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    The event has reached its conclusion! Therefore we would like to send our congratulations to...

    1st Place: Tyria

    2nd Place: Dorrie

    3rd Place: Cat

    It's been great to see how creative you guys got with this event!

    Thank you for your interest and until next time!
    Rewards should be sent soon.

    Example Submission:


    Dish: Plum Cheesecake

    A delicious take on the classic Cheesecake that is irresistible! We take a detour from beating monsters up and become familiar with plum which is rarely used with cooking - however let's change that up a bit and reignite the love for it. It's bound to make your senses melt and crave it whenever you got that extra space for desserts.


    • Woolruft Cheese
    • Harvest Wheat
    • Sweet Egg
    • Wild Plum
    • Sugar Cone


    • Preheat oven to 300°F. Grease the springform pan with butter which will later provide easier removal upon serving.

    • Combine the cheese and the egg and give it a thorough stir until everything is dissolved.

    • Use gelatin and bring it to the boil, adding the plum and sugar, and mixing it until the mixture becomes firm.

    • Let the cheesecake bake for 1-2 hours, and allowing it to cool for 4+ hours or alternatively leave it in the fridge over night for better results.



    Okay, let's get serious! (just for a brief moment.)

    In the world of Aetherion, the player comes across many recipes that can be created in your

    own Kitchen in the Terracottage. Sometimes you are tasked with having to provide ingredients

    for other people for their recipes. Sometimes you end up cooking for your own benefit...

    However, beside the provided dishes that we got, it does not really explain how to properly

    prepare them, does it? We are clueless, and require the help of you guys to complete our
    desires for hunger!

    The Community Managers and the Game Masters are feeling hungry, and wants to try some recipes

    but have no idea where to even start! This is where you come in -- give us your best recipe!
    (The Product Manager is not accounted for due to his unrequited love for Milkshakes.)


    Only one participation per account is allowed. Each entry is thoroughly checked to ensure the

    rewards get sent correctly so please make sure you provide the correct details of your IGN.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Your entry must only use items/ingredients that are available in the game that can only be

    obtained either from the following: Gathering spots/Fishing spots/any maps/given from quests/

    purchaseable dishes from Maymuna and Dolce Pudding (in Terracottage).

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    You may use recipes online to give you a guide through your recipe, but you are not allowed

    to copy the exact text. Remember, this is your own twist to the recipes! You should try to

    make it look as authentic as possible!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Your submission must show effort, otherwise will not be acknowledged as entry in the event.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Please be aware that this event is based on written submissions only. Providing images or

    videos or some kind of media will not contribute to the results.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Follow our terms of service and not violate them. Entries after the time limit will not be

    considered valid. Failure to follow the rules will result an invalid entry, please ensure

    that you have read the rules and follow them accordingly.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have a question regarding the rules and want me to clarify it for you, you can

    message me here or over at discord (either through Twin Saga server or DM.)

    Example Submission can be found below for reference.


    Event will end on August 31th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CEST.



    1st Place: Advanced Trinket Evolution Scroll x15

    2nd Place: Advanced Trinket Evolution Scroll x10

    3rd Place: Advanced Trinket Evolution Scroll x5

    Participation: Trinket Evolution Scroll (Bound) x3

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to see your entries!

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarification.

    August 7th, 2019 - Maintenance Fixes


    • Daily Login Reward has been revamped (character > account based)
      6 Days: Loot Charm V x50
      12 Days: 2-Star Senshi Blessing Reshuffling Scroll (Bound) x10
      18 Days: 2000 Loyaltly Points x5
      24 Days: Senshi Contract - Cherry x9
    • Additional Spawn times for the Event bosses:
      • New Year Mascot - Seasonal Event: Helqueck
        • Current Times - 10:00 AM, 8:00 PM, 10:00 PM
        • Additional Times - 2:00 AM, 6:00 AM
      • Valentine's Day - Seasonal Event: Bobby
        • Current Times - 2:00 PM, 10:00 PM
        • Additional Times - 5:00 AM, 1:00 AM
      • Winter Season - Seasonal Event: Hokjad
        • Current Times - 11:00 AM, 18:00 AM, 12:00 AM
        • Additional Times - 21:00 PM, 3:00 AM, 7:00 AM


    • Backpacks are visible again
      Previously: They were invisible and could not be clicked on.
    • Dungeon entries fixed to have 0/10
      Affected dungeons: Familiar Hills (Solo/Party), Dawn Tribe (Party), Crocodile Wetlands
      Reported: Flaming City (Solo) and (Solo) Haretic Research Labs is still 0/1. No ETA on fix yet.
    • Death Valley: Magitech Turret and Osprae can now be summoned in the arena
      Previously: Clicking on the skill/icon in the arena did no action.
    • The NPC/Grocer "Parker" inside Crocodile Wetlands can now be interacted with
      Previously: Brought up same dialogue that Kathrina (Aquamarine Falls) would provide.
    • Oubliette Labs Lv. 78 displays the correct loot drop list
      Previously: Lv80. Weapon/Armor EXP Crystal were incorrectly added on to the list. They do not exist.
    • Monster Crusade updates
      The faulty targets have been removed out.
      The Error codes have been fixed to actually provide the location of each target.
    • Event Quest: <Prodigy> Emma has a permanent appearance at Arcadia (X: 379, Y:293)
      Previously: Time-based appearance and would disappear and re-appear on awkward time slots.
    • Gold Boost during dungeons
      Haretic Research Labs (Solo) is now also affected by the boost.
      The correct amount of boost is 50%.

    The list may update from time to time to reflect changes. If you believe something is incorrect/not stated above, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Happy gaming!
    Your Twin Saga Team


    Anime shows are something the majority of us are watching on weekly basis.
    Twin Saga being a game heavily influenced by this, is bound to have many
    moments that reminds you of your favourite anime series and scenes. So

    how about we show off our love and creativity for it through the game?

    Your task is to find an anime screencap of your liking, and then imitate
    the exact scene as much as possible with the scenery and the character!

    But be aware, we like difficult re-creations over simplicity.


    Only one participation per account is allowed.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Your IGN (ingame name) and character must be visible in the screenshot.
    (Please DON'T include Aeria account, this is for protection.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Your entry must correctly state the name of character/show.

    ONLY ONE CHARACTER in the screenshot. No more than your own

    character is allowed in the submission.
    No fan arts. Screenshot must be officially from the show.

    Do not plagiarize another participant's entry. If you want
    to use the same character as another entry, it needs to be

    different from that submission (ex. scenery, costume, etc)
    Your entry cannot be edited in image-editing programs.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Follow our terms of service and not violate them.

    Entries after the time limit will not be considered valid.

    Failure to follow the rules will result an invalid entry,
    so please make sure you follow the guidelines.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have a question regarding the rules and want me
    to clarify it for you, you can message me here or over
    at discord (either through Twin Saga server or DM.)

    Example Submission:

    IGN: Legretta
    Character(s): Sorey
    Series: Tales of Zestiria the X

    rejuvenate-example.png   rejuvenate-example2.png

    Left should provide a screencap from the show, Right should show an ingame screenshot.
    Please note that your ingame character name must be shown in the screenshot as well.


    Event will end on August 15th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CEST.



    1st Place: Senshi Blessing Evolution Tome (Bound)

    2nd Place: Astral Crystal x25

    3rd Place: Astral Crystal x15

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to see your entries!

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarification.

    Greetings, Astral Guardians!

    With the release of Patch 17 was a new addition introduced to us called "Senshi Refinement System", where with the correct reshuffling scroll can be reshuffled to a different stat! This guide we have provided here is to help you see through the all possible results.


    1★ ━ 2★

    Haste/EVA is based on number value
    Haste(2)/EVA chance is based on flat % increase

    Glory Sanctuary Source Wildfire Swiftness Time Windtone Insight
    ATK +10% DEF +10% Max HP +10% CRIT +10% Haste +10% EVA +10% Haste(2) +6% EVA chance +6%
    ATK +9.5% DEF +9.5%
    Max HP +9.5% CRIT +9.5% Haste +9.5% EVA +9.5% Haste(2) +5.5% EVA chance +5.5%
    ATK +9%
    DEF +9%
    Max HP +9%
    CRIT +9% Haste +9% EVA +9%
    Haste(2) +5% EVA chance +5%
    ATK +8.5% DEF +8.5% Max HP +8.5% CRIT +8.5% Haste +8.5% EVA +8.5% Haste(2) +4.5% EVA chance +4.5%
    ATK +8% DEF +8% Max HP +8% CRIT +8% Haste +8% EVA +8% Haste(2) +4% EVA chance +4%
    ATK +7.5% DEF +7.5% Max HP +7.5% CRIT +7.5% Haste +7.5% EVA +7.5% Haste(2) +3.5% EVA chance +3.5%
    ATK +7% DEF +7% Max HP +7% CRIT +7% Haste +7% EVA +7% Haste(2) +3% EVA chance +3%
    ATK +6.5% DEF +6.5% Max HP +6.5% CRIT +6.5% Haste +6.5% EVA +6.5% Haste(2) +2.5% EVA chance +2.5%
    ATK +6%
    DEF +6% Max HP +6% CRIT +6% Haste +6% EVA +6% Haste(2) +2% EVA chance +2%

    x x x

    Brilliance Shield Tyrant Knowledge Burst Transcendent Blade Jump
    ATK +5% DEF +5% Max HP +5% CRIT +5% Haste +5% EVA +5% Haste(2) +3% EVA chance +3%
    ATK +4.5% DEF +4.5% Max HP +4.5% CRIT +4.5% Haste +4.5% EVA +4.5% Haste(2) +2.5% EVA chance +2.5%
    ATK +4% DEF +4% Max HP +4% CRIT +4% Haste +4% EVA +4% Haste(2) +2% EVA chance +2%
    ATK +3.5% DEF +3.5% Max HP +3.5% CRIT +3.5% Haste +3.5% EVA +3.5% Haste(2) +1.5% EVA chance +1.5%
    ATK +3% DEF +3% Max HP +3% CRIT +3% Haste +3% EVA +3% Haste(2) +1% EVA chance +1%


    Haste/EVA is based on number value
    Haste(2)/EVA chance is based on flat % increase

    Flying Wings Skyfall God's Skills God of War Astral
    Perseverance Strength
    ATK +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    ATK +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    ATK +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    ATK +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    ATK +7%
    All Res +5%
    ATK +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    ATK +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    DEF +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    DEF +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    DEF +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    DEF +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    DEF +7%
    All Res +5%
    DEF +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    DEF +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    Max HP +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    Max HP +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    Max HP +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    Max HP +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    Max HP +7%
    All Res +5%
    Max HP +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    Max HP +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    CRIT +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    CRIT +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    CRIT +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    CRIT +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    CRIT +7%
    All Res +5%
    CRIT +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    CRIT +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    Haste +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    Haste +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    Haste +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    Haste +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    Haste +7%
    All Res +5%
    Haste +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    Haste +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    EVA +7%
    Move SPD +12%
    EVA +7%
    DMG dealt +8%
    EVA +7%
    Skill DMG +5%
    EVA +7%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    EVA +7%
    All Res +5%
    EVA +7%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    EVA +7%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    Haste(2) +5%
    Move SPD +12%
    Haste(2) +5%
    DMG dealt +8%
    Haste(2) +5%
    Skill DMG +5%
    Haste(2) +5%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    Haste(2) +5%
    All Res +5%
    Haste(2) +5%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    Haste(2) +5%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%
    EVA chance +5%
    Move SPD +12%
    EVA chance +5%
    DMG dealt +8%
    EVA chance +5%
    Skill DMG +5%
    EVA chance +5%
    CRIT DMG +15%
    EVA chance +5%
    All Res +5%
    EVA chance +5%
    Received CRIT chance -15%
    EVA chance +5%
    CRIT DMG taken -20%

    x x x

    Speedster Perspective Strike Fighting Spirit Psyche God's Arrow Starburst
    ATK +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    ATK +3%
    ACC +8%
    ATK +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    ATK +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    ATK +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    ATK +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    ATK +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    DEF +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    DEF +3%
    ACC +8%
    DEF +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    DEF +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    DEF +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    DEF +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    DEF +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    Max HP +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    Max HP +3%
    ACC +8%
    Max HP +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    Max HP +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    Max HP +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    Max HP +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    Max HP +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    CRIT +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    CRIT +3%
    ACC +8%
    CRIT +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    CRIT +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    CRIT +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    CRIT +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    CRIT +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    Haste +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    Haste +3%
    ACC +8%
    Haste +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    Haste +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    Haste +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    Haste +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    Haste +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    EVA +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    EVA +3%
    ACC +8%
    EVA +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    EVA +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    EVA +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    EVA +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    EVA +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    Haste(2) +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    Haste(2) +3%
    ACC +8%
    Haste(2) +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    Haste(2) +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    Haste(2) +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    Haste(2) +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    Haste(2) +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%
    EVA chance +3%
    Move SPD +8%
    EVA chance +3%
    ACC +8%
    EVA chance +3%
    CRIT chance +5%
    EVA chance +3%
    Melee DMG dealt +5%
    EVA chance +3%
    Elemental DMG dealt +5%
    EVA chance +3%
    Ranged DMG dealt +5%
    EVA chance +3%
    Arcane DMG dealt +5%



    Haste/EVA is based on number value
    Haste(2)/EVA chance is based on flat % increase

    Astral: Glory Astral: Sanctuary Astral: Source Astral: Wildfire Astral: Swiftness Astral: Time Astral: Windtone Astral: Insight
    ATK +14% DEF +14% Max HP +16% CRIT +14% Haste +14% EVA +14% Haste(2) +10% EVA chance +10%
    ATK +13.5% DEF +13.5% Max HP +15.5% CRIT +13.5% Haste +13.5% EVA +13.5% Haste(2) +9.5% EVA chance +9.5%
    ATK +13% DEF +13% Max HP +15% CRIT +13% Haste +13% EVA +13% Haste(2) +9% EVA chance +9%
    ATK +12.5% DEF +12.5% Max HP +14.5% CRIT +12.5% Haste +12.5% EVA +12.5% Haste(2) +8.5% EVA chance +8.5%
    ATK +12% DEF +12% Max HP +14% CRIT +12% Haste +12% EVA +12% Haste(2) +8% EVA chance +8%
    ATK +11.5% DEF +11.5% Max HP +13.5% CRIT +11.5% Haste +11.5% EVA +11.5% Haste(2) +7.5% EVA chance +7.5%
    ATK +11% DEF +11% Max HP +13% CRIT +11% Haste +11% EVA +11% Haste(2) +7% EVA chance +7%
    ATK +10.5% DEF +10.5% Max HP +12.5% CRIT +10.5% Haste +10.5% EVA +10.5% Haste(2) +6.5% EVA chance +6.5%
    ATK +10% DEF +10% Max HP +12% CRIT +10% Haste +10% EVA +10% Haste(2) +6% EVA chance +6%

    x x x

    Astral: Brilliance Astral: Shield Astral: Tyrant Astral: Knowledge Astral: Burst Astral: Transcendent Astral: Blade Astral: Jump
    ATK +8% DEF +8% Max HP +8% CRIT +8% Haste +8% EVA +8% Haste(2) +6% EVA chance +6%
    ATK +7.5% DEF +7.5% Max HP +7.5% CRIT +7.5% Haste +7.5% EVA +7.5% Haste(2) +5.5% EVA chance +5.5%
    ATK +7% DEF +7% Max HP +7% CRIT +7% Haste +7% EVA +7% Haste(2) +5% EVA chance +5%
    ATK +6.5% DEF +6.5% Max HP +6.5% CRIT +6.5% Haste +6.5% EVA +6.5% Haste(2) +4.5% EVA chance +4.5%
    ATK +6% DEF +6% Max HP +6% CRIT +6% Haste +6% EVA +6% Haste(2) +4% EVA chance +4%


    June 5, 2019: Maintenance fixes:

    Challenge Letter - One-Man-Army is reverted to unobtainable & boss cannot be summoned anymore.
    Commander's Uniform has been removed, as well as for the costume pieces that you can combine to get the costume. We understand this may cause frustration for the players that have spent effort in attempting to earn the costume thus we will follow up with a compensation for the inconvenience caused.

    • Unlocking the Senshi: Stern.
    You can now exchange x20 Living Nightmare for x1 <Senshi Contract - Stern> with <Dream Hunter> Milt in Waking Wetlands (roughly 609, 506). We are aware of the temporary text Stern has on his info, and we assure you will be corrected soon.

    • 24-Hour & 7 Days EXP stars becoming untradeable are now tradeable again.

    • Samurai skill: Hidden Sword greyed out/unable to perform skill has been fixed (relevant for the affected players).
    • Strange overlay in the Astral Adventure tab has disappeared.
    • Territory Wars is now back to 1 channel and not 7 separate channels.

    • (Not mentioned previously) Issue with Couple-related potions and food items can now be used simultaneously.

    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Enjoy your stay in Twin Saga~ (kewl)

    My apologies for the delay! Without further ado, let's hand out the congratulations to...

    1st Place: Kirarii
    2nd Place: Jyzen

    Participants rewards will be distributed as well.
    There were many lovely entries, hence it did take longer for us to decide the winners. Thank you all for showing interest and until next time~! We will announce over at our discord server when the rewards have been sent out.

    February 22, 2019 + March 1, 2019

    1. Possible to get Snack Pack from the LP Shop?

    - Will be looked into!

    2. Allow weapons with 0 durability to be equipped or repaired by the Repair Kit alone. Otherwise you are required to bring a spare weapon with you to be able to repair the broken weapon.

    - Unlikely to be changed.

    3. Increase cool down or add filters to the Trade chat as it appears way too much spam and not serving its' purpose.

    - As mentioned before, we've had mixed feedback regarding this and unsure if there will be changes to it.


    Discussion channel to be added on discord

    - Done, we'll see how it goes.

    All PvP related suggestions has been brought up.


    We would like you to imagine a Senshi of your liking (only released Senshis) and with your creativity,

    create a look for the Senshi if they would be the opposite gender! There’s no specific theme to go by,

    but bare in mind that it should remind you of the senshi you have chosen.

    So get your creativity going and let's continue on! (nosebleed)


    • Only one entry per account.
    • Your IGN (ingame name) and Aeria account must be visible on your submission.
    • A valid entry must only use the Dressing Room tab (in Item Mall menu) and a visible screenshot of your entire character. Screenshots outside the Dressing Room are not allowed.
    • Follow the terms of service and not violate them.
    • Along with your screenshot, provide the name AND a picture of the chosen Senshi underneath the screenshot.
    • Do not plagiarize another participant's entry.
    • Submissions after the time limit will not be considered valid.
    • Failure to follow the rules will result an invalid entry, so please make sure your submission follows the guidelines.



    Event will end on March 24th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CET.


    1st Place: Desert Sand Burning x2

    2nd Place: Desert Sand Burning x1

    Participation: Astral Crystal (Bound) x5

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to see your entries!

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarification.

    This issue should relate to your Internet Explorer. Please ensure it has the latest version available, and afterwards please perform this:

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Then go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security Section
    3. Enable Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 Use SSL 3.0
    4. Press Apply, then Ok.

    If your problem still persists, do not hesitate to let us know.

    Hey guys, sorry to keep you all waiting! Just wanting to ensure everything is correct (if you spot mistakes, let me know.)

    The Prizes are as follows:


    And the rewards for each item category are:

    [aas] 5x Advanced Accessory Scroll Anabolim
    [ags] 5x Advanced Gear Scroll Caney
    [10 AC] 10x Astral Crystal Alabama
    [5 AC] 5x Astral Crystal Athemi
    [3 AC] 3x Astral Crystal Dragonchild
    [FriendG] 3x Friendship Gem (Bound) 0rion
    [2Con] 2x Senshi Contract jellybelly
    [1Con] 1x Senshi Contract AgriasOaks
    [1VT Cos] 1x Valentine-themed Costume Eiiy

    Congratulations to everyone!
    The winners receiving Senshi Contract and Costume will be contacted to specify their desired senshi/item.
    Due to this, we ask that everyone to have patience for their rewards as we will need to await everyone to reply back to us.

    February 8 + 15, 2019

    1. Is there any plans to change the Senshi Contract / amount of Loyalty Points / Backpack for the Login reward in the upcoming months?

    - Not sure as of yet.

    2. In addition to the recent PvP feedback, wondering if it's possible to lower the cost of the items in each shop to balance the lack of activity surrounding PvP.

    - Will be looked into but cannot promise any changes will be done.

    3. Possible to add "special events" or tasks in lower leveled maps to make the game more interesting? I know that until Lv.60 that you're mostly engaged with the storyline but I've seen a lot of new players drop out so early because they became bored. But it would be nice to have more world bosses or maybe a dungeon suitable for Raywing Harbor that can give new players something more exciting than to just kill 20 Bulbirds or pick up 18 flowers. I know it's a demanding thing but I've seen a lot of people drop the game before even getting to the best parts and it feels a little sad to just watch them leave...
    - In cases like this, we will require more specific information about your suggestion. You can contact any member in the EN team if you wish to elaborate on this so it can be forwarded.


    Golden Desert 404 feedback
    - We have listened to the community's feedback regarding this and had 2 test runs attempted during the weekend over 2 weeks. Changes will be made starting from March where it should run during the weekend instead of Thursdays.

    Foreign Golden Desert times suitable for NA timezones
    - We are trying to see if we can come up with a solution for this, but no guarantee it will work.

    Increase chances of winning a 4* Senshi Key through raffles, puzzles, events etc.
    - Will be forwarded!

    Astral Puzzle
    - We'll see if we can make arrangements for a Furniture Puzzle and Wish Puzzle to occur soon.

    Repeated suggestions are not included and/or has been brought up directly to team/developers.

    February 1, 2019

    1. Make gears have visible appearance on the character when equipped, similarly to Outfits/Costumes.
      Not possible. The items do not have any visual appearances.

    2. Could something be done about the double reset of the Crusade. As it is we lose 3 days because the bosses we need to get don't change until 3 days after count reset.
      We can't say for sure, but we will investigate.

    3. You are currently given a 1-hour timer to farm FGD. An hour which does not give the player any opportunity to rest or use the bathroom without losing precious time. Would it be possible to cut the allotted time given to farm FGD down to 30 minutes and double the amount of EXP given by the bosses inside to make up for the change?
      Not possible.

    4. In Flaming City, please adjust so bosses appear on map with Elite/Boss Crowns. This would help newer players that do not know their spawn pattern.
      Will be reported.

    5. Clerics waste so much potential due to Senshi and pets, not just theirs, but everyone around as well. To elaborate, Clerics have a chain bounce heal skill that can jump to different targets to heal them, and those "jumps" are being wasted on spawned senshis and pets, which don't even have HP or die. This means that instead of the cleric healing party members with the bounce heal, its being wasted on targets that shouldn't be affected in the first place. I have tested this and confirmed that both senshis and pets count as targets to receive the heal bounce. What I'm suggesting: Remove Senshi and Pets as possible targets for the cleric bounce heal, as they shouldn't be in the first place.
      Makes sense and we will bring it up to the developers to see if the targeting of the skill can be changed.

    January 11, 2019

    1. Would it be possible to get the odds of each drop listed when you Ctrl + Click on a box?
      Will be looked into.

    2. Possible to have a "Nightmare" version of Raids where there's increased chance for loots and rewards depending on the completion time?
      Difficult to implement at first. We can propose this to the developers, but don't count on it.

    3. Allow to pass Guild Leadership to an offline player, it requires a lot hassle to catch the person online at same time as you and all you can do for now is wait for the person to be online.
      We will ask the developers if it can be changed, but it's a low priority QoL feature.

    4. Bring back "Masochist" title.
      The title name was changed to Egomaniac. We don't know why it was changed, but we will see if the change can be reverted.

    5. Would it be possible to be able to toggle on/off the Couple effects above your character from public?
      We don't see any reason for that.

    6. The EXP required to level up Fishing and Gathering are slow. Would it be possible to decrease the required EXP for each level up?
      Adjustments to the EXP curve for professions are not planned any time soon.

    7. Was wondering if <Luck Orb, Hertha Gage> will be available to exchange in the compendium soon?
      We don't have any information about it.

    8. The costs of crafting the Advanced Skill books are way too high and has decreased the game's general gold market.
      The whole gold situation is still being looked into (skill book crafting costs included).

    9. Would like reconfirmation if there will be increased spawning times for the Meridian bosses.
      That's the plan, but we don't know when it's happening.

    10. Possibility to extend the <Class EXP Emblem> to 60 minutes instead of the original of 30 mins?
      Wouldn't have any priority in comparison to other requests.

    11. Increase the maximum Character slots capacity to 24 instead.
      Permanent increase to 24 is not possible.

    12. Allow the option to edit the messages from the Guild Message Board as you are unable to change the older messages and you are forced having to create a new one altogether.
      Will be forwarded.

    13. Please allow the player to re-enter Golden Desert arena even after the Portal closes (especially when a player happens to disconnect and ends up unable to return.)
      May not be possible, but we will forward the request.

    14. It's been a long time since newer Senshis were added to the LP Shop. Any chance we'll receive additions in the next patch/es?
      We can't say for sure. The packs for newer Senshi do not exist at the moment and are even missing for some older ones.

    Sorry for the delay! We have taken notes of the feedback that surrounds the Gold situation and Fantasy Planet thus they will not be included here but will be discussed within the team.

    December 28, 2018

    1. Clearer Maintenance schedules. We understand it was holiday during that time but there was no news that provided when the maintenance would occur.
      We apologize for the lack of communication. The weekly maintenance should always be on Wednesday, 10:00 AM (CET).

    2. Blue Crystal Falls (Solo) feels pointless. There is bare EXP and no desirable loot. Would it be possible to add something more rewarding for it? (such as Ancient Vocational Manual pieces.)
      Will be looked into.

    3. Is there an ETA of the next fixes? Berserker is in need to get fixed, as it is a class played by many.
      Unfortunately no ETA, but we do understand that the fixes are crucial in order to play the class to its full potential.

    4. Would be nice if the translation of the Advanced Specializations / Skills and newer Starstones could be revised, players build classes without proper understanding to it due to misleading and lack of info.
      Feedback will be passed on to the right people.

    5. (Combined multiple feedback.) We have noticed more as of late that boosts appear later than expected. The compensation for it does not always make up for it.
      Will be looked into to make sure the boosts are on time and/or delays are announced.

    January 4, 2019

    1. Have 24-Hour EXP Key and Orb appear more often in the Astral Puzzle, or the possibility to purchase them through Item Mall.
      Shouldn't be a problem to put them more often into the puzzles.

    2. Would it be possible for the Guild statues in Guild Palace to be increased to a higher number than 4?
      Technically not possible in the near future.

    Greetings, Astral Guardians!

    At the moment the in game descriptions shows up as Error text, and in the meantime we would like to assist you with providing the missing descriptions for each Class specific skill for you to help you understand the skill better!

    Swordmaster batdrqrgaxv7zk3kx73.png Indomitable Guardian - Generates 100 SP.
    - Dealing damage equal to 120% of your ATK to every enemy target in rage and increasing your Threat Generation to the maximum.
    - Duration: 10 sec.

    - 15.0 sec cooldown.
    Mage 1mgc1hovi7g0dy3e0kq.png Otherworld Meteor Shower - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 220% Elemental DMG.
    - Keep the button pressed down to channel this skill, dealing damage equal to 220% of your ATK to every enemy in range. Lasts up to 4 sec.

    - 15.0 sec cooldown.
    Gunslinger 780jxwiilnqlw6vnc3.png Wheel of Fortune - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 250% Ranged DMG.
    - 20% chance to deal twice the damage, 5% chance thrice the damage, 2% chance to deal four times the damage.
    - 20% chance to reset the skill cooldown.

    - 5.0 sec cooldown.
    Cleric ahh6yczlnkknid0uefhj.png Holy Kingdom - Generates 100 SP.
    - Recovers HP equal to 5% of ATK.
    - Keep the button pressed down to channel this skill, healing you and your allies within range for the amount equal to 5% of your ATK every second. Lasts 8 seconds.

    - 15.0 sec cooldown.
    Paladin azyme4emzbr4digpb2t.png Divine Wrath - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 220% Melee DMG.
    - Pulling surrounding enemies towards you.
    - Threat generation from your attacks +300%
    - Duration: 10 sec.

    - 8.0 sec cooldown.
    Hunter r77lf2e4mrmbmakj6om.png Eagle Eye Shot - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 280% Ranged DMG.
    - Enemy target will be unable to perform any skills for the duration of the skill.
    - Duration: 3 sec.

    - 7.0 sec cooldown.
    Rogue iqwm5w2vjbmdybcos4hm.png Vortex Shadow Dance - Generates 100 SP.
    - Dealing DMG equal to 120% of your ATK every 0.5 sec.
    - DMG taken -30%
    - Duration: 3 sec.

    - 10.0 sec cooldown.
    Berserker iqwm5w2vjbmdybcos4hm.png War Stance of Fury - Generates 100 SP.
    - DMG dealt +10%, ATK +10%
    - Gain 2 stacks of Smoldering Rage for 25 sec.
    - Duration: 10 sec.

    - 15.0 sec cooldown.
    Occultist aazb0aet67pcjx8gu3r.png Secret Energy Field - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 150% Arcane DMG.
    - Keep the button pressed down to channel this skill, dealing damage equal to 150% of your ATK to every enemy in range. Lasts up to 4 sec.
    Roots targets affected for the duration of the skill.

    - 15.0 sec cooldown.
    Dragonknight sjoxkjope5crt7g2a8f7.png Dragon King Quaking Strike - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 332% Melee DMG.
    - Reduces Target's ATK by 20% for a few seconds.
    - Duration: 3 sec.

    - 5.0 sec cooldown.
    Monk iqwm5w2vjbmdybcos4hm.png Hurricane Kick - Generates 100 SP.
    - Deals 300% Melee DMG.
    - Dealing DMG equal to 80% of your ATK every sec.
    - Duration: 10 sec.

    - 5.0 sec cooldown.
    Cannoneer ba0zdn9c3sti9xerf.png Magic Fort - Generates 100 SP.
    - Summons a magic turret to assist you in battle.
    - Magic turret's ATK is 40% of the owner's ATK value.

    - 10.0 sec cooldown.

    Dear Astral Guardians,
    We have noticed players are reporting unable to queue into raid and this is what we believe is the conclusion:

    For a Raid to initiate, regardless of Group Join or Guild Room, there is now a 15 minimum player requirement and it appears to be intended. For those who queue right when Fantasy Planet opens, it appears that it's about whoever party that can makes it in quickest.
    If you realise that you have been in queue for over 2 minutes, it's very likely it means you did not make it in and will need to find another 10 players to meet the requirements to host a raid and enter it at exact same time. With this, we strongly encourage to organise raids and or try to find parties that you can regularly run with.

    We believe it's still possible to half-point join as long as there is an existing raid. (to be confirmed)

    It has also came to our attention that Shirley Senshi gift bags do not drop anything if opened. If you own Shirley, please do not open your bags; they will give you nothing if opened.

    This only affects Shirley Senshi; the other Senshi bags are safe to open.

    We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience and we are investigating further about this. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask us.


    Wir haben festgestellt, dass einige Spieler uns meldeten, dass sie nicht in den Raid gelangen nach der Anmeldung.

    Damit ein Raid unabhängig von Gildenraum oder Gruppenbeitritt geöffnet werden kann, gibt es jetzt eine Mindestanforderung von 15 Spielern und es scheint so beabsichtigt zu sein. Für diejenigen, die sich bei der Öffnung des Fantasie Planet direkt in der Warteschlange befinden, jetzt geht es darum wer war der schnellste.

    Wenn ihr also feststellt, dass ihr euch bereits über 2 Minuten in der Warteschlange befindet. bedeutet dies höchstwahrscheinlich, dass ihr es nicht geschafft habt und 10 weitere Spieler suchen müsst, um die Anforderung zum beitritt des Raids zu erfüllen und sich zur selben Zeit anzumelden.
    Wir empfehlen daher dringend, euch Raids zu organisieren und vielleicht eine Gruppe zu finden mit der ihr regelmäßig laufen könnt.

    Wir glauben, dass es immernoch möglich ist, einen halbe Punkte Raid zu betreten solange ein existierender Raid vorhanden ist. (muss noch bestätigt werden)

    Uns ist außerdem aufgefallen, dass die Glücksbeutel von Senshi Shirley keine Items abgeben wenn sie geöffnet werden. Wenn ihr Shirley besitzt öffnet bitte nicht ihre Beutel, da ihr sonst nichts erhaltet.

    Dies betrifft nur die Glücksbeutel von Shirley, alle anderen Glücksbeutel funktionieren wie gewohnt und können geöffnet werden.

    Diese Unannehmlichkeit tut uns sehr leid und wir begutachten das Problem noch genauer. Solltet ihr diesbezüglich Fragen haben zögert nicht uns zu kontaktieren.


    Certains joueurs ont signalé qu'il n'étaient plus possible pour eux de rejoindre la file d'attente pour le raid et voici ce que nous pensons:

    Pour qu'un raid soit lancé, il faut désormais réunir au minimum 15 joueurs et c'est apparement intentionnel. Pour ceux qui font la queue dès le moment de l'ouverture de la Fantasy Planet, il semblerait maintenant qu'ils puissent faire le raid rapidement.

    Si vous réalisez que vous êtes dans la file d'attente depuis plus de 2 minutes, il est très probable que ce soit parce que les conditions pour y entrer ne sont pas atteintes et que vous devrez trouver 10 autres joueurs répondant aux critères requis pour organiser un raid et le rejoindre exactement au même moment. Pour cela, nous vous encourageons fortement à organiser des raids et/ou à essayer de trouver un groupe avec qui vous pourrez régulièrement y participer.

    Nous pensons qu'il est encore possible de rejoindre un raid en cours tant qu'il existe (à confirmer)

    Nous avons également constaté que les sacs de récompense du Senshi Shirley ne donnaient rien lors de l'ouverture. Si vous avez Shirley, veuillez ne pas ouvrir ses sacs, ils ne vous donneront rien.

    Cela concerne seulement les sacs de Shirley, il n'y a aucun problème avec les autres Senshi.

    Nous sommes profondément désolées pour ce désagrément et nous enquêtons d'avantage à ce sujet. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous demander.


    Twin Saga Team

    Updated:missing Shirley gift bags no longer disappear with no loot when clicked on and fantasy planet has lowered the que requirement

    - July 2019

    November 16, 2018

    1. Any further on regarding the possible 2nd Anniversary event?
      An Anniversary in-game event has been implemented in the latest patch.

    2. Will there be any compensation for the delayed patch?
      We will look into it.
    3. Will the patch contain seasonal events / buffs provided by NPC?
      Yes, the new patch provided you with some seasonal events and an Anniversary event.

    4. Please include the Transmog & Furniture coins for the Christmas event/chests.
      If you refer to the lucky coins, I'm afraid we cannot add them to the current seasonal events. But we can see if it's possible to give them out as rewards for other events.

    5. Would love if GM's could hosts longer events where the winner can receive a 4* Senshi Evolution Key.
      We will see if it's possible.

    6. Add a chance of Advanced Gear/Accessory Scroll being provided in Daily Quests loot. I believe this will make more players do them and it would make it feel more rewarding.
      Will be looked into, but don't expect any changes anytime soon. Modifying quest rewards is usually out of question.

    7. Make it easier to obtain Marine Furniture Formulas.

    November 2, 2018

    1. Re-balance the DEF of the Gunslinger, it is ridiculous how same DEF stat on Rogue and Gunslinger make so much of a difference, I can survive with a Lv.49 Rogue more than with a Lv.67 Gunslinger which has also more evasion (over 50%), it simply feels broken.
      Will be looked into.

    2. Dragonknight should be adjusted as well, they just seem to be worse version than a Monk in every way. Even if you were to put all points into DEF, they would still die at a quick rate which makes it pointless.
      Will be looked into.

    November 9, 2018

    1. It would be nice if there was an ability to fuse a certain amount of the lower leveled Weapon/Armor Crystal into a higher leveled Weapon/Armor Crystal. (For example, x10 Lv.60 Crystals can be fused into a Lv.70 Crystal.) Since no one buys the ones below Lv.60 anyways so it would make them useful somewhat and if needed make a scroll to be able to do it, but preferably not behind paywall.
      We will check if such an item exists. If not, we can request it, but we can’t promise you anything.

    2. Please consider adding EXP Crystals for the accessories (Necklace, Ring and Cloak) so those can receive higher in Fusion boost in similar fashion.
      Might be available with a future patch.

    3. Any chance of re-adjusting all of the Mystery boxes in the AP Shop of the Item Mall? Currently they contain a bunch of junk items that make your odds of actually receiving the item you want from the box completely unrealistic. (Regen Potions, Keys, Loot Charms, Astral Fragments and Starstone Crystals) replacing it with LP and/or AC would be more favourable.
      Unfortunately the content of the existing boxes cannot be changed, but we will ask the developers if it’s possible to get completely new ones.

    October 26, 2018

    1. I hope that soon in Black Hill enemies won't drop Lv.60 green gear but more fitting lvl gear, is same with some dungeons in Meridia that have Lv.70+ enemies and still drop blue Lv.58 gear rather than 63 or 68 blue gear, whatever there is.
      It is unlikely that the drops will be changed.

    2. Dailies are still missing in Moonshine Valley, can the place not have a dungeon as well, maybe not story related but so you have more of a reason to go there once you did story in that place?
      Noted and will be reported once more. If a future patch doesn’t update the map with a dungeon, we probably won’t get one.

    3. Please allow the ability to Ctrl + Right Click to consume a stack of Loyalty Point Bundles.
      Will be requested.

    4. Remove cooldowns on Star Currency.
      Already requested. We’re still waiting for CD removal.

    5. In Spirit Palace, please look at the spawn rate of "Spirit Orbs". It can be pretty frustrating hoping RNG graces you with a decent spawn rate to receive a high ranking. Some runs you will receive 0 "Spirit Orbs" while other runs you can receive 3-4 just fighting one boss.
      Will be looked into.

    6. An item that can store all the Class EXP we're getting in it so that we can use it to give to another class. After a Class reaches the Lv. cap, it essentially becomes pointless to use, making us having to change to another Class that could get EXP. I'm sure plenty players would pay some Gold or roll Puzzle for such item. It should have a reasonable cap on it and be able to store enough EXP for a couple of days. After it gets emptied on the other class, the item should disappear like a consumable (and unable to be stored in account bank) which would be forcing us to buy another one if we want to use our capped class more. I think that it's ideal for as preparation for new Lv. cap and it could lessen the amount of players remaining inactive.
      Although the idea is pretty interesting, it’s technically not feasible.

    7. I would like to suggest to adjust the EXP for leveling professions, as the cap continues to increase the newer players are able to catch up easier to those that have played longer but it remains as difficult to level our professions.
      Will eventually be adjusted with a future patch.

    8. Gathering/Fishing achievements are ridiculous. An example of catching 100 Legendary fish takes like 100 hours of having to concentrate on your character until when a QTE appears. No offense to X-Legend, but it would be better to remove the QTE altogether, it's a terrible idea to add an AFK-feature to a game that basically tells you "you can earn something from being AFK, but don't really AFK or you'll miss out on better materials, formulas and achievements". It's not enjoyable to having to repeatedly watch the screen and wait 10 minutes per QTE, and usually it's not the one you were targeting for. Or maybe you could make the intervals between each item shorter.
      The removal of the QTE will not happen, but we can see about the interval between each QTE.

    My apologies for the long delay! It was a difficult decision seeing how everyone got so creative with their entries and took a bit longer for us to decide the winners, however we would like to congratulate:

    Timcampeuse for winning <Luck Trigon, Illusory Beast, Balor Sid>!

    ZickeBella for winning <Chaos Occultist's Trigon, Devastation>!

    . . . and a massive thank you to everyone for participating in the event, until next time!

    Rewards will be sent shortly.

    October 5, 2018

    1. When will the GM Wedding event happen?
      More information will be available soon.

    October 12, 2018

    1. When are the puzzles from the "Create your own Astral Puzzle" event scheduled to be released?
      The three winner puzzles have been released a while ago. We hope you enjoyed them!

    October 19, 2018

    1. Kinda dislike how people that have spent money are punished as I spent around $60 and barely got the Senshi Contracts that I was looking for, most of the time just Astral Crystals, nevermind if bought ingame or per Web mall.
      Thank you for your feedback. We will have a look into it.

    2. Kinda dislike on whisper when I chat with someone and then I walk/do something with items how it instantly makes me go /Shout again instead of staying focused on /Whisper with the person.
      Unfortunately nothing we can do about.

    3. Needs a ingame option to make sure to not get spammed by all 3 language announcements of new things, similar to how you do the announcement thing here by selecting the "role" you want language wise.
      We've been looking into it for a while now and might try different things to see how they work out and minimize the spam.

    4. On Hidden (green) Quests, I would like to see an indicator that tells you if you ever finished the quest before or not.
      Noted! Might be available with a future update.

    5. Increase cooldown on Tradechat, because people spam trade chat too much with dumb stuff, or add an option like Mute, where you can't see what they type but you will still able to join their recruitment for party. Because the community is small already and it's so hard to find partys already.
      We have received mixed feedback about the trade chat cooldown over the past weeks, so we are not sure yet what we are going to do about it.

    6. Survival dungeon, a dungeon that has endless waves that keeps spawning until you can't go on, rewards depending how far you survive.
      Might be part of a future update, but right now we have no idea if something like this will be available in the near future.

    September 21, 2018

    1. Will there ever be a Mac porting for this game?
      There are no plans for a Mac port of Twin Saga.

    2. Would it be possible in the next patch to get a seasonal event again?
      Absolutely possible!

    3. I would love to see an event like Beseiged from Final Fantasy 11 in Twin Saga. A city that is controlled by monsters that we have to fight to capture, then every so often we have to fight to defend it from NPCs attempting to retake it, or if we fail to defend--retake the city.
      Although it's a very cool idea, it's unlikely that such event will ever happen in Twin Saga.

    4. Less loli-looking Senshis and more male Senshis, please.
      We will see what we can do about that.

    5. Could we get more times for the gathering/fishing Meridia bosses? As far as I know they appear at 2:30pm, and 10:00pm, which for people outside of EU is hard to make it and gather the packs at those times.
      Yes, we will try to add additional times for the profession bosses very soon.

    6. Would it be possible to get some formulas for costumes with LP? Not asking for all of the formulas, but formulas for costumes that are already free, like from Guild Boss, or senshi Daily Quests.
      We will look into it.

    7. Can we get the random dye bag for low LP back again?
      Yep! The dye bag for LP should be available again sometime next week.

    September 28, 2018

    1. Implement the Halloween event similar from last year, maybe earn the souls a different way like Daily Quest cause was annoying to kill Cale 2.0 after dungeons.
      We will see what we can do about that.

    2. Could we get a 2nd Anniversary event?
      Can't promise you anything right now, but we'll look into it and see what's possible as a (late) 2nd Anniversary event.

    3. Any hints to when Samurai will be released?
      All we can tell you at this point is that the Samurai won't be released in the next patch.

    4. A Senshi formation page, similar to Starstone pages since some players have decent amount of Senshi and they lightly keep changing Senshi for tanks or damage and so on.
      Good idea, but don't expect anything like that within the next months.

    5. Will ingame censorship system ever be revised and fixed? Not referring to real insults and swearing, but why should we have "points" censored? I'm not even speaking about "Saturday" and "Spoon" (although I would never notice there were any bad words), but things like "Mongolia", "delivery", "cheap" and others. I realize it was done to prevent rampant gold selling, but now it's in the past, isnt it? Even ingame items are censored sometimes, impossible to link them. The system is not ideal, but definitely should be worked on.
      Will be looked into soon.

    6. Character EXP Boosts are quite rare, would it be possible to implement it once a week similar to Class/Loot boosts? or perhaps have a NPC that can provide buffs for a limited time?
      We will see what we can do about that.

    7. Is there going to be further improvements with the lag issues? I don't know why but it seems like after this recent maintenances that Capybara crashes and longer freezes are happening a lot more often. I know the usual is to check your connection, your game, etc. but I highly doubt that's the case. Is there no way that the server that US used to be in could be resurrected again?
      Please keep reporting your lag issues to the staff (GM/CM). We have received some very detailed reports in the last weeks that are still under investigation to narrow down the cause of the lags. We don't have any plans to split the server into EU and US again.


    Every year we spend daily running dungeons, slaughtering enemies and other guardians but when we aren’t, we’re still gathering or mining! Your poor character needs some rest too, and where’s the better place to go for that?

    There’s no place like home, of course!


    (ENG) Rules

    • You can submit one entry for EACH theme, so you can send 1x Living room/Lounge and 1x Bedroom entry but not multiple ones. per account only.
    • There's no specific restrictions on how to design the terra, but do keep in mind of the themes.
    • ONLY YOUR OWN TERRACOTTAGE IS ALLOWED. For validation purposes (to prevent cheating and unfair usage of someone else’s terra) you have to include a Senshi of your liking in the screenshot (the Exclamation/Question mark needs to be visible as well as your own character.)
      For example, if you choose Lenna, then Lenna has to be visible in the screenshot as well. You can replace the Senshis through the Terracottage menu or by pressing H.
    • When entering, provide a screenshot (if you would like to provide different angles is fine too) along with your username, the preferred Senshi to be included in the picture and Aeria ID.
    • The screenshot should not have been edited in any editing program, you may only submit the screenshot as it is.
    • Your entry must follow the terms of service and not violate them. If we find entries that does not follow the rules, they will not count towards as an entry.

    (FR) Règles

    • Vous pouvez participer aux 2 thèmes mais n'envoyer qu’un seul screen par thème, donc vous pouvez envoyer : 1x pour le salon et 1x pour la chambre.
    • Il n’y a pas de restrictions spécifiques sur la façon d’aménager votre manoir, mais vous devez rester dans le thème.
    • SEUL VOTRE MANOIR EST AUTORISÉ. Pour valider votre participation (pour éviter la triche ou l’utilisation injuste du manoir de quelqu’un d’autre) vous devez inclure le Senshi de votre choix sur le screenshot (le point d’exclamation/interrogation de la quête doit être visible, et votre personnage également.)
      Par exemple, si vous choisissez Lenna, alors elle doit être visible sur le screenshot. Vous pouvez placer les Senshis dans votre menu de manoir ou en appuyant sur H.
    • Lors de votre participation, fournissez une capture d’écran avec (si vous souhaitez prendre des angles différents, cela convient également) votre nom de personnage, le senshi de votre choix et n’oubliez pas de préciser votre nom de compte.
    • Le screenshot ne doit pas être retouché, vous devez publier le screenshot tel qu’il est.
    • Votre inscription doit respecter les conditions d’utilisation. Si une participation ne suit pas les règles, elle ne comptera pas.

    (DE) Richtlinien

    • Ihr könnt für jedes Thema einen Beitrag einreichen, sodass ihr 1x für Wohnzimmer/Lounge und 1x einen Schlafzimmer Beitrag einsenden könnt, aber je nur einen!
    • Es gibt keine wirklichen Einschränkungen in der Gestaltung allerdings sollte es zum Thema passen;
    • NUR DAS EIGENE KARAWANDEL IST ERLAUBT. Zu Validierungszwecken( um das Schummeln und die unfaire Nutzung eines anderen Karawandels zu verhindern) muss mindestens 1 Senshi auf dem Screenshot zu sehen sein ( Das Ausrufezeichen/Fragezeichen muss ebenso sichtbar sein wie euer eigener Charakter.)
      Zum Beispiel: Wenn ihr nehmt Lenna, dann sollte Lenna auch auf dem Screenshot sichtbar sein. Ihr könnt die Senshis durch das Karawandel Menü unter “H” ersetzen;
    • Gebt beim Beitrag mit euren Screenshot den Charakternamen, Senshi namen und den Accountnamen an;
    • Die Screenshots dürfen nicht bearbeitet werden;
    • Beachtet bitte die Nutzungsbedingungen und werft auch nochmal einen Blick hierauf;

    Rewards / Récompenses / Preise

    (ENG) The winners will be split into 2 different categories, Living room/Lounge and Bedroom.
    (FR) Les gagnants seront divisés en 2 catégories différentes : Salon & Chambre.
    (DE) Es wird je einen Gewinner in 2 verschiedenen Kategorien geben. Wohnzimmer/Lounge & Schlafzimmer.

    • (ENG) 1 Winner for the Living Room/Lounge theme will receive <Luck Trigon, Illusory Beast, Balor Sid>, which is a Lv. 75 Legendary Starstone Trigon dropped only in Fantasy Planet by Balor Sid!

      (FR) 1 gagnant pour le thème du Salon recevra <Trigone Chanceuse (Cid le Balor spectral)>, c’est une Trigone Nv.75 Légendaire qui peut seulement être obtenu en Planète Fantaisie sur Cid le Balor.

      (DE) Wohnzimmer/Lounge Gewinner: Erhält einen <Glücks-Dreieck, Spektralbiest, Balor Sid>, welcher ein Legendärer Lv.75 Dreieck Stellarit ist und nur im Fantasy Planet von Balor Sid droppt!
    • (ENG) 1 Winner for the Bedroom theme will receive <Chaos Occultist’s Trigon, Devastation>, which is a Lv. 75 Legendary Starstone Trigon for Occultists dropped in (Party) Haretic Research Lab only~

      (FR) 1 gagnant pour le thème de la Chambre recevra <Trigone chaotique – Sorcier (Explosivité)>, c’est une Trigone Nv.75 Légendaire pour la classe Occultiste qui peut seulement être obtenu dans le Labo Rat-Garou en groupe.

      (DE) Der Gewinner im Bereich Schlafzimmer erhält den Stellariten <Chaos-Okkultisten-Dreieck, Explosiv>, welcher ebenfalls ein Legendärer Dreieck Stellarit ist und welcher nur im Werodentia Labor(Gruppe) droppt!

    unknown.png         2018-10-04_16-04-15.png

    The starstones will have a random stat and you may not request a specific stat when rewarded.
    (FR) Les pierrétoiles auront des stats aléatoires et vous ne pouvez pas demander une stat exact quand elles seront récompensés.
    (DE) Die Stellariten werden zufällige Stats erhalten, ihr könnt diesen nicht gegen einen neuen mit euren Wunsch Stats tauschen.

    Time Limit


    The event will end on October 31st, 2018.

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to see your entries!

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarification.

    September 14, 2018

    Feedback: More detailed maintenance notes, even if it would just be minor tweaks of the game. (for example, the previous maintenance added more Battlefield times and multiple Trade chats.)

    Response: Noted! We will try to include more details, even minor ones.

    Feedback: Is there any chance of Name Change Scroll being reduced back to 3999 LP?

    Response: Yes, but perhaps not to the original price. Back then we received reports of people abusing the scroll to scam people since it was quite easy to change the character name. So we will have a look into it.

    Feedback: The multiple Trade chats appears to have similar colors with other chats, which can cause confusion and typing in the wrong chat. Is it necessary to have this function? It does not seem like the players are using them anyway.

    Response: We will look into it.

    Feedback: More promotions such as discount on Senshi packs or Mystery tier.

    Response: Noted!

    Feedback: Make the Starstone page account wide or easier to transfer them between characters. Currently you have to remove your Starstones from every single page of every class, just to move them back into your inventory and then into your account bank, which is extremely inconvenient.

    Response: Won't be changed anytime soon unfortunately.

    Feedback: Lower or remove the gold requirement to reset your Class specialization stats. A lot players resets their specs a lot for testing purposes and the amount money spent on doing so can get insane.

    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: No ETA for patches is becoming a hassle for everyone and we are feeling neglected in terms of now knowing what's going on or bugs getting fixed.

    Response: We can't promise you anything, but we will see if we can provide you more frequent updates about the upcoming patches.

    Feedback: In other Aeria-based games, a leveling freeze item would be nice to restrict the huge % drop in Class EXP.

    Response: Such item does not exist in Twin Saga as far as we know. Requesting it would probably take a while until we get it, if ever.

    Feedback: Please let Norn keep her change from the Japanese server, when she does get released over here. Others seems to have translated it to Chronos, which is cringey.

    Response: No worries! Norn will be her name in our version as well.

    Feedback: Make the Astral Crystals from the Astral Puzzle tradeable.

    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: Is there any way Aeria could implement the ability to play the Astral Puzzle online on the official website and have the items mailed to you?

    Response: Even though it would be awesome, it's not possible unfortunately.

    September 7, 2018
    Feedback: Someplace where we can see a list of bugs reported, if they have been fixed, etc. That is updated regularly by staff.

    Response: Not possible right now, but we keep it in mind and see what's possible later on.

    Feedback: Archive repeatedly gets neglected. When will there be an update for this?

    Response: As soon as new content arrives.

    Feedback: Request for increase in Friend List, 100 is way too limited.

    Response: Might not be possible. We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: Possible to make Daily Reset & Login Rewards appear at same time instead?

    Response: Better not due to the possible risk of lag.

    Feedback: Enable items that have already been archived state in the tooltip that they are already archived.

    Response: What would be the purpose of it?

    Feedback: Enable Fantasy Planet occur similarly to All-Day Arena instead of limited entries per day.

    Response: Not going to happen any time soon.

    Feedback: Increase the Auction House's listing limit from 8 to 20+ per character, as well as reduce the costs of listing an item.

    Response: Limit cannot be increased. We already asked for it and it got rejected. We'll look into the price reduction though.

    Feedback: Give us the ability to turn off item pick up. If i'm running low level dungeons, I dont want to have a bag full of junk.

    Response: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: Since the merge that game has been unplayable due to those lag issues and delay. Can't even cast skill properly, get random freeze. And on top of that every single day I get a Capybara crash where before I never got that. This needs to be fixed or looked into.

    Response: We are still gathering information and would like you to report to our GM/CM team as we need specific information.

    Feedback: Option to Auto-Sort Senshis; where all unlocked are shown at the top while the ones that are yet to be unlocked remain at the bottom.

    Response: Might not be possible. We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: Increase the amount of EXP gained from Advanced EXP Books in Web Mall, the difference is becoming smaller the more the EXP is increased within the game.

    Response: Keep in mind these books were never intended to rewards huge chunks of EXP on higher levels. We can look into "new" EXP books, but it's not a priority for us right now.

    Feedback: Enable Solo and Party dungeons to feature same Loot Drops instead.

    Response: Not going to happen.

    Feedback: Is there a chance TS could provide a database like the previous website (that went down) did?

    Response: Unlikely. We know it was very useful, but not much we can do about it right now.

    August 24, 2018

    Feedback: More items to be stackable to the amount of x1000 similar to Worms/Gathering Tool.
    Response: -to be confirmed/edited-

    Feedback: Implement 50-100 slot backpacks.
    Response: Such high slot numbers are most likely not possible due to the UI limitation. For now we have to stick with 20-Slot-Backpacks.

    Feedback: Make the Bank accessible from each floor in Terracottage.
    Response: Although we see the point of having them in each floor, we probably won't get it.

    Feedback: Unbound Backpacks so they can be used across the account instead of 1 character only.
    Response: Like an item to unbind them? Or are you referring to the backpacks in the Login Rewards? If the latter, then it's not happening.

    Feedback: Change the color text on <Recruit> and <Announcements>.
    Response: Announcement color will not be changed. Not sure if we can adjust the color for the recruit chat.

    Feedback: Remove cooldown on Arcadia Park Vouchers.
    Response: Will be added to CD removal list!

    Feedback: Implement emojis that are used in the official discord into the game.
    Response: Not possible.

    Feedback: If you are about to receive Gold that will exceed your limit, you end up not receiving it at all, please amend this.
    Response: Thanks! We'll pass that to the developers.

    August 31, 2018
    Feedback: Add a Guild Artifact that increase Move Speed.
    Response: Perhaps part of a future update.

    Feedback: Add a DPS chart that provides a total amount of damage/health point healed after a dungeon has been cleared.
    Response: We have no plans do add any DPS/HPS meters to the game.

    Feedback: Each mob after defeat gives 1% increase in EXP.
    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: Add a gesture that allows yourself to hug the other player.
    Response: As much as we would like to add more emotes, nothing like this is planned for the near future.

    Feedback: Instead of automatic Guild Boss spawns; perhaps make it so the Guild leader have control of this instead?
    Response: Not possible.

    Feedback: Pages of Equipments, similar to Starstones has. It becomes tedious to having to switch from PVE <> PVP gear daily.
    Response: Part of a future patch as far as we know.

    Feedback: Battlefield activities such as Golden Desert and Fantasy Planet still appears to have longer delays and lag.
    Response: Noted. We are still investigating the lag issues. Please keep updating our staff (CM/GM) about it.

    Feedback: Implement 3 or 4 person Mounts. Or add more 2 person mounts.
    Response: Would be awesome to have, but so far we haven't seen any mounts like this in other versions.

    Feedback: The cutscene before Balor Sid never used to be there, however since the last patch it was implemented. Is there a way to revert it back to where the cutscene doesn't appear before the boss?

    Response: We can't say for sure. We will check with the developers.

    August 17, 2018

    1. Invent Daily Challenges; such as clearing Metarealm: La Cathedral Infernal (Solo) by using Gunslinger only or even clearing a dungeon within 3 minutes.
      Interesting idea, but unfortunately nothing like that is planned for the near future.

    2. Similar to how Loyalty Points have had their cooldowns removed, could we have the Star Points get the same treatment?
      Yep! Already requested, but might take a while.

    3. Make it impossible to randomly leave the Fantasy Planet unless time runs out or the run has failed from the final area.
      Will be looked into.

    4. Could we get an increase in Gold events, or perhaps extend the duration of it?
      Should be doable. We'll see what we can do about it.

    5. Increase in Discord events; such as music, Quiz for items; more Flower events that Danmaku can distribute.
      Will be looked into.

    6. Have a custom message or a symbol that indicated when your character has been idle for a certain amount of time (such as 5-10 minutes) that can also indicate to other players that you are absent for the moment.
      Currently not possible.

    7. Have more regular announcements that would keep us updated with information regarding bugs, bug reports, what has been reported and new reports.

    • Remove the 30 seconds countdown when opening Guild chests.
      Might not be possible

    • Allow Summons and Void Codex to be put in Guild Bank.
      Unlikely to happen

    • Have a Birthday rewarding system where you would receive a special item (food, costume, spotlight.)
      Not possible

    • Enable to expand the Message Board in the Guild Menu to have a reply system to the posts.
      Would require an UI overhaul and currently would have a very low priority due to other projects

    • Have the community suggest ideal times by hosting a voting poll for Fantasy Planet, Golden Desert and Terracottage race.
      We will definitely see about the times for all those activities once the server merge has been completed.

    August 10, 2018

    1. Could the Loot Drop Boost duration be arranged to last similar to the Class Boost? 2 hours duration does not provide a big time frame for most of the players to take advantage to this boost.
      Consider it done! From next time on, the loot boost will last for 24 hours.

    2. Add a prompt asking if you 'definitely want to overwrite XYZ-food' before one food overwrites another, some of them are not clear whether it's drink or food and you end up wasting loads.
      QoL feature which we can add to the list, but don't expect it any time soon.

    3. Request for more CEST friendly entry times for ex. Fantasy Planet, Guild Bosses (the auto spawn ones), Monk / Dragonknight / Cannoneer Class Arena, Arcadia Park and Terracottage Race.
      We will see what we can do about it.

    4. The Guild Merchant Wiltshire has Relics that can be placed in Guild Palace to provide buffs to guild members, however the Advanced Relics seems to be at unreasonable price. Thus, would it be possible to either: reduce the cost of crafting this or increase the stats to be higher to compensate for the price?
      Keep in mind that this is a feature which shouldn't be paid by the guild leadership only.

    5. Having a "Lord system". Where there's voting every 2 weeks for a candidate to become the Lord. Lords have the privilege of activating global buffs (e.g. Exp, drop, etc.)
      Interesting feature, but nothing like that is planned.

    6. Fantasy Planet has received a large amount of feedback and we're wondering if any of the feedback are being considered/if there's any progress to it if that is the case.
      Yes, we are considering your feedback, but we cannot give you any update on it unfortunately.

    August 3, 2018

    1. Furniture Puzzle was a fun idea, however we would like to see more rare furnitures, such as the Marine Loveseat and Marine Armchair.
      Glad to hear! If you want to see more furniture in puzzles, please use the Astral Puzzle forum thread to tell us what items you'd like to see.

    2. How about making a NPC to exchange Gear/Accessory Evolution Scrolls to the Advanced scrolls instead. Like a stack for 1 Advanced Scroll or Loyalty Points. Because once you get your gears or accessories to +20, they become useless.
      Not happening.

    3. Would it be possible to see senshi-related Furnitures soon?
      Perhaps in future patches, but right now we don't have anything like that.

    4. Would it be possible to have Fragments that drops in dungeons to be exchanged to Loyalty Points, or something in similar?
      Unlikely to happen.

    5. Would it be possible to have the 24-Hour EXP Key/Orb purchasable in the Item Mall? It's difficult when you have to constantly wait for a Puzzle that might provide it and even then they're not the easiest to get without spending a fortune of AC's.
      Definitely! But we can't tell you right now when those items will be available in the Item Mall.

    6. Selling Blue/Orange items at 187 silver is too little; and grinding just to earn 1 Gold is getting annoying in higher level areas. Is there a possibility it could sell at higher price?
      Nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately.

    July 27, 2018

    1. <GM>Furval hosted a poll regarding requests for an extra popup window to appear to confirm the Hermes buff in Meridia. Is there any further progress with this happening?
      No progress. Not a high priority at the moment.

    2. We would like to see more GM events.
      We will see what is possible.

    3. Requesting for change of Senshi Contract regarding the Login Reward for next month.
      Can't be changed on monthly basis. We always need a patch to change it.

    4. Allow the game to have night time, that follows how a real day works (when it's evening/night, it stays dark, when it's morning/day, it stays light.)
      Not possible.

    5. Will there be formulas for <Flying Mouse - Mikka> and <Custom Cinderella Hairdo (F)> anytime soon?
      Formulas for both items are already available in the Item Mall.

    6. Remove limits for Character creations/deletions per day.
      Not happening.

    7. Increase chance of receiving contracts from the bags that Senshis provide in Terracottage.
      We will see what is possible.

    8. Request for Twin Saga Merchandise in real life (such as figures, plushies, pillows, pins, badges.)
      Glad to hear! But unfortunately we won't have nothing like that planned.

    9. Ability to see what Fortunes you have done for achievements from the Fortune Star Guild Merchant, as it’s just grouped as 1, 2, 3.
      Might not be possible. We will have to check.

    10. Make the droppable Star Realm Powers from Fantasy Planet tradeable/sellable. It sucks having to do sooo many raids and opening 9 bags to get only 9 realm powers, then creating a weapon that gives lower fusion than what you already have. It would be easier if it was possible to purchase the ones dropped in raid from other players.
      Most likely not possible.

    11. Change spotlight colors for Archive ranking, 1st: Gold, 2nd: Red, 3rd: Blue, and remove the Green one altogether.
      Most likely not possible.

    12. Will there be an expansion to Terracottage soon? (storage, floors.)
      An additional floor is planned for a future patch, but we can't tell you when it will arrive in our versions.

    Costume requests

    1. Mustache/Beard.
    2. Monobrow/Big eyebrows.
    3. Unisex Body Costumes.
    4. More Armor-looking costumes for females rather than "fluffy/cute" ones.
    5. More casual costumes for Male.
    6. Penguin Mount / Pet

    July 20, 2018

    1. Archive still appears to be missing items, such as <Holo Fatigues (M) (Bound)>, could this be checked again for correction?
      Please always report such things directly to the GM/CM team. It's easier and gets reported to the developers much faster this way.

    2. Will the Senshi Michelle be released soon?
      Unfortunately we cannot provide any information regarding Senshi releases.

    3. Implement a Pet system - where they act as companions to assist you through dungeons and battles, however they can gain stats and gain exp.
      Most unlikely to happen since we have the Senshi system already.

    4. Request for more dungeons that require a party (such as Octavia's Phantasm & Kevina's Dream.)

    5. We are still awaiting an announcement of the winners regarding the Melody & Cherry event, as well as for the World Cup, at very least let us know the winners if rewards cannot be sent out yet.
      The winners should be announced very soon. Sorry for the wait! (in addition, the winners have been announced already and was made before replies were sent.)

    6. The Server Crusade is near impossible to clear with the player base declining and would be great if the expected number for clearing could be reduced.
      Server Crusade is an on-going topic for us and will be looked into.

    7. When will the Japanese-style Components be added to the Crafting table, as it has been reported way back already?
      When in doubt, please report again. Perhaps it got overlooked due to other issues.

    8. Will we be able to obtain Lucky coins from Community Chests in future?
      It will be reported and the coins will be added hopefully soon.

    9. The Auto-Sell option should have the option to sell all Blue-rarity gear instead?
      We believe it has been requested already, but doesn't have a high priority at the moment since it's a QoL feature.

    10. Regarding the invulnerability buff after a resurrection, could you elaborate on why this could be abused?
      It could potentially be abused to skip fatal damage zones or deadly mechanics in PVE entirely or imagine a PVP team full of clerics who just revive each other during the invincibility phases to drag out the fight for way too long.
      It could be limited to only PVE, but we have our concerns plus we also need to check with developers what they think of it.

    Costumes Requests

    1. Genie-looking costumes.
    2. Senshi Shirley's weapon and the cup she sits on (as a Mount.)

    We are always happy to receive costume requests, but please keep in mind that we are just the publisher of Twin Saga and not the developers. Therefore our influence regarding the creation of costumes is very limited.

    Greetings, lovelies~!

    I am among the soon to be -- GM's that will serve the US Gemini server, and if it's alright with you all, please refer me to as Legretta! (no, not Danmaku's legs.)

    I'm in my 20's and play variety of games, but if I had to pinpoint a specific genre, then it's RPG's and Puzzle games! Outside my gaming persona, I love to do web designing and not ashamed to say I enjoy food on a very dangerous level, haha. I have general interest with people and always love to put effort into supporting anyone that would require so, if I may help and can do so. :$ So if you see me around, please don't hesitate to say hello!

    I am active during various time zones, however I am in GMT+0 and will mostly follow the EU. I will for most of the time remain familiar with you with English, however I am sort-of fluent in few different languages as well.

    Until then, it's very nice to meet you all. <3