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    Melody- love story

    Melody’s Bad Ending Route

    It was hate at first sight. Moonhazel had her guns pointed at the flower fairy searching for revenge. This innocent looking fairy had already claimed many victims to her bewitching harp that controlled their hearts and eventually broke their souls. She was formerly known as Eve the black widow. However, this particular fairy has the ability to change her appearance, according to the rumors, and is now wearing the appearance of an innocent blonde maiden dressed in a green dress. Moonhazel had been searching far and wide for this one moment by going of on rumors of a magical harp being heard in a Maplewood Glen by several adventurers who frequently swapped stories at the Arcadian alchemy pub. She smiled. At last, she thought. Now I can put my first lover's soul to rest. The thought of revenge was the only way she could move on.

    She edged closer to the fairy who was unaware of the revenge- driven adventurer and was preoccupied watching the cute little furvals dance around a campfire. Moonhazel glared hard with eyes full of contempt and had made a vow to end anymore tragedies from occurring anymore.

    She took a deep breath and tried to hit her with a few rounds of incendiary rounds, but was pushed back hard by Marisa.

    The bullets barely missed the fairy by a few inches and she quickly turned around in shock.

    "Marisa," She growled flat on her back."I've been surviving and leveling up just for this one moment and now you just took it away from me!"

    “Moonhazel! Stop it, you're being brainwashed. It's so unlike you! I'm sorry for not stopping you before you got like this.”

    Moonhazel ignores Marisa and quickly uses inspiration followed by a flip to catch the fairy who had already started running away in fear.

    The fairy soon trips over a gravestone and Moonhazel quickly catches up to her. She stands over Eve and laughs in contempt. "Now it's all over, fairy girl. Victory is all mine." She raises her hallowed force gunblades and points it towards Eve’s body and is about to aim until…

    Moonhazel hears crying. Huh what? Who is crying over this evil fairy?

    “Are you okay?” The fairy softly asks.

    Moonhazel sniffs. “Of course I'm okay,” she snaps. “Anyways what's wrong with you asking your future killer if they're alright?” Tears start streaming down her face with her hands gripping the gunblades tightly.

    The fairy pauses and thinks for a moment. “I don't think you want to kill me,” she smiles innocently. “You're a good and sweet natured girl which I can tell since I felt no malice when you pointed those guns at me in the first place. And yes, I did know you were behind me the whole time, but I believe in fate and if I was killed by you well that was my fate. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    “Fate?” Moonhazel scoffs. “You believe in silly things like fate. I also used to believe in that but my lover soon disappeared and never returned. So was it my fate to lose him? Or is it fate to lose people who I cared about just because of a lapse of judgment?” Moonhazel tries to go on and on but her legs can no longer hold up and she collapses on the burial grounds to weep for her fallen comrades.

    The fairy soon sits up and pats Moonhazel's back before hugging her tightly as if to share all the sorrow within her heart. The sadness soon ebbs away and Moonhazel's heart get lighters as she relaxes in Eve’s embrace. The slow rise and fall of her breathing calms Moonhazel down. They stay like that for a while until Moonhazel starts to feel a bit self conscious being so close to a stranger and especially a fairy at that.

    Moonhazel hadn't looked at her closely since she was blinded by hate but Eve’s blue mythical soul-catching eyes capture her.They speak of wisdom and compassion within them and anyone who tries to look directly will be lost and enraptured by the beauty.

    Moonhazel was torn. It's not within her nature to break a vow, but it is also not her style to kill someone who had shared her kindness. And this fairy seemed to not be as wicked as the stories went. In fact, now she wasn't so sure anymore if they're had any validity in them to begin with. Her lover after all,was in pursuit of this fairy to apprehend her until he died from overwork. So, she really had no reason to still kill this fairy. It was not her fault.

    With her mind made up,Moohazel thanked the fairy for comforting her in her time in need and secretly wished to get to know Eve better, but she had to return back to her SilverSword guild who needed her back. Katheli and her HolyKnights couldn't run the guild without her, fair and unbiased judgement on guild duties, for too long. And someone had to keep her cute yet loyal goofballs from getting into mischief.She bid the enchanting fairy farewell and was on her way to Merdia until she heard a scream in the town square.


    Moonhazel quickly hopped on her Midnight Unicorn mount and leapt into combat mode,whipping out her dual gunblades, as soon as her feet touched the town square. Somehow in the midst of her meeting with the fairy, a band of resentful ghosts had infiltrated the protective barrier that surrounded the town. The talisman were shredded leaving the town defenseless!

    Moonhazel quickly fired off some incendiary rounds followed with an Elusive Shot in quick succession dealing a lot of damage to the Resentful Ghosts. More and more ghosts started appearing and it soon turned into a battle of wits where Moonhazel had to gather all the ghosts into one line by using flip and inspiration to grab their attention away from the innocent civilians. Her fast reflexes allowed her to fire off some frigid rounds and follow it with a Spray’ n Pray to root the ghosts in their path. She was doing so well, but then from a distance she saw more ghosts infiltrating as reinforcements. Moonhazel silently prayed and prepared herself to fight to the death since she loved Twin Saga and its inhabitants so much that she couldn't live with herself if she simply abandoned them in their time of need. Her guild members and other adventurers she met would surely understand why she had to do it this way. It was the only way to save Maplewood Glen. She smiled and braced herself to use her ultimate.

    All of a sudden, a melodic melody was heard all throughout Maplewood Glen. Eve! Moonhazel smiled, "it sounds just like her to play her harp in the battlefield." She kept attacking the Resentful Ghosts who were slowly becoming purified by Eve's lovely, honey-sounding music that was pleasing to the soul. Moonhazel meanwhile kept fighting and headed over to where she heard the sound. She gasped in awe when she see the fairy. She is as beautiful as an angel and looks too radiant to be a simple fairy.

    As Eve kept playing her harp, the purification grew larger in power and soon enough the ghosts were defeated. "Yoo hoo we did it! We saved Maplewood Glen!" Moonhazel cheers. But, the celebration quickly ends for Moonhazel when she notices that Eve’s face is glistened in sweat and her face is pale.

    "Moonhazel", Eve whispers. "I got stronger right?" She smiles weakly and continues, "I think this is the end for me, and don't look so sad, I do not regret using up all my magic to save you."

    "Just me?"Moonhazel starts to cry and crouches down to hold the dying Eve in her arms.

    "Yes", Eve smiles. "You don't remember this but you have saved me from being banished from the fairy kingdom. Since fairies are supposed to have magic, but I didn't have any magic and was considered a disgrace to the kingdom. I ran away to the human world in shame and found myself in an abandoned forest. You found me there which was surprising since only a human pure soul are able to see us, faires. You had asked me if I had any magic and I told you no.You were surprised by my response , but you still came to visit me each day in the forest to help me find my trigger for my magic source. One day you came with a harp to play some music for me and told me to test it out. When I touched it, magic suddenly overflowed into me and I played the most beautiful concert you had ever heard. That's when I was suddenly taken by the fairy world peace keepers who had to wipe your memories of me clean. But I never forgot you. Not even for a second. I think it was that moment that I fell in love with you."

    "I love you too!" Moonhazel cries out. She had never met anyone who was so trusting and compassionate to her unconditionally.

    But sadly their time was cut short before their love had started to blossom. Eve ’s body disappeared into sparkle dust and Moonhazel renamed the fairy Melody in order to remember her lovely musical notes. Maplewood Glen citizens created a statue with the starcrossed lovers who fought heroically to fight against the ghosts.

    Legend says that Melody's harp can still be heard in Maplewood Glen whenever a couple is formed.

    Part 2

    At the end of the last floor, floor 100, my party arrives and falls over exhausted from all the things that went wrong. But then, the dungeon door slams shut from behind us and a humongous pile of cherry pies are right in front of us. Being the starved and exhausted adventurers we were, we started running towards the crispy, fresh and cherry scented pies that practically beckoned us to eat them. Katheli had the fastest movement speed since he had a Nalani so he reached there first and started to bite into the enchanting pie. It exploded- covering his face with cherry jam and bits of pie crust! Suddenly, a shriek of laughter came out of nowhere!

    “Oh ohohohohohoho! I was getting bored waiting around for some rather foolish adventurers to arrive. But, who would've thought it would've been you guys. I was planning on hiding forever but, you guys are truly goofballs that I shall grace you with my presence.”

    We look around and even turn all the way around in a circle trying to find the voice.

    “Ahem, I'm down here bakas.”

    Hmm it's a little cute bunny girl?!?

    “I’m Cherry a cute scarlet ammo bunny senshi. Hmp and don't even dare making short jokes like ‘if the weather is good down here?’ or I will throw a cherry bomb at you faster than your mage can cast a skill.”

    We shut up since that's exactly what we were going to do. I try to gather my thoughts about this whole ordeal.

    “So, what is this place and why are we here?” I ask.

    Cherry cutely smiles, “didn't you remember picking up a discarded cherry artifact?”

    “Well, yes but it's not even worth anything.”

    “Of course not silly, girl. It's my cherry bomb that I ‘accidently’ dropped for someone dense enough to pick up an obvious trap. Where do you think you are actually?”

    “Um, in a new dungeon map, no?”, I reply confidently.

    “Ohohohohohoho if only that was true. She mischievously grins. There is no such thing as a dungeon where your hp drops like a hot potato. That boooomb you picked up actually exploded as you left the auction house! It's a good thing it detonated outside of the building.”

    (Wait. What?) I clutch my head in pain trying to remember. As I try to do that the background starts to fade away to black and all the people disappear into small glittering pixels that float into the air. Only Cherry and I are left alone.

    “Ehhh, still can't figure out? Okay fine since it's no fun telling you everything, I shall narrate the day for you until you figure it out. First off you….”

    It soon dwells upon me, “Wait! Am I dead?!?”, I interrupt mid sentence.

    “I don't know are you?” She innocently nibbles on a cherry muffin.

    “Just tell me, please”, I plea.

    She looks at her fingernails and looks away.

    Oh my god dis senshi is impossible. Can't or won't bother to tell me that I'm dead.

    I start to tear up thinking of the adventures I had and how I never got to tell Katheli that I was the one who broke his alchemy workshop, or help Lofette work on her level 70 gear, and most of all got to tell Duo that I loved him.

    Crestfallen, I turn to walk away from the secretive Cherry. Until, I then, spontaneously combust and wake up in a small cramped double bunk bed in the queen's castle.

    It turned out that I was hallucinating right after eating the mushroom soup recipe that was recommended to me by Arietty. I had exited my terracottage and was in Arcadia climbing on top of the fountain, knocking people over yelling, “This is Sparta!” The queen was at odds of what to do with the scene so an elite member of the Arcadian Bomb Squad, Cherry, was called by Marisa herself to quell down this unsightly disturbance I was creating. Cherry, being the bomb happy girl she was, threw three to four bombs in quick succession to knock me out and destroy half the buildings in the process. Cherry and I were quickly appended by the queen who was dismayed by the casualties we had caused. Cherry was discharged from the squad guilty of using excessive force and I was guilty of disturbing the peace. Marisa slipped away in the confusion to avoid jail time and Cherry and I were sent to the Arcadian jails left at the mercy at the Arcadian worst criminals. The bed I woke up in was actually a bed for criminals in a prison cell. We made a living selling cherry pies and soon enough, Cherry had the great idea to start a prison break and we soon escaped with all the criminals off to start our new adventure as the CherryBombers guild where we threw pies by moonlight and acted like civilians in daylight….. making our own legend as the legendary guild that was built from Arcadia’s worst.

    The End~

    IGN: Moonhazel

    Aeria Account: nallely1024

    Cherry Funny Story

    Bombs Away Arcadia

    If you really want to hear about it, the day I met her was the one of the most impressionable moments of my adventurer lifestyle and my life changed forever. Looking back, I can laugh at this, but not when it was happening. In fact, it was one of the most annoying days of my life.

    It all started when I foolishly picked up a discarded cherry looking artifact near the Arcadia fountain in channel 1. It was usually surrounded by many of the power players of the game who leisurely liked to afk after their daily arena/dungeon runs but for some reason it was eerily deserted. Not even Danmaku with the rumored sexy legs was there dancing. (Tsk. How disappointing.)I tried visiting the local auction houses to check if it had a price since I was low on gold- due to my outrageous shopping spree habits. It was not unusual for me to easily blow through 5k for a new costume. Sadly though, the artifact was deemed untradable and was actually a quest item, now that I looked at its description carefully. Feeling dejected, after finding this out, I walked myself out of the auction house. However, as soon as I exited the building, my HP suddenly dropped to zero and I fell through a unknown portal that appeared under my feet. I was surrounded by five other SilverSword members who were all dead. One of the dead bodies,a cleric main named Lofette, quickly resurrects at checkpoint and starts resurrecting everyone one by one. I quickly send Katheli, Mafihime, Shouryuu and Lofette a party invite so we can stay together.

    “Moonie, you're here too?” Katheli rubs his head and grimaces.

    “Um, if you see me and I send a party invite, then isn't it obvious I'm here lol”, I roll my eyes. “Anyways what the heck is this? A late April fools prank or something?”

    “Hey! I'm here too geez don't ignore me you weirdo couple,” Mafihime sighs.

    “Ah, sorry to interrupt, but … we are kinda in a pinch right now guys,” Lofette looks pointedly to the top.

    I slowly raise my head up too scared looking up. I gasp. And am mesmerized by the view since above us there is a red crimson moon with portals in different directions covering most of the sky, giving the impression of a sky maze. (What in the world is this? This is not a map or dungeon that we have seen before.)

    I see something whiz by in my peripheral vision. It's Shou on his ruby dragon mount! I silently kick myself for not keeping an eye on him. No wonder he was so quiet.

    “Shou! You knucklehead, come back here!” I yell.

    He's too far away to hear me and suddenly he and his mount gets struck first by lightning, followed by raining meteors from the sky, lasers that come from the ground, a frying pan falling on his head and a nice bomb as the finishing K.O. All in that order. As if the lightning wasn't enough to knock him out. Lofette shakes her head smiling and resurrects him and I am clutching my stomach holding it in until I look at everyone’s faces and bursts out laughing.

    “You guys have to admit that barrier was so overkill!” I hollered.

    We all start laughing and egg shou to try again, but then a big booming voice comes from the sky.

    “STOPPPPPPP! STOPPPP!!! Those may cause you to lose a few brain cells.”

    “HA!!!!Shou is all brawn and no brain. He won't lose anything,” Mafihime calls out.

    The voice clears his throat not liking her interruption. “I see you guys have made it to my secret event. Muahahaha. How do you like it so far?”

    I sigh. Only one person in TS has that deep powerful voice. And I guess the others caught on too since they started yelling for all sorts of buffs with mafi being the most vocal about gold buffs.

    I raise my pointed index finger in the air and everyone quiets down.

    “Danmaku, what secret event?”, I frown not liking surprises.

    “Lol dis Moonhazel not reading the forums I see. Well since you guys are already here, I'll tell you the gist of it. And sorry guys,no buffs this time,” he glances over at my party.

    He starts explaining, but we all start walking away not really interested in this event since we only care about the buffs and we got places to go like that Haretic dungeon and level 68 La Cathedral.


    We pause mid step to listen.

    “You can't leave this world without finishing this maze!”

    Oh darn. Another annoyance I thought. I exchange glances with my party and we nod in agreement.

    I clear my throat.“So, let's make a deal Danmaku. How about we give you a riddle and if you win, we do your event your way and if we win, you let us choose what we want in exchange. Deal?”

    He laughs, “you mere adventurers dare to ask the great me for a deal? Okay, since I'm feeling generous I will accept.”

    “Okayyyy”, I smile. “If Y-E-S spells ‘yes,’ then what does E-Y-E-S spell?”

    “Is that really the best you can do? Obviously it's e-yes”, Danmaku proudly announces.

    My party falls over in shock at his response.

    “I winnn, it's actually eyes silly Dan Dan!” I gleefully exclaim. “Hmmm, since we can have anything we want, I would like to borrow all of your available GMs for this secret event teehee♡”

    “Hmmm,” he scratches his head. “I guess a deal is a deal. The only available ones are Vanilla, Legretta, Kuroneko, Enigma and of course Furvy (furval). Deadpool is busy doing his new movie at the moment.” “Good luck with them,” he quietly chuckles under his breath, darkly.

    “Good enough,” I glance over at our new companions, the GM team, and wickedly grin. (All the things we can do with them…)

    We bid Danmaku farewell and continue on our forced secret event quest. Furval and Enigma serve as our main guides and we follow along the yellow brick road to a funky looking castle at the end of the path.

    “This is SkyWay Castle. Don't get Sky along the way”, Furval giggles ominously.

    We groan at the pun and stand at the door. I touch the door and we all warp inside the event dungeon which is in the sky. (Hmm looks interesting enough.)

    I try to switch to gunslinger my main class but find out that it's class locked to Paladin my worst class. Everyone else also tries to switch their classes too but find out that they're stuck in their respective classes: me as paladin, Katheli as mage, Mafihime as hunter, Lofette as cleric and Shou as monk.

    “Why the heck can't I switch classes?!?” I cry in frustration.

    Vanilla smiles knowingly. “Didn't Danmaku try to explain to you about the quest?”

    Oh. I suddenly regret ignoring Danmaku and his explanation.

    Kuroneko interrupts my thoughts. “Oh well, guess you're stuck as a paladin.” “Good luck”, he smirks.

    These GMs are not really that helpful. I cry. Instead of help, I'm getting bullied. Wahhhhhh.

    Since I'm the tank, I start running towards the mobs ahead of us and try getting the aggro but I trip right in front of them. I stay on the ground for a good four seconds before I react and scream in fear. I quickly get back on my feet and try running back to hide behind Kath who is a mage.

    “Helpppp me Kathy I don't wanna die. Those mobs are freaking scary!! Protect me you meatshield!!!”, I throw my arms up screaming and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, while setting off invisible bombs with each step I take.

    What happens next seems like a manga. I finally hide behind Kath and resort to healing him from the backline by using healing aura since I refuse to tank those scary mobs, while Kath tries to act as a tank mage but instead starts single targeting the mobs with rift. Mafihime is running around with half the aggro on her bird. Lofette is preoccupied with locating her resurrection skill which she somehow misplaced. And Shou is just standing there as a monk taking in the damage. We soon get wiped out in less than 3 minutes flat.

    The GMs just stare at us dumbfounded and then resurrect us.

    “Moon moon, go and tank instead of hiding behind like a scaredy cat and Shou try attacking instead of standing you dingus”, Mafi shouts.

    “I just wanted to tank and see how long I lasted.” Shou laughs.

    “Mafi why don't you stop dragging all the mobs away”. Kath retorts.

    “Well rift like a mage does you dingus and I don't have to run.” Mafi barks back.

    Lofette is quietly gripping her staff not knowing what to say.

    “Okay.” I wipe my tears and wave my sword making an invisible cross. “Let's try this again. Let's stop shouting guys, please.”

    We try again and again to no avail. Soon Legretta takes pity on our party and gives us GM buffs. However… suddenly the buffs backfire by making us take on more damage, halving our hp, decreasing our speed and essentially lowering our stats.

    Enigma and Furval both start speaking at the same time saying “Buffs are of no use to you adventurers. You see this castle is full of traps and even we are powerless here.”

    All the GMs smirk and say in usion “that's what you get for not reading our lovely forum event that we worked so hard on.”

    Ah man. I knew something was wrong when Dan Dan let us borrow his minions. These GMs are not to be messed with.

    With our ragtag group of misfits, it takes us about 5 hours in game time ( 2 weeks in real time) to reach the end. Along the way, Kuroneko takes a nap on one of the floors and never returns. (You useless cat.) Furval gets eaten by hungry pun-hating wolves on the 47th floor when she made a wolf pun that went like this: “what do you call a lost wolf? A where-wolf!” Poor Furvy, I actually liked that pun. Vanilla gets stuck in an ice cream shop at floor 83 waiting to be eaten and Enigma mysteriously leaves the group at some point off to search the castle floors by herself.

    Love blooms again or so I was told... after having my heart broken by my first couple, who was also my love in real life, I wanted to quit the game and end my adventure as Moonhazel leader of SilverSword Guild...

    I sounded like an Opehlia who lost her Hamlet in guild chat and even I got sick of myself holding on to the memories of my failed love. It was then that I took an leave of absence for two weeks; it was honestly a wonder my guild did not completely die from my lack of leadership. So on one boring afternoon,I decided to grow up and come back to the game that I grew to love a lot.

    It was then that I met Katheli- truly met that person. He was a guildie that I did not pay much attention to at first since I was too focused with my first couple who was not even in my guild. (Mind you Katheli plays as a trap character and makes sure everyone knows he is a guy). He has a strong personality that unless people really get to know him would rub them the wrong way, but I guess my quiet personality meshed with his and we made a great duo. I used to carry his dead weight in dungeon runs and was his guide in how the game was played. It was somewhere around this dungeon spamming that Katheli probably realized that I might have felt a bit lonely and vulnerable that he sent me a dating invitation in game just so I would not be alone and complain about having no couple. (haha you awkward goofball!) He made it clear that I was his first couple ever in an mmo and decided "Why not?" and sent me an invitation. (It honestly made me feel special that I became an exception to his rule of gaming) and gratefully accepted because I would no longer be alone in this virtual world. It was a relationship based on benefits since we coupled for the buffs and companionship.

    So we were coupled for a while playing the game, dying next to each other, while also getting stronger each time until the game became too grindy for Katheli and he decided to quit the game! Alas my heart broke for the second time since I felt like everyone was leaving me.And I felt so lonely but decided not to let my feelings get in the way of my leadership like I had done last time. It is kinda funny but Katheli finally joined my guild discord when he quit just so that we could at least stay in touch and even tried to get me to play POE. But ewww no way, I was too loyal to TS (I mean come on cute animelike characters) and art. So heck no i couldn't really abandon the game. I became a bit distant with him since I was too busy playing TS and playing with my new couple (I'm not someone who can stay single for long in game). And suddenly my replacement couple left me for another girl. (No, no its not what you think lol; our timezones didnt match). So after that, i became a solo player swearing off all couples and helping out my guildies.

    It was like this for a while until Katheli decided to come back to TS. I wasnt obvious about it but was really filled with joy when he came back. He sent me another dating invition and i accepted cos who knows, 2nd time could be the charm. It was then after he came back that our relationship started getting more personal. I stopped hiding behind a smile since as a guild leader i felt i had to be perfect and unbiased. My "perfect image" started to crack when someone in guild was annoying me so much that i secretly pm Katheli basically asking him that "ughhh am i the only one who thinks hes being annoying by spamming too much in guild chat?" He was shocked of course but then also revealed people he didnt like which i kinda agreed. It was our own little secret where we quietly vented on things that annoyed us. I then started sharing more information about myself since i felt like whatever i said, he wouldnt judge. I told him about my issues at home, my depressive episodes and things like when I struggled to even eat. It felt weird sharing this to a random guildie i got to know but i found his words soothing to my soul. He literally felt like my soul mate (not in a romantic sense) but as someone who I could be myself and let my feelings be known. I didnt have to pretend to be this fake bubbly girl; I can also have my bad sides show.

    Sometimes I do take him for granted by having him join me in all my dungeon runs despite having a totally different timezone (he is from EU while I am NA) but he is someone I truly came to care about and am so glad to have met. We usually voice chat together and he gets to hear my screams, my laughter and my teasing; the other day he said it made him happy hearing me laugh when I got that legendary 10x aryn drop in FG. Im sure anyone else in the voice chat would have been annoyed lol. And who else other than Kath would do lame achievement hunts with me kappa.

    Our relationship isn't perfect since we do have our fights (mostly me being irrational- I'm sorry kathy!) And I'm probably even worse than a girlfriend but I try my best in my weird awkward way to apologize since im really terrible at expressing myself. I would love to thank Kathy for being the best couple I could ever hope for; the only one in the whole server who can handle my mood swings, the kind one who gave up his sleep schedule for me, and also the weirdo who only plays this grindy game for my sake. Otherwise if he hadn't met me, he wouldve quit within 2 weeks of playing the game. Im sorry again Kathy for you doing so much for me when I don't give you anything in return :'( and also sorry for calling your clothes lame (probs only person i know who doesnt care about costumes) youre the best waifu a Moonhazel could ask for. Hope our journey together as a couple continues on <3

    I'm a lvl 70 player and I usually party with whoever is available at the time, level doesn't really matter since me and my cpl can carry parties ^^ so if you happen to see me in recruitment ch, join my party ;)

    No it's not dead >_< don't give up hope :'(. It may be a bit quiet for now since ppl are waiting for patch but you'll find more party runs if you join a guild. Most ppl do dgn runs with their guilds atm( the active people)

    Yes, correct. It is useful for people who trying hard to gather lots of lp ^^ and no problem >_< hope this information will help others too :)

    Very helpful guide, however this section about merchant moomoo is something I and other people may disagree with since- the guild tokens from doing dungeon dashes,other dailies and astrals- are worth doing and hiring this merchant for the guild contribution chests are worth the time; some people only do dailies and astrals for the potential lp that these guild contribution chests provide.

    Anyways this is just my imput based on what I have seen >.<

    Unless your guild is looking for more furniture for your Terracottage, hiring this merchant isn't worth the time.

    Hmmm, I got them from other people but last I've heard, some of the redemption keys are no longer available since it is old now. It just hasn't been removed from the website.