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    The moon rose gently and peacefully over the small village of Maplewood Glen. In the distance, we could hear the streaming of water that lull the people to sleep. It was in this semi-darkness and peaceful atmosphere that a shadow, fast and furtive, moved then, jumping from roof to roof.
    -What was it up to?
    I’ve told thousands of times stop coming here – a black-haired man said angrily not looking to the window – why do you follow me even after I left Bluemoon?
    - I’m a ninja, my family taught me fight to achieve my aims – blonde girl blushed.
    - I’m not an aim, I’m an alive person. Moreover you know that I still love my wife.
    - Yes, that’s why I came to help you. This night I’m leaving the village and you’ll never see me again.
    - Help?… what do you me..
    Next moment he felt shark pain in his back. “What’s this? Liquid and hot running down my back… Oh god, it hurts so much…”
    - Did you just…. Have you ingratiated yourself all this time aiming to stab me?
    - No, Zaro. Today it’s a year since my 1
    st visit. Every night coming to you I thought: “maybe today he won’t be so cold to me”, but you convinced me that it’d never happen. I love you, but to love doesn’t mean to possess. I want you be happy, with me or without. And now, you’ll meet your wife and be happy forever.
    Tiers were welling up in her eyes. She sat near his motionless body and softly cuddled it.
    - Good night, my sweet prince. Even seeing your death, I desire your kiss, but your wife wouldn’t approve. Thank you for everything. I’ll miss you, but real love will overcome it.
    - You’re so egoistic, Hana… You’ve killed me to follow my wife, but I’d chosen to live with her in my heart. Take the kiss, but it’ll be the coldest thing you’ve experienced.
    A tier dropped on a pale cheek. Hana’s breath froze when she realized what had just done. She screamed loudly, but Zaro couldn’t hear her anymore.


    Hello Fenrir. Got several questions, hope you can give an answer.
    1) Currently although some events are good, we are getting more and more limitations. Deleted free army costume, with promised but not paid compensation, 1 page box from bcf instead of 2, trinket upgrade scrolls available only for AP (don't say about that single scam puzzle), less benefits can be got from alts (senshi friendship gems), etc. Seems like no point to ask if or when that all gonna be compensated/fixed/provided, so the question is next: Is this tendency gonna continue further?

    2) I have a problem with payment system, but support ignores it for over a year. The issue not only breaks Aeria ToS, but also my country law. Is there any higher instance above support or just anyone competent who can deal with this issue?

    3) Btw about Aeria ToS. Mass character deletion, that to be honest didn't solve the problem of lag, is directly against ToS paragraph 10.3. GMs and CMs keep saying that its related to the players, although we can delete our chars anytime we want. Related to the players it has no sense. Someone tried to tell me that its the company's intellectual property, but even ToS paragraph 14.3 says: "with the exception of the contents used by the user". So now everything that has been answered is twisting words with total change of the sense. The question: why does Aeria break their own rules even tho they were able to change them?

    4) Maybe I'm a bit slow, but what happened with Star Annihilation? Is the bonus gonna be fixed soon?

    Thank you.

    IGN: Gu
    Cpl IGN: Eggzy
    account: lykerR

    (evil)Light and darkness, sky and inferno, angel and devil. So different rivaling things, but can not exist without each other(angel)


    Cause every time we touch I get this feeling, every time we kiss I swear I could fly <3 (chickenblush)(chickenunsure)


    OMG what a perv! (angry)(angry)(angry)

    trap are not gay

    This feeling… It does not let me Go…

    I was sitting at the desk for so long trying to find suitable beginning for this letter. I do not know how to express all my feelings on paper. It would be much easier for me to express it in a picture, I would paint the most beautiful picture in the world. The picture, where is the sky of the color of fresh lavender, so alike with your hair, which covers pure white, like your favorite dress, show. I would draw the sun, the brightest shining sun which I have never seen in my life, but have only seen in your big shining eyes. It is the most beautiful sun, which I have ever seen and I would like to see it every single morning when I wake up. To wake up looking at your precious face next to mine would be the best present of fate for me. Keeping your little hand I would feel the happiest man in the world. You are so little, active, positive girl. You are not alike everyone else. Looking at you, I feel like a teenager again. With a trembling fear I watch you playing in the grass every day, I do not want you notice me, I might scare you. But I cannot keep this feeling inside anymore. I love you. I love you as the 1st sunrise, as endless night sky, I love you as my life. I don’t know if you will ever read my letter, or you will, but later. Girls of your age usually cannot read yet. But when you do, I still will be around as your guardian angel, so you will always know how to find me. Keep in mind, I am always thinking of you, Gogo.

    Your humble servant,


    Aeria: lykerR
    (she isnt newly released anymore, is she?)

    account: lykerR
    char: Phantasm

    I was late with this story for senshi event, so I will post it here xD

    -Hey Cherry?
    -Yes, master?
    - What do you carry in your basket?
    - Do you really want to know it?

    * * *

    My life changed significantly after the day I followed a white rabbit. I was just doing my Furval training, but then I noticed a white rabbit among cats. I was amazed and I followed it. Where did it come from? The rabbit noticed me and started running away.
    - Hey, bro, wait a bit! – I shouted to the rabbit.
    I was chasing the rabbit ignoring dozens of cats biting all parts of my body. All of a sudden, the rabbit hopped in a burrow, which I had never noticed before. I was sure I was going to just fell down on the grass in a pool of my own blood from wounds by cats, however, just a moment before, I found myself in some dark place without any ground under my feet or blue sky above my head. I felt like slowly falling down. The 1st thing I heard was:
    - Pervy Phantasm! You will never miss any single skirt!
    -WHAT?! – I shouted – Just now you were a rabbit! And how did you know my name?
    I turned my head and saw a little girl wearing a red dress with rabbit ears. She looked embarrassed. So cute.
    - It is written above your head of course! And by the way, your title… - the girl got silent
    - Well, seems legit….Hey, what is wrong with my title?
    Immediately I saw the light somewhere in the bottom. No, millions of lights! I opened my eyes widely in amazement.
    - What is it? – I asked the girl
    - There are stars. Have you never seen them? – she smiled
    I got confused. Stars. Here. In the burrow under FTG. Are you kidding?! But later, when the «stars» got closer, I noticed something on each of them. We were among them. Each «star» had different colour and shape. Hey, what is it? Luna is sitting on one of them! Right there, on the blue one! Wait, stop, isn’t it a crowd of furvals on the triangle green one? Who ever made the star triangle?
    - What is happening here? Where I am? And who are you?
    - My name is Cherry, nice to meet you! It is Bugland, welcome.
    - Why are you here? You weren’t released yet!
    - Told ya, is it Bugland!
    - Bugland? I feel like I already live in the bug-land…
    Just the next moment we fell down on something soft. Soft and fluffy. It is…. Mikka? I saw something like a river. A milk river, where big as countryside houses mikkas were sailing in the same direction. What is going on here? But… you know what? I love it! I turned my head to the sky, but didn’t see stars anymore, just fat mikkas were sailing right above my head. Everything was quiet. But…
    - Cherry, do you know how to get back?
    - Hm… I usually just…. Go back to the place I came from?
    I looked around. Where did we came from?
    - Could you lead me back?
    - I don’t know. It is a Bugland, sometimes you come in, sometimes go out… Can never predict.
    My eye twitched nervously. One moment our great mount got faster and started falling down. Cherry got nervous.
    - It is not good! I have never seen this way! No I am not sure I can go out even myself. You are guilty for this, you broke it!
    She was so cute saying it and getting red.
    - Hey, what have I done? I didn’t even know I would get here!
    - Well, let’s deal with it together, master! – she smiled
    I nervously laughed. Master? Well, this if everything I could wish. Our large orange ball of fur fell down in the fog. We found ourselves in the deep forest, where the trees had all the colours of rainbow, stripes on their trunks and checkered leaves. I got lost not only physically, but mentally too.
    - Look, it is a trail! – said Charry pointing with her small finger on some grassy root, which leaded in the deep forest.
    - Do you think it is safe way?
    - You never know before you try. Every path leads to a place, isn’t it? Come on master, Im am sure together we will deal with everything!
    I had nothing to do but follow her. Following the trail, we were getting deeper and deeper in the forest. However, the only thing that caught my eye was white rabbit tail. She seems like noticed it.
    - What happened, master?
    - I wonder, why have you started running away of me?
    - You look like a big bad wolf! Rabbits are afraid of wolves, you know?
    - Hey, I’m not a wolf, I am a fox! – I felt fox ears on my head
    - Even more! Foxes are even more dangerous, they are cunning, you never know what is happening in their heads.
    «May be I am really a wolf?» - I thought
    We went out of the forest and found ourselves among big purple mushrooms. In the middle of the field there was the biggest mushroom. What is it on the mushroom?
    - Let’s go, master, they must know da wae! *WHAT? This meme is already dead!*
    Mushroom labyrinth leaded us right to the biggest mushroom.
    - Hey, who are you? Stop here, don’t spoil my mushrooms!
    I turned my head up and saw…. A familiar face… Dorrie?
    - What? Sure, you expected it to be a large caterpillar, like in a story about Alice in the Wonderland, but IT WAS ME, DORRIE!
    - Don’t make THIS kind of face! – I shouted – and you still have caterpillar’s tail!
    - REALLY? – Dorrie got excited – Well, it is YOUR guilt!
    - Mine? Wait, if you're saying about Wonderland… Where is Alice?
    - There, hangs under the mushroom, now she knows that she shouldn't eat my mushrooms.
    In a second I have heard a weak cry “Help”
    - Well, whatever, tell me how to get out of here?
    - Oh, right here, behind this mushroom.
    - Seriously? That fast?
    - What have you expected, hard and long way full or dangerous creatures and traps? No, this story is already too long.
    I went behind the mushroom and there really was a cave. Sounds dangerous, but… Well, it won’t become worse anyway.
    - Cherry? Are you going out?

    She carefully came closer.
    - Right after you, Master.
    Well, nothing to do, I should go… I crawled in the cave, expecting Cherry to follow me, but next moment I felt her kick and words “Go away of here!”
    Was nice to meet you, little Cherry….
    I fell on the big stone in Meridia and seems like injured someone mining around. Well…. Everything happens in this life.

    People may give any versions, but my guess is that Arcadia city is build on a basis of a book The City of the Sun written by Tommaso Campanella. Fiona Rhine, attracted by utopia genre, executed her husband, who was against her new interest and started building her own ideal state. We can see many proofs of it, for example people always wear the same clothes. According to Campanella, people should change their clothes 4 times a year. All people, and men and women, should do the same work. Working day only lasts for 4 hours, that's why we always see people just walking and doing nothing. Nobody of the people actually has their own houses or flats - it is because they sleep in shared bedrooms, separately men and women. These and many more other facts lead us to that The Queen of Arcadia tries to build utopia. People from another locations had time to immigrate from Arcadia when the Queen received the power, that's why their lifestyle is different. Now why we cant enter some Arcadia areas. According to Campanella, The City of the Sun includes slaves. But, slavery poisons minds, that's why people shouldn't see the slaves. On this reason, all the slaves work outside the city, especially at these areas. Fiona doesn't want young adventurers to see the slaves and their struggle.




    Can you see this little girl? School uniform will definitely suit her, won’t it? As it were not so!

    Krista is biorobot, created by Vitreus Mines engineers in order to defend miners of monster attacks. (But seriously, who gave her a personality of a bully girl?)

    Without a blob of compassion, she destroys the enemy whoever it is using her cannon and bombs. The only
    feeling she has – obedience to her master (it’s a law of robotics, nothing
    personal, baka! *pouts*).

    Hello, Santa. To be honest, I never wrote letters to you. Actually, I didn’t even take Christmas as something more than some days off and commercial move for making money. I never had anything that people call “Christmas spirit”. Really, what forms it? Christmas trees, foods, decorations? Outlook isn’t good. Even when I was a kid I used to love Christmas only as I didn’t have to go to school.

    However, this year is special because I joined Twin Saga. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but this game is something more for me then just killing time in the internet. I have found so many friends here. They are all of different genders and ages, they live in different countries and have different interests and life goals, but together we always have fun and I accept that we wouldn’t ever meet if it was not for Twin Saga.

    I finally understood, that the this that make us feel the Christmas spirit is our friends, our nearest and dearest. Making presents for them, decorating terracottages together, play snowballs at water park and just laugh to tears – this is the meaning of Christmas. I am so happy that I finally found it out.

    My TS friends and I decided to meet Christmas together this year. I don’t know if you will read this letter, you have tons of them, from people, who are already happy too, but I would be a bit happier if you gift me a Wacky Magician's Flashy Garb (M) to look cool at our party. Thank you.

    Bonny: warm and cute red sweater with raindeers
    Danmaku: Annual stock of coffee and warm slippers

    Celestiiella: A horse. Bcs I said so, all she needs is a horse.
    Deadpool: Why everyone gives him just anything connected to deadpool? He also needs some love and warmth and thats the point of X-mass. Let it be just a bottle of whiskey.
    Enigma: Binded with red tape Aryn ;D
    Furval: Chocolate factory of Willy Wonka
    Vanilla: A good photo camera, to take photos of drama in trade chat