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    That barrier is formed because the palace is a living being, the adventurers did not acquired the criteria for making the palace happy, therefore they are being blocked out. What does phantom the living palace really wants? Money? Peace? or lives from the royalty? oAo, symbol made within the barrier, this symbol is simply a emoji use by the adventurers but little do we know, this symbol represents a a lot. In Palace language, o of oAo means !@$%$#am3 which means _=-3m45, A of oAo means o-15sx,[;[\. Lastly this o is different from the 1st o as their position is different, therefore it means ..-1mg0gl[@.)%8a. Which is why... they block us out... we have no fulfilled the criteria of oAo as we do not full comprehend them.

    Aeria: LustyEgg

    Met Jhanz on a ftg party. Proposed to her, she accept, we make babies(Grimalkin). After this exciting proposal, things settle down. Every time I’m online, she’s offline, and every time she’s online I’m offline. I worked my best every day to do the couple quest so that I could brag to her about how sincere I am. Until one day she stopped. I moved on. Am still in relation with her but stopped. End. My love story. End. Friends with benefits.

    Aeria: LustyEgg

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    Aeria: LustyEgg

    Since its Acradai. The opposite of Arcadia



    letters changed r,c,i,a to c,r,a and i

    Forming a word, crai, which rhymes to cray. What is a cray? Crayfish? C(k)reygasm? crayon?

    3 words that rhymes with crai.

    What else has 3? Triangle has 3 side!

    Triangles is rare in Arcadia, instead Acradai have it. This concludes that Acradai is the opposite of arcadia. What is normal for us is abnormal for them.

    ** SO a young girl asking a old woman for direction is normal for us because it is friendly, but for Acradains they see is as a treat, a potential threat coming from a seeming mendacious lady because for them, the younger the people are, the more threat they possess. !!! THE OLD LADY WAS RUNNING FOR HER LIFE, AND SO DID THE OTHERS!!

    Tons of adventurers have experienced this, they mine and mine or gather and gather and they receive usable items from there, but the main object just won't get any smaller? Some even suggests that the longer they mine or gather, the bigger it gets. So are these crystals or trees made with real matter? Or are we under some kind of forcefield and it tricked to keep mining/gather on seemingly never ending things, so "they" can harvest our energy output? OR(e), (a pun yes) to prevent the poor souls of the adventurers from leaving the world of Twin Saga, by making them feel that they are not done yet?

    Is this a real world?

    “The false world is full of illusions and misery.” - Bryant McGill