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    IGN: Mayavii

    aeria: mayamayo

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    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Snowy Furval Ears x1

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Senshi Kittana x1

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x5

    · Friendship Gems x5

    Line 2:

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Senshi Kittana x2

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x5

    · Custom Flower Fairy Dress (F) x1

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Custom Alpine Shepherdess (F) x1

    Line 3:

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Senshi Nalani x2

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x5

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Senshi Kittana x2

    · 4 Star Evolution Key x1

    Line 4:

    · Senshi Cherry x3

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Friendship Gems x10

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x5

    · Senshi Kittana x3

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x5

    Line 5:

    · Glorious Judgment Wings x1

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x10


    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Dreamy Flower Fairy Wings x1

    Line 6:

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Empress of Snow's Staff x1

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Red Flame Naginata

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Advanced Accessory Scrolls x10

    Line 7:

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Senshi Nalani x10

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    · Friendship Gems x20

    · Senshi Kittanna x10

    · Advanced Gear Scrolls x10

    Aeria Acc: mayamayo

    IGN: Mayavii

    It was just a normal day for Maya, she went first to her Terracottage and accept senshi quests to do her daily grind.

    Maya then went to get materials from her bank and wasted some golds on alchemy, cooking and farming. She then went out to Meridia and completed 10 Astral Adventure Quests. She needed the Loyalty Points and also the Guild Tribute, trying to get to 30,000 Tribute. Now that she had the 10% EXP buff, she went on to do her solo dungeons, Haven of Oblivion, Metarealm La cat, Flaming City, Familiar Hills, Dark Fortress and Haretic Research Lab. She did all of those runs and just took a break, waiting for it to reset so she can run them again, so she talked to her guildies instead.

    W H A T A C O N C E P T

    When will this happen.... really Oh yeah, join Traces when?

    Aeria acc: mayamayo

    Mayavii's best dungeon run with friends.

    One random day, Mayavii walks around The Royal City of Arcadia. Her friend Shirune randomly whispered her, "Mang do you wanna run Dragon's Abeyance". She thought of lazing around, like the usual, but she agreed and went to help. And so she went with Shirune, Quol, alucard and LavienRose. Quol stood as "carry" while the others went to choose their own classes to support him. At the start, there was only one cleric and suddenly, everyone died on the bridge on the way to S-02 boss. How did this happen? Everyone was confused so they planned to get another cleric for the run, so now there's 2 clerics. Then everyone died again WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! *panics* Wait.. The clerics were that bad? N O P E , everyone just rushed to the bridge, got distracted by chat and forgot about the laser! Everyone laughed and on the next run, one had a suggestion, " I have a good idea, what if the 4 of us go cleric and Quol stays his class? So yknow we can be his support and he be everyone's knight." The four agreed saying, "NO ONE DIES NOW FOR SURE" And as everyone run inside the dungeon, Quol magically went Cleric and everyone went, "..wait THIS WASN'T THE PLAN" Who'd think running Dragon's Abeyance can be this fun, even though it took so much time? Oh and have I mentioned that on one of the runs, all of them died even though they went as a full cleric party? True story.



    IGN: Mayavii

    Aeria: mayamayo

    Funny Cherry


    One fine day in the Royal City of Arcadia, a girl wearing a bright, red hood appeared. Amazed by the city's beauty, she rushed to the beautiful fountain and tripped herself. Nayu rushed to the poor girl.

    "Are you okay?? uwu" Nayu asked, while she helps the girl get up but . "Yes, I'm.... fine", says the girl shyly, as she grabs her hood and hides her face.

    Nayu touches her red hood

    the girl looked at Nayu

    "I-is something wrong Maam?", she said.

    "Oh no, I just love your hood, it's beautifuly sewn and so pretty! (nosebleed) Please don't call me Maam uwu Call me Nayu :$ ", Nayu said with sparkles in her eyes.

    "I know right! Its my best hood!" *as if she has other hoods*

    Nayu and the lil girl sat beside the guild Traces, who are randomly chilling at Arcadia.

    "Ooooh Nayu who dis pretty girl with you?" Mayavii said, "Omai so pretty!!"

    "Oh I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Cherry and I'm new here hehehe", Cherry answered jumping with joy.

    The 3 girls chatted, then Alchemist Marie of Arrakin Desert come up to us and said, "Can you guys help me with something? Im currently working on some elixirs, and I need some volunteers--" "ME ME ME ME ME", said Cherry. "Wait, new girl, you wanna volunteer? nani kore" says Mayavii. "Mhm, I wanna explore and learn stuff and interact to people and and and--" she said with so much excitement and joy in her eyes. "Okay, Maya can take you with Marie, I need to do something first. See ya guys!!" and so Nayu went off to do somethingos *maybe* (furvthink)

    *Alchemist Marie now took Mayavii and Cherry to Arrakin Desert to try out her new elixirs*

    Marie shows her elixirs to Cherry, "Young girl, here are the elixirs, I want you to try one at a time and tell me if you're feeling something wrong or what" Cherry nodded and put on a big smile, "Mhm mhm~ ♪♫ "

    *Cherry tried all three elixirs and nothing happened*

    "Hmmm I feel like I'm just drinking water, Marie. I feel alright!" Marie took down notes, "Hm I guess I should change the formulas and put adasdweqopiesacmalksdjwoqpieqmda---"

    *Mayavii and Cherry slowly rolled away as Marie talks to herself since they couldn't understand what she's saying*

    *even the narrator doesn't know*


    Mayavii showed the beauty of the Desert and introduced her to the people of Arrakin. "WOOOWWW This place is great! I think.. I ate too much food..." Her face changed. "Wait, are you okay Cherry? Maybe you need some rest, lets go to my Terracottage *winkwink*"

    *Rolls to Mayavii's Terracottage*

    "Oh my who are these people?" she wondered as she saw Mayavii's companions and Marisa. Mayavii introduced her to everyone, "I would like to chat but... I'm sorry, I think I have a stomach ache Mayavii. I'm sorry everyone" She said in a sad face. "No-no Cherry its okay, you said you weren't feeling well, maybe you're just tired. You can sleep upstairs." Mayavii said as she took Cherry to her bed.

    *the next day*

    "Mayanyan~ Is Cherry okay? She isn't awake yet" Says Rita as they were cooking breakfast in the Greenhouse. "I know right, that girl is probably having some serious stomach ache.... I wonder.. if its from the elixir she tried from Marie..." Mayavii rolls to a corner as everyone was staring at her. "Elixir? What?" They asked. "Uhhhm she wanted to be a volunteer to try Marie's current elixir experiments, and she sounded like she really wants to so--"


    *omae wa mou shirudeiru*

    *"NNNAAANNIIIIII?!" Mayavii and Marisa rushed upstairs to check. "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?... Wait no damage really.. What was that explosion.. OI SAMUEL WATCHUDOINFAM all dis bois here" Samuel was siting in the living room playing with the penguin plushie by the table. Aryn was just chilling infront of the mirror.

    *Samuel saw Queen Marisa and immediately threw the penguin*

    "U-uh---OH QUEEN MARISA, MAYAVII yes um the explosion.." Says Samuel.. stattering "I-I PROTECC EVERYONE". "...." Aryn didn't notice the explosion **too busy fixing his hair** "Samuel are you okay? Hey Aryn, What was that explosion about?" Marisa and Mayavii looks for any suspicious item that would link to the sound.


    *Samuel and Aryn fell into the floor*

    "wait wha- This is happening too fast" Marisa poked Samuel, "Neh samuel.. aren't you supposed to be helping, aren't you my soldier. I am da kween I show u de wae Samuel, come alive"

    Cherry appeared... blushing, her face is as red as her hood. "Um I'm at fault.."

    "No darling, you didn't do anything, you were just sleeping" Says Maya as she continues poking Aryn to come back to life.

    "No really.. actually I....I...."

    "uwot?" Asks koharu

    ............ "I FARTED OKAY" ...............

    Everyone went completely silent.

    "Im having stomach ache, and I have bombs as my weapon but when I'm sick... they appear when.. I fart... ITS SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY BASKET OKAY. HUHUHUHHUHUHU ITS SUPPOSED TO BE *sniff* NONON GO TO MY BASKET *sniffs* WHY DOES IT APPEAR WHEN I FART *more sniffs* " ;-;

    Marisa rolled to her corner, "Amaris did you curse this child :I *tells Amaris everything* " "Marisa I know I was once evil, we talked about this sister and no. Can u not" Amaris answered and put downs the phone.

    Mayavii went to Cherry, pats her and said "Darling that's okay, we go get you some medicine okay? As long as nothing else bad happens, it will be okay" (angel)

    Cherry went back to sleep then they decided to get her medicine but... Everyone got dizzy except Marisa. "Guys, um 9th knight are u okay?" "Queen Marisa um, my head hurts--"

    *everyone fell to the floor... asleep.. except Marisa*

    "wait you guys, DON'T LEAVE ME, BABY COME BACK ;-;" Marisa said as she shakes everyone hoping they'd wake up. ;-;

    "Um Im sorry Marisa but I just had a lil small fart... I think it makes them.. sleep? :'(" Cherry answered while hugging her pillow.

    "Wait but why am I still not asleep... Why is my powers not working on them? WHY" said Marisa as she's panicking and trying to wake everyone up.

    "My stomach ache is really bad Queen I'm sorry"

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" said Marisa. "Wait how do we fix this... Imma go to Marie for now, but wait did this happen before Cherry?"

    ".. Yes... it didn't end well.... it took months.."

    *Cherry farted once more*

    *the forum exploded*

    *and Marisa............*

    i tried (chickenblush)

    Me and Resonante have been a couple since our Raywing Harbor days <3 Boi, i was feeling alone then he was like, what if we go as couple here and have fun together? (chickenblush) I blushed omo And so we did main quests together, join Traces together, did dungeon runs too. We had good times together. We tried running party dungeons, dying and running again anyways coz y not but we skipped coz we knew we were too noob :'( Then.... he played real life. He got busy at work and doesn't log in much anymore. I now do dungeons with guildies and other friends. I miss him now but he told me he's coming back, maybe on new patch. Maybe not ;-; feelsbadman . But I got no complaints since I can hoard all the luv coins :$ Don't tell him! And that is prolly the end.... of this story not of our relationship hihi <3(nosebleed)(chickenblush)

    Acc: mayamayo

    IGN: Mayavii