5
    • 1 square has: Advanced Trinket Evolution Scroll (Bound) x5
    • 1 square has: 3-Star Senshi Blessing Reshuffling Scroll (Bound) x3
    • 1 square has: Senshi Contract - Alyssia x3
    • 1 square has: Senshi Contract- Cherry x3
    • 1 square has: Senshi Contract-Novija x3
    • 1 square has: Class book of choice x1
    • 2 squares have: 7 day VIP pack (bound) x1
    • 1 square has: Lovely Bear Balloon
    • 1 square has: Jade Usagi
    • 1 square has: Sakura Usagi
    • 1 square has: Ravishing Red Rose
    • 1 square has: Custom Hairstyle - Star Flower Veil (F)
    • 1 square has: Custom Hairstyle - Star Short Hair (M)
    • 1 square has: Empyrean Bridal Gown (F)
    • 1 square has: Dapper Celestial Ensemble (M)


    Ends on February 28 at 11:59 PT



    We do CM & GM events, chat on discord, and even randomly pop up to say hello. But, let's get to know each other even better.

    Who are you? What are your dislikes and likes? Do you like milkshakes?

    Share anything you want to let others know about yourself!

    Whether you are taken, single or whatever, fill out your business card and surprise us with your introduction! To make it more "authentic", add your best photos of yourself (your toon).The judging will be based on the most creative entries!


    • Fill out your business card (which can be found by pressing "O" and then clicking on "set info" button) and take a screenshot of it,
      - Make sure that everything is filled out and is in English before submitting
    • You must also post at least one Profile Photo of your character (up to 4 maximum)

    • No photo edits are allowed (clear authentic photos only)
    • For this event (it is okay to hide IGN in your photo)
      • If you choose to have other's in your "Profile Photo", IGNs must be present to identify you.
    • Material must be pg 13 and follow the TOS
    • Put your IGN on your post when submitting
    • Judging will be based on creativity
    • This is a EN community event, which means you cannot do the FR version of this event or vice versa.
    • Failure to follow the rules will disqualify your entry. Contact me if you have questions or need clarification for this event.


    February 14 - 29 11:59 PT



    1st Place: 20 astral crystals

    2nd Place: 15 astral crystals

    3rd Place: 10 astral crystals

    Participation: 3 astral crystals


    Example entry:

    IGN: <GM> Kuroneko

    Business card:

    Profile Photos: throwingfloweredit.jpg


    It is the season of love and Muse is fresh out of ideas for love songs! She needs your help to write a love song for her upcoming concert.

    Any love theme such as break up songs, the one that got away, or even a song about your crush are welcomed! (These are just examples.)

    So bring out your song sheets and write a love song for Muse!


    ☆ Cannot be plagiarized

    ☆ Theme is love and must be within Twin Saga Universe

    ☆ Must be pg 13 friendly

    ☆ No singing, music or photos in your entry. Strictly asking for lyrics.

    ☆Make sure to include your ign in your entry

    ☆ English only, unless you add any phrases or words in other languages BUT it must be translated.

    An Example but not limited to:

    You are my amor [love]

    ☆ No text limit but be reasonable (not too long and not too short)

    ☆ Effort is needed to be considered.

    ☆Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry.

    ☆ If you are unsure about your entry, feel free to contact me here or on discord so that I can help clarify.


    February 14 - 28



    1st Place: 1x senshi contract of choice with some exceptions + 100 senshi evolution stones

    2nd Place: 100x senshi evolution stones

    3rd Place: 50x senshi evolution stones

    Participation: 5x astral crystals

    The following winners are in order:

    1st Place: Zixie

    2nd Place: Thorbjorn

    3rd Place: Nyth

    4th Place: Sapphyra

    5th-8th Place: Sennpai, Shioni, Lylvia, Kikiu

    9th-15th Place: Neni, yunoha,MICHI, Erephyre, DefNotCamila, Prelude, Aldridge

    People who won 1st- 8th Place, please confirm your reward or opt for the lower place reward if you do not want the reward you won. I'm available in both discord and forums :)

    Also congrats to all the winners of the raffle ~

    We could definitely feel the magic tonight in all the photos ^^ Hope you made some great memories ~

    The winners for this event are:

    1st place: Neni + Riccard

    2nd place: Sennpai + Erephyre

    3rd place: Lylvia + Thorbjorn

    1st and 2nd place winners please pm me your contract choice ~

    The Christmas Party was a blast! It was a very close vote for this event D; They were all delicious and creative <3

    The top 3 winners are:

    1st Place: Nyth

    2nd Place: yunoha

    3rd Place: Sapphyra


    For 2nd and 3rd place winner, please contact me on forum or discord for your reward choice ^^

    List of Reported Fixes

    - Compendium is updated with the newer Starstones
    - Astrology Dust has been replaced with Exquisite Cloth in Dungeons
    - used to be white/missing textures on Female characters has proper textures now
    - Custom Star Magic Wizard/Witch costumes are archiveable and can be taken out
    - Elly's shop button in Terracottage had no action previously upon clicking, but now opens her shop
    - Halloween Belle's quests in Terracottage are available
    - New Starstones from Magic Academy now have stats
    - The 5th option from Bonny in Terracottage that caused Capybara crash when clicked on is now gone
    - Lucky Coin is available again in Community Chests
    - Novija's 4* Ultimate is working properly
    - Portal for Western Continent is visible (near the portal for Illuminating Shore/Forbidden Snowfield)

    Still not working:
    - Halloween Belle's npc in Arcadia is still not here
    - Elly's quests are only visible for some players (seems to be a 50/50 so far)


    •Senshi Haruka senshi quest is now accessible again.

    -previously: She disappeared after a patch.

    • Missing Elite in Sepulchral Grounds is now spawning on the map.

    Localisation for dialogue's and descriptions seems to be inaccurate.
    • We are aware of these and hope to sort this out when we get the chance to apply changes. For now, if you are unsure of ex. equipment or specific skills, you can ask us to test it out.

    List of reported issues/bugs:
    • Halloween Belle provides no quests in Terracottage.

    • Warm Sakura Branch is not visible on female characters and appears white.

    • Astrology Dust is dropped in dungeons, despite removal of event

    • Newer starstones from Metarealm: Magic Academy have no fortification stats

    • Custom Star Magic (M) & (F) went missing from Archive

    • Senshi quests does not count towards Metarealm: Magic Academy

    • Halloween Belle npc is missing in Arcadia (she is meant to appear after completing Belle's event quest)

    •Senshi Elly still gives no senshi quests in the terracottage.

    •Candy ingredients can still be collected while gathering or fishing despite having its event quest npc removed.

    • Elite from Alfenheim Kingdom is now visible but cannot be activated

    [Last Updated: November 22, 2019]

    The list may update from time to time to reflect changes. If you believe something is incorrect/not stated above, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Happy gaming!

    Your Twin Saga Team

    It's time for our favorite Christmas Tradition of Elf on the shelf (but with a twist)~

    For those not familiar with this tradition, Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves.

    The idea is that Santa's little helper watches the children by day, and each night, he or she returns to the North Pole to report on whether the children were naughty or nice.

    I have provided a link Elf on the Shelf Ideas to help show what this tradition may look like.

    You are free to ask for any questions you may have about this event and there are many more ideas other than this link.


    🎄Draw, photoshop, or create a homemade Furval and add it into a real life background that celebrates this tradition. (This is a photo event; the Furval is from the medium of your choosing)

    🎄You may add text to the photo but it must be in English only.

    🎄The point of the tradition is to be as funny as possible with the location and positioning of the "doll" (in this case Furval)

    🎄Must include your IGN in your post and also include IGN on photo that you provide

    🎄Effort must be shown or it will not be considered

    🎄 Your participation should not violate the general conditions.

    🎄One entry per person only

    🎄Be creative and original


    Starts: December 1

    Ends: December 22 at 11:59 PT



    1st Place: 20 astral crystals + 3x Christmas Raffle Entry

    2nd Place: 15 astral crystals + 2x Christmas Raffle Entry

    3rd Place:10 astral crystals + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Participation: 5 astral crystals (bound) + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Dear Guardians,

    It's the most wonderful time of the year and we have several events planned for you guys from singing Christmas carols,baking delicious sweets to creating divine tears. Celebrate with us and take advantage of the opportunity to win additional items by participating in our holiday-themed events for the upcoming weeks!

    That's not all, we have decided, that in addition to these events, to offer you participation gifts that you may be eligible to win if you participate in the events listed below. Please respect the different rules for each event.


    There are different prizes to win for each individual event.

    ☆ Participants will receive one entry by default.

    ☆☆Please note that each win will grant you an additional entry in the raffle for the final raffle event.

    Example: 1st place will gain 3 additional entries, 2nd place will gain 2 additional entries, and 3rd place will gain 1 additional entry.☆☆

    ☆Respect all the other event rules. You can only participate in one community's raffle event.

    ☆ Rules can be subject to change

    Participation in Advent Calendar activities or other events not listed on this post does not apply to this event.


    1st winner: 10x Senshi Contracts for a senshi of choice (excluding founders and recently released senshi)*

    2nd winner: Class Manual of Choice

    3rd winner: Armor Formula of Choice

    4th winner: Epic Costume of choice*

    5th-8th winners: Snow Globe housing decoration

    9th-15th winners: 20-Slot Backpack x1 and 4-Star Gear Evolution Guarantee (Bound) x2

    * Excluding current reward program and novelty shop

    A winner of a higher reward can opt for a lower reward. For example, someone who has won Senshi Contracts can select a Snow Globe instead. The reverse is not possible (a person who has won a snow globe cannot select Senshi contracts).


    Here is the list of December's Qualifying Events:

    [Christmas Event] Christmas Wonderland (December 1 to 14)

    [Christmas Event] Furval on the Shelf (December 1 to 22)

    [Christmas Event] Christmas Senshi (December 1 - December 26)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Ornament - Divine Tear (December 18 to 25)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Sweets (December 1 to 31)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Songs (December 1 to December 31)

    Duration: The whole month of December (please wait patiently for all events to end before the raffle takes place.)

    Merry Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year~

    To celebrate this holiday, we would like you to take a screenshot with a friend or with your partner . Bear in mind that this is a Christmas screenshot . So look for a location that best shows the Christmas spirit and pay attention to your wardrobe choice, including colors etc.

    The screenshot may be edited.


    - Only one entry per account;

    - Also specify your character name and that of your friend / partner;

    - Only one has to post the screenshot.

    - Character names must be on the screenshot;

    - The screenshot may be edited ;

    - Copying from another player is prohibited and will be handled accordingly;

    - Please note the terms of use


    Start: December 1st

    End: December 14th at 11:59 PM PT



    1st Place: 2x senshi contracts of choice for you and your partner (excluding founders and newly released senshi)

    + 3x Christmas Raffle Entry

    2nd Place: 1x senshi contract of choice for you and your partner (excluding founders and newly released senshi)

    + 2x Christmas Raffle Entry

    3rd Place: 15 astral crystals for you and your partner

    + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Participation: 3 astral crystals (bound)

    + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Everyone in Twin Saga has been invited to the Christmas party but the queen decided to take advantage of this opportunity to try all the wonderful desserts that people can create by hosting a cooking event! That sneaky sweet-toothed queen! Your task is to create a Christmas desert and win the queen's heart. Good luck~


    🎄Create a dessert to bring to the party and show off your cooking skills on the theme of Christmas.

    🎄Upload your lovely cooking creation along with a slip of paper with your IGN present as proof that it is yours.

    🎄The dessert must be home made and have a name (name your dish).

    🎄The name of your character should be mentioned in your post.

    🎄Be original!

    🎄It must show effort or it will not be considered

    🎄Your participation should not violate the general conditions.

    🎄 This is the EN version of this event. You cannot participate in this one if you participate in the DE or FR version of this event or you'll be disqualified.

    Choose ONE only~

    {EN} Holiday Sweets ,{FR} Dessert de Noël, {DE} Weihnachtliches-Backen


    Start: December 1

    End: December 31st at 11:59 pm PT



    1st Place: 4 Star Evolution Key + 3x Christmas Raffle Entry

    2nd Place: 3 Senshi Contracts of Choice +2x Christmas Raffle Entry

    3rd Place: 2 Senshi Contracts of Choice +1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Participation: 5 astral crystals (bound) + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry

    Here are the following winners if you didn't get to watch the stream~

    1st Place: Nyth

    2nd Place: Phantasm

    3rd Place: Grazy

    4th - 8th Place:




    9th - 15th Place:




    I will contact 1st -8th place winners for their reward choice~

    Thanks everyone for participating in the raffle and hope to see you participate again soon :)

    Just an update for people who are still waiting for the raffle :)

    - Winners will be announced once all forum events on this link have their winners finalized and contacted for their rewards. There were a lot of events to judge :P

    Thank you for your patience and understanding~

    The wait is now over. The voting was really close but the creativity was the deciding factor. We all loved the wonderful entries.

    Congratulations to the following winners:

    1st place: Uxy

    2nd place: Sapphyra

    3rd place: Nyth

    Rewards will be sent out asap. Thanks for all the participants!

    The party was a success! Kuroneko had a blast at the party and wouldn't have had fun without your piñata <3

    The Top 3 piñatas were:

    1st Place: DefNotCamila

    2nd Place: Sapphyra

    3rd Place: Nyth

    Thanks to all who participated and rewards will be sent out asap~

    Hello Everyone!

    Here you can find all the Hidden Quests, listed together with their coordinates!

    Hidden Quests are side quests marked with a green exclamation mark, given by NPCs or objects on each map. It requires reading carefully and thinking through the dialogues to complete the quests. After completing, you will be rewarded with achievement points, loyalty points and titles.

    Just to keep them more connected, I've included previous guides made from other players: Merdia Map, Moonlight Valley & Black Hill, Illuminating Shore & Forbidden Snowfield.

    I added Western Continent- Sepulchral and Western Continent- Alfenheim with the help of Godi.

    Hello everyone!

    Here you can find all the Conversations, listed together with their coordinates.

    Conversations are dialogue conversations between an NPC or group of NPCs. You can complete the achievement by just simply eavesdropping the NPC while they having their conversation. The NPCs are not marked on the map, so it requires searching to find them. After completing them you will be rewarded with achievement points, loyalty points and titles.

    Below I readded the original Merdian Zones and Moonlight Valley & Blackhill (guides made from other players in case you needed to look back at them) and I added the two newest maps of the new Western Continent.

    Click on the spoilers for additional information~

    The event has reached its conclusion! Therefore we would like to send our congratulations to...

    1st Place: Moonhazel

    2nd Place: DefNotCamila

    3rd Place: Uxy

    It's been great to see how creative you guys got with this event!

    Thank you for your interest and until next time!

    Rewards have been sent.

    Congratulations to the following winners:

    1st Place: Lylvia

    2nd Place: Uxy

    3rd Place: Prelude

    Thanks to all who participated! Winners will be contacted for their choice of rewards and rewards will be sent out as soon as possible~

    EDITED: Rewards have been sent~

    Just to clarify: animated movies and shows also count.

    And that the rule about two photos maximum was about allowing you to try a different angle or even an emote from the dressing room.

    Just letting everyone know to make sure~

    Lovely entries so far <3

    Example Submission


    Title: Mickey Mouse Club House

    Name of cosplay: Minnie Mouse

    Photo: unknown-15.png


    Photo example must only be in dressing room and have a separate photo for the reference. This was just to show one example of the cosplay.

    (Borrowed example)

    Get ready for some Halloween art and grab your pencils, tablets, paint brushes or other drawing mediums to draw the staff!

    What do we look like? What are we doing?

    Are we up to our tricks or maybe giving out treats?

    Impress us with your Halloween themed artistic creativity!

    Below are the IGNs and photos of the EN staff for reference:

    EN Staff Members <Mod> Arclight <Mod> Enigma <GM> Furval
    Photo Reference Screenshot-20191017-004000-Parallel-Space-64-Bit-Support.jpg Screenshot-20191017-003741-Parallel-Space-64-Bit-Support.jpg unknown-29.png
    EN Staff Member <GM>Kuroneko <GM>Legretta <GM> Noodle
    Reference Photo Screenshot-20191017-092217-Discord.jpg


    ☆Draw art of only EN staff in Halloween style. No other players including your own.

    ☆ You may draw at the very least one staff or add more if you wish.

    ☆Be creative! No plagiarism please.

    ☆Label or indicate somewhere on your post which staff(s) member(s) you drew.

    -example: Left to Right: Legretta, Furval, Noodle

    ☆Include your IGN in your post and a small signature on your photo.

    ☆ Must show effort to be considered

    ☆Add a nice background if you wish

    ☆One entry per person only


    Start Date: 18 October 2019

    End Date: 31 October 2019



    First place: 3x senshi contract of choice*

    Second place: 2x senshi contract of choice*

    Third place: 1x senshi contract of choice*

    Participation: Astral Crystals 10x (bound)

    * excluding newly released senshi and founders


    This is Halloween, this is Halloween
    Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!


    also Kuroneko's birthday month.

    What better way to celebrate than to make a fiesta (party)! The cake, the party favors, the tables and decor is all ready to go on the big day except... that a group of Naughty Kittens shredded the piñata!


    Oh no! It is almost the day of the party reception and the piñata is destroyed! Poor Kuroneko will be sad without a pinata at her party!

    Luckily, after some Google searches you figure you can save the party by creating a new piñata.

    Here is one guide for

    Creating a Pinata but there are many other ways online.

    Your task is to save the party by creating a piñata. Good luck!


    ☆ Must be original

    ☆ Create a pinata out of paper mache. Any type of box, balloon, cardboard, tissue paper, construction paper or similar material can be used.

    ☆ One submission per person

    ☆ Take a photo of the piñata with a photo of IGN on a piece of paper next to it

    ☆ You may submit up to two photos (if needed to show the front/ back)

    ☆ Size will not be the basis for judging (small or big can win)

    ☆ Judging will be based on creativity on how Twin Saga related it is and effort.

    ☆If no effort is shown or if the rules above are not followed, it will be disqualified.


    Start Date: October 1st

    End Date: October 31st



    First place: Trahofik's Immortal Badge

    Second place: 20 advanced trinket scrolls

    Third place: 15 advanced trinket scrolls

    Participation: 5 astral crystals (bound)


    It is a nice, cool, dark, October sky. The sun's rays slowly fades out to be replaced with thousands of stars. The full moon hovers in the sky as you and your friends sit around in a circle roasting some marshmallows. You feel warm from the fire and watch it hungrily eat up the firewood. An Arrakin Desert Wolf howls in the distance and you feeling inspired, decide to tell your friends a scary story! But, it cannot be any scary story, it must make even the stoic-faced Senshi Samuel scream in fear! You confidently grab a light flash and shine it under your face ready to scare your friends.

    You decide: Who are the characters? What happens? Where does it take place? When did it happen?


    -Story must be organized (setting, plot, characters, beginning-ending)

    -Provide a short description, around 3-5 sentences, and title of your story (to get a hint of what it is about)

    -Must record your voice stating your IGN and then tell your story and provide a link with your audio on the thread below

    -Audio must be in English only

    -You may use a voice effect or voice altering application to make the story even scarier

    -No photos nor videos (they will not be considered when judging)

    - You are allowed to include background noises such as campfire sound/ scary instrumental music/ wolves howling ect

    -Must show all the components with effort, otherwise it will not be considered.


    Start Date: October 17

    End Date: October 31



    1st place: Senshi Evolution Tome of choice (bound)

    2nd place: 3 senshi contracts of choice

    3rd place: 2 senshi contracts of choice

    Participation: 5× astral crystals (bound)


    Trick or Treat! Smell my feet, give me something good to eat~

    It is almost time for trick or treating but you still have no idea what to wear! You hear your friend rushing you behind the door. Luckily, there is a dressing room near you and you decide to go with an animal theme for trick or treating~ However, there are so many choices! Do you go as an anime/cartoon mascot or as a creature? Whatever you decide to go as, you must hurry for the clock is ticking!


    ☆Use the "Dressing Room" tab and show us your most beautiful animated animal/mascot cosplay!

    ☆ No half-human/half animal cosplay.

    Only animated animal/mascots

    Nonexamples: cat girls, wolf boys.

    Examples: any mascots or pets that characters have in anime, any animal or creature in animated shows such as Mickey Mouse ect

    ☆ You may show up to two photos maximum of your dressing room outfit (examples: the back, the front or use the dressing room emotes)

    ☆Write down the title of the animated show or movie and the name of your cosplay reference animal/mascot

    ☆include the photo of your reference (must be official art) so it will be compared with your cosplay photo

    ☆Multiple entries are forbidden.

    ☆Don't forget to write down your character name in your post.

    ☆You can only offer one complete outfit

    ☆Be original and creative!


    Date Start : 1 October 2019

    Date End : 12 October 2019

    Event has now ended!



    1st place: Crystalline broomstick /Glided Ebony broomstick or 15 Astral Crystals (bound)*

    2nd place: Arcane Dark Kitty Sorcerer Hairstyle / Exalted Cryptic Occultist Hat or 10 Astral Crystals (bound)*

    3rd place: Plague Mask/ Phantom Mask or 8 Astral Crystals (bound)*

    * alternative choice

    All participants will receive Astral Crystal 3 (bound)


    Tombstones usually have epitaphs ( words you see written on them), sometimes they can be inspirational, loving, or even humorous. For this event, you must write a short humorous (meaning funny) epigraph about your character in Twin Saga and include a photo of your character's death!

    Use this link TombStone Maker to create your epigraph. Read the rules below carefully for details for submission!


    ★Include your IGN in your Post.

    ★Your epigraph must be made from the link above (no exceptions nor alternatives).

    ☆ Also include one photo of your dead character with IGN showing that must match the IGN in your post.

    ★ Hide the UI (Alt+ H) when taking the screenshot

    ★ Screenshot colors can be enhanced and text can be added. Other edits are not allowed. This applies to the photo of your dead character.

    ★Epigraph must be between 2 -4 lines.

    ★Only one submission per person

    ★Submission must only be in English

    ★Keep it PG 13


    Start Date: October 9

    End Date: October 22



    1st place: 20 astral crystals (bound)

    2nd place: 15 astral crystal (bound)

    3rd place: 10 astral crystals (bound)

    Participation: 3 astral crystals (bound)


    Dear Guardians,

    It is that time of the year again, the season of ghosts, witches, and lovely black cats! Join us if you dare this month for several events that will be launched in the upcoming weeks!

    That's not all, we have decided, that in addition to these events, to offer you bonus participation gifts that you may be eligible to win if you participate in the events listed below. Please respect the different rules for each event.


    There are different prizes to win for each event.

    Please note that each win will grant you an additional entry in the raffle for the final raffle event

    ☆ Participants will receive one entry by default.

    - 1st place will gain 3 additional entries, 2nd place will gain 2 additional entries, and 3rd place will gain 1 additional entry.

    ☆Respect all the other event rules☆

    Here is the list of October's events:

    Birthday Bash has now ended (October 1-31)

    Animal Cosplay Event has now ended (October 1-12)

    Tickle my Tombstone Event has now ended (October 9-22)

    GM/Mod Halloween Fan Art has now ended ( October 17-31)

    Night of Horrors has now ended (October 17-31)


    1st place: 10 Senshi contracts of your choice (except newly released senshi and Claire)

    2nd place: A Class Specific Manual of choice

    3rd place: A body costume of your choice*

    From 4th to 8th place: Advanced scrolls of choice x 4 (bound)

    From 9th to 15th place: Halloween Cardboard Cutout furniture

    * Excluding current reward program and novelty shop

    The Top 3 Winners are:

    1st Place: jellybelly (high score: 973,350)

    2nd Place: Eiiy (high score: 955,000)

    3rd Place: Prelude (high score: 386, 700)

    Congrats to all the winners! Rewards are now sent~


    Hello everyone,

    The maintenance has or will start soon so the servers will be unavailable during the duration of the maintenance!

    While waiting for the game to come back online, please visit the below link for a game that you can play in the meantime~

    ☆Click -----------> Hit Or Knit <----- to access the event ☆

    The goal is to get to the highest score and/or level if there are multiple levels in the game. (We need to see the points in your screenshot.)

    When you are satisfied with your level, post a screenshot of it with the name of your character below this thread.




    Start: Aug 21 @1 AM PDT

    End: Aug 21 @11:59 PM PDT



    🐱You must post / edit your entry before the deadline.

    🐱You can not use multiple accounts to participate.

    🐱Cheating is prohibited.

    🐱Enter your character name on your browser bar.

    🐱Type your character name in your post.

    🐱Take a full screen of your screen. If it's a puzzle, Number of Puzzle Pieces and Time must be visible in screenshot.

    🐱Entries with a cropped / edited image will not be considered.

    🐱For your participation to be taken into account, you need to follow all the rules!!!

    Please note that if more then 1 person gets the same "highest score", winners will be raffled in the case of a tie.


    1st place: 15 astral crystals

    2nd place: 10 astral crystals

    3rd place: 8 astral crystals

    Participation: 3 astral crystals

    They aren't supposed to stay invisible forever.
    They are supposed to look like this :

    That's how they looked when they've been added to JP and TW servers, so if they're invisible here, I believe that's 100% a bug.

    I see D; I was just repeating what was told to me. I will ask again for clarification as to why we don't have this feature as well.

    I have updated the guide with some extra coordinates that were found for each boss. (I am still not finished but feel free to comment below if you find a coordinate not listed.) Thanks to Prelude, for noticing that there seems to be a triangular pattern for each boss.

    ~ This guide is a WIP~

    Meow Astral Guardians,

    your friendly neighborhood kitty, Kuroneko, sniffed out all the Astral monsters in the Merdia.

    As stated in the recent patch note, we have a Mystery Monster Mini Feature. It works just like astral adventures and you gain extra stats with filling your monster encyclopedia!


    A map was included with roughly the areas where you may find these monsters. Indicated with red markers in Southern Prairie area and orange in Southern Islands.

    HOWEVER, take note that the monsters have more than one location; they are roughly in the same area but off by some coordinates.

    You can find these adventures by finding floating cube with a PAWPRINT!

    Isn't that pawsome?!


    Southern Prairie

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Woolruft Wolf woolruft1-1.png (x:531, y:323)

    (x:535, y:307)

    (x:556, y:314)
    Near NPC Mirko, Woolruft entrance 1x- Like a Wolf

    5x- Wolfish

    20x- Feral

    50x- Werewolf
    Woolruft Sheep woolruft-sheep-1.png (x:577, y:211)

    (x:583, y:224)

    (x:603, y:196)
    bushes/trees near lv. 1-8 Fishing Spot 1x-Thick Hair


    20x-Black Forest

    50x-Pure Wool Blanket
    Foul Muckling Foul-Muckling-1.png (x:648, y:196)

    (x:660, y:210)

    (x:667, y:187)
    Behind Raywing Harbor 1x- Dirty

    5x- Liquid

    20x- Jelly Glue

    50x- Green Devil
    Feral Bat Feral-Bat-1.png (x:564, y:355)

    (x:572, y:356)

    (x:586, y:340)
    Behind Woolruft entrance 1x-Pink

    5x- Nightwalk

    20x- Night Owl

    50x- Owl
    Gravolem Gravolem-1.png (x:534, y:229)


    (x:557, y:224)
    between Woolruft & Raywing Zone, rock nearby 1x- Rock Solid

    5x- Mine

    20x- Little Giant

    50x- Earth Giant

    Eastern Forest

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Caterpillar catepillar.png (x:829, y:534)

    1x- Hairy

    5x- Not Enough

    20x- Small wings

    50x- fat short leg
    Oasis Geochelone Oasis-Geochelone.png (x:788, y:517)

    1x- slowly

    5x- Dull

    20x- Long neck

    50x- Pedal

    Rainbow Moa Rainbow-Moa.png (x:808, y:449)

    1x- Beautiful

    5x- Relatives

    20x- Giant bird

    50x- Beautiful bird

    Smiley face Plant Smileyface-Plant.png (x:800, y:422)

    1x-a smile

    5x- cold in my heart

    20x- Barbed plant

    50x- Carnivorous plant

    Treefrogs Treefrogs.png (x:879, y:442) 1x- Long tongue

    5x- Noisy

    20x- Mucus

    50x-Poison frog

    Central Desert

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Stealth Hound Stealth-Hound.png (X:478, y:469)

    (X: 479, y:472)
    first astral paw coming from Furval training ground dungeon
    Horned Fleatle Horned-Aracnid.png (x:464,y:547)


    near (behind) Arrakin Desert Map
    Crustdrone Crustdone.png (x: 561, y:579)

    (X:563, y:578)
    Ruby Fleatle ruby-aracnid.png (x:509, y:606)


    Crystal Worm Crystal-Worm.png (x:499, y:472)

    (x:525, y: 432)
    near lv 16-24 minerals spot

    Western Rainforest

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title

    Southern Islands

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Snow Monster snow-monster-1.png (x:158, y:234)

    (x:159, y:245)

    (x:169, y:239)
    Near boat portal, near trees

    1x- Brothers

    5x- You Again

    20x- Lotte Partner

    50x- Three Pillars

    Ancient God Mantis Ancient-God-Mantis-1.png
    (x:107, y:198)

    (x:116, y:171)

    (x:117, y:197)
    Near Illuminating Shore

    1x- Awesome

    5x- Angry

    20x- Exploded

    50x- Control Freak
    Frostabird Frostbird-1.png

    (x:196, y:80)

    (x:209, y:94)
    Between the zones, hill facing Forbidden Snowfield

    1x- Getting Colder and Colder

    5x- Awkward

    20x- Royal Wind

    50x- Bird Watcher
    Undead Pirate Undead-Pirate-2.png (x:143, y:90)

    (x:148, y:69)

    Between zones (near Error 100 on map)

    1x- Aging

    5x- Sore Body

    20x- White Bones

    50x- Old Shooter
    White Moonlight Fox Moonlight-fox-1.png
    (x:245, y:86)

    (x:274, y:87)

    (x:272, y:90)

    (X:294, y:95)

    1x- In the Snow

    5x- Mourning

    20x- Small Stutter

    50x- Haven