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    Bonny- I don't really know you but rather than a ban hammer, I think I would gift you the ability to hit people with a happy hammer. It will make them smile and be friendly; we already have too much sadness and anger in this world :( so a happy hammer would suit you better :$

    Danmaku- I would gift you a belle maid android who cleans after you and even bakes you pizza which you love so much. More time for gaming and streaming TS ;)

    Celestiiella- hmmm you were always the dreamy, out of this world type... I would gift you the ability to go to NASA in Florida and see outer space :) you can truly be able to view the stars and moon you admire so much from up in space

    Deadpool- I wouldn't be able to gift you anything since you break the forth wall too much and can gift yourself something by swiping it D: (hmm maybe some Ajax (Francis) as a gag gift lol?)

    Enigma- your name means mysterious or obscurity so perhaps.... the real location of Atlantis or the fountain of youth suits ya

    Furval- tsk tsk everyone seems to want to eat you D: i should gift you some immunity from the community who loves to torture you for some exp and lp :'(

    Vanilla- hmmm I would gift you a karoke machine, I bet your voice sounds really beauiful when you sing and probably makes people feel all warm and happy inside. Plus I know from your introduction that you love to sing a lot!

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    Girl: I'm going on an adventure! I'm going to make new friends, explore dangerous dungeons, and maybe even save the world while shipping people. It will all start here in this magnficent city called Arcadia.

    Pic 2:

    Girl: woah look at that crystal thingy! And omg I see a potential new couple right in front of it. I sooo wanna ship those two together!!! But ugh I need to go on my journey too :( Decisions, decisions..

    Pic 3:

    Girl: oh an elderly woman! I bet she has great words of wisdom about my quest.

    Girl: hey I'm a new adventurer and I was wondering what would you say the rate of the leveling and obtaining epic and legendary items are?

    Elderly woman: hmmm..... hmmm.... hahahahaha!!! expect to spend months and even years of grind to level up and obtain the necessary gear to progress along the quest!!! Hahahaha hey girlie you can do it and be just like me!

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    Girl: awww that sounds lame... I'd rather spend time with my true love if my option is to turn into an old lady!

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    Girl: Babeeeee!!! I missed you so much *jumps and hugs the pillow* all I need is sleep with my favorite body pillow in the whole world Duo!!! Who needs to quest....zzzzz

    nice post! But um some ppl said dot from class still works such as occult class. I'm not sure if they are correct in this but just in case, I am sharing this. For a more extensive or specific guide whether or not they're correct.

    I'm surprised no one said this yet but make it have a way to post pictures on individual wall :) similar as to the old forums:P I want to show off my character and friends <3 Social forum ftw :$

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    We are a lovely friendly guild ^^ I would like to thank everyone who took the time to take the picture. It is a shame I was only about to submit one since we had many good photos and we run on several different timezones :'(

    Anyways here goes and I hope for more fun family events! It was fun organizing and getting together in a random location >:D

    SILVERSWORD REPRESENTS OUR FAMILY!!! :$ <3 :*…01789440/unknown-11-1.png

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