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    Dear Santa Fen,

    Let's be real, I have not been the best adventurer since the start of my destiny. From accidently healing the wrong person in my team to running like Leroy Jenkins in dungeon runs, I've created some serious blunders that would have discouraged most adventurers. I also can have quite the temper when things do not exactly go my way.

    Yet, the setbacks were probably what made me grow the most as a hero. Along the way, I've met friends who taught me the skills needed in a dungeon: survive, attack and even protect teammates from deadly hits. I'm no longer the girl who needs to be protected; I'm the woman who leads and helps the weak. The team is only as strong as the weakest member so I make sure that everyone makes it out alive.

    I won't pretend that I was a good adventurer 100% of the time. (I think you already know that I was the one who spent the couple coins on myself. And that I can be quite the prankster by allowing my couple to die on purpose and blaming it on lag instead.) But I can promise you that I am still growing as a hero by protecting and guiding new people to become the best they can be.

    So Santa Fen, I hope my honesty did not scare you away. I may still create blunders or even annoy people with my shenanigans. I can't help that~

    But if that doesn't convince you … I can give you a plate of gingerbread cookies with a cup of warm cocoa and….some brownies for your Nonno pulling your sleigh.



    IGN: Moonhazel

    Senshi: Haku


    Behold the mighty Tiger Cub's roar, Haku may be young but don't let his looks fool you! With great care, his prowess shines through his looks.

    The Haku limited Edition Collection consists of unique, high-quality fabric made with carefully tailored cloth with the person in mind. Its modern yet revolutionary classical look is guaranteed to capture all eyes in the room. Male or female can wear this collection~

    The outfits below are only a preview of the clothing line:

    Title: Twin Saga's Sweetheart

    (Weapon are daggers but cant be seen)


    Title:Kissing under the mistletoe

    (Weapon daggers dont show)


    Title: Bewitching


    Title: Happily Ever After

    (No weapon and no back costume)


    Title: Double the Fun



    The moon rose gently and peacefully over the small village of Maplewood Glen. In the distance, we could hear the streaming of water that lull the people to sleep. It was in this semi-darkness and peaceful atmosphere that a shadow, fast and furtive, moved then, jumping from roof to roof. What was it up to?”

    IGN: Moonhazel

    Valkyria was up late camping out near the Maplewood Glen residential area. It was a peaceful night. The day before when she visited the city, the town elder had begged her to stay to help catch the shadow figure that only appeared at night. The only description that was provided by the sentry guard was that the shadow only seemed to leap from roof to roof.

    Feeling sympathetic, she accepted to the town elder's relief. He had provided her with the necessities and thanked her for helping. A night had passed already but she hadn't seen anything.

    In fact, she wanted to call it quits for tonight and sleep. The water flowing gently in the distance was too relaxing and the adventurer hadn't been able to sleep lately. She yawned getting ready to sleep until….

    suddenly, a loud thump was heard a few feet away!

    With a start she jumped and ran to the direction of the noise! Feeling the adrenaline rush, she didn't fear the unknown. Instead, the hunt for the supernatural seemed to only excite her! Maplewood Glen was known for ghosts living in the area so it wasn't uncommon.

    She leapt and glided over the rooftops to scope out the area. It was a large ground to cover, but she soon uncovered the mystery!

    The mysterious figure was a boy she had spoken to earlier that day. He was trying to glide but had poor control. She approached the boy who was in tears; he wanted to meet his mother who was in the sky. She hugged him while saying that his mother will always be in his heart and that she can teach him how to glide. It was soon morning and they went speak to the elder. The boy apologized and the case was closed.

    IGN: Moonhazel

    BFF IGN: MafiHime

    Two girls who couldnt be more different from each other: a single woman and the other an excellent mother.

    She is fire and I am ice.

    From our humble Twin Saga beginnings, we remain grinning.

    Twirling in our lovely dresses while celebrating our successes.

    Teasing our couples while making each other chuckle.

    Even dungeons runs are fun when using our guns.

    The joys outweighs the bad, the times we are mad or sad are quickly begotten.

    We sing and dance and jest in while heading out for our quests.

    One of the most loyal and caring person I know, who has one of the brightest glows.

    I hope you stay the same, in the best game, I've played!

    Happy international girlfriend's day!

    (PS. Music is just for the video since I cant write a song and I dedicated this to my friend MafiHime who is in the video)

    To the hero of my heart,

    I fell for you at first sight.

    Being reminded of a childhood friend I used to fancy, I sought you out. Your mannerisms seemed to resemble my old flame. He was clumsy, hotheaded but was quite skilled with combat. Initially, I sought you out for months for these reasons. But as time went on, I fell for the real you. The guy who is the worst student in the Astral Academy yet is deadly once loaded with a gun. Rita being your achilles heel. Yes, I know all about it! It shows in the way you treat her compared to the others.Your flushed face while speaking to her shows your feelings as clear as day.

    Yet, I cannot continue to watch from the shadows and hide these feelings from you. I'm in love with you. Through all your struggles and your triumphs, I've been by your side. I was being patient as best as I could in hopes that you would notice me yet, I knew I would never be the main girl in your life if I remained this way. Rather than becoming girl B, I confess my love for you. I, Moonhazel, am in love with you. Your seriousness when handling a gun excites me as a fellow gunslinger. Your blue eyes sparkle of curiosity and innocence.Your smile is authentic and genuine. Your laughter makes even the sun jealous. Even the way you show your tsundere side is endearing. I wish to be the special woman by your side and help the world see how great you are. Will you be my partner forever in this lifetime?

    Hopelessly in love,


    IGN: Moonhazel
    Aeria Acct:nallely1024

    Active when I'm asleep,

    Reaching out to community while I'm counting sheep.

    Creating new forum events and

    Lighting up the discord at the same time.

    In the darkness, she's online,

    Giving swift responses to questions,

    Helping forward our suggestions,

    To make the community of Twin Saga happy and bright as her name.

    Ign: Moonhazel

    Aeria Acct:nallely1024

    According to old folklore, a hero was born during the Great War between Amaris and Marisa.

    During this time, it was not uncommon for people to starve since everything including pumpkins had to be rationed for the war effort. After all, it was well-known that pumpkins were the source of happiness. However, the great hero was only a young senshi named Kittana who was naive and really wanted some pumpkin pie. She couldn't understand why pumpkin pies became a thing of the past. Thus, she set off on a journey to liberate the pumpkins, while ignoring everyone's best wishes for her sake.It was a death sentence but she couldnt live in a world without sweetness.

    As she set out, there was no moon in the sky to guide her along the way. Perhaps this should've been the first sign of trouble, but she brushed it off since she had her friend Naughty Kitten to guide her along the way. This should've been mistake number two. Everyone knew that Naughty Kittens were not to be trusted. They're the species that created the war between Amaris and Marisa, but Kittana didnt know that.

    Kittana soon fell right into a portal after chasing the naughty kitten who went rogue after smelling some fish balIs. She landed headfirst into the battlefield where Marisa and Amaris were charging up their last mana to end their feud.

    Being the most skilled mage in the world, Kittana confidently grabbed her Gilmore from her cloak and got ready to chant to end the war in one shot.

    "Aerta geddy higxvj hrumf fujbf"

    However, unknowingly to the hero, the naughty kitten had swapped out her offensive magic book with a transformation book. Instead of using her nullification magic, she turned into a cute Furval.

    Distracted by this absurdity, Marisa and Amaris forgot about the war and laughed till tears came out. It seemed that all was well until a random adventurer ran out and slayed the furval with blade storm. The adventurer pumped his fist in the air with 2k lp in his hand. Kittana was no more. The hero was taken down in one hit by a low geared Swordsmaster….


    Aeria Account: nallely1024

    IGN: Moonhazel

    Aeria: nallely1024

    Anime: Re:ZERO

    Character: Ram

    A week before Halloween, I received an invitation to the Black Cat Gala. It was more accurate to say that I took it away from my couple who hid it from me. According to him, I took events way too seriously and ignored anything else that didn't involve whatever I was into at the time. In this case, the cosplay party at the graveyard in Maplewood Glen.

    With a wicked grin, I decided to dress up as my favorite character Ram from Re:Zero. She was the clumsy yet dangerous maid and the former talented demonic girl. I took care to cut my precious black hair into a bob and dyed it pink for this lovely occasion. I even wore pink contacts and borrowed my friend's maid outfit to dress the part. I did a twirl before I hopped on my Midnight Unicorn Mount to the meeting place.

    As I approached the graveyard site, the resentful ghosts scared away my mount leaving me stranded. It was too foggy to tell but I think I saw a few furvals run around the site. Hmmm... I placed my finger under my chin in a thinking position. Was I too early to the party?

    It seemed to be deserted and eerily cold. I took a step to the left and suddenly felt something on my leg. I screamed. Suddenly, I heard laughter come from behind the gravestones. That annoying laugh could only be from Kuroneko himself! He emerged from behind the gravestone and with tears in his eyes looked at me and chuckled some more.

    "That was only a feather tied to a branch over your head!"

    I glared at him and was about to give him a piece of his mind but Legretta came running and quickly pulled him by the ear to a deserted area.

    Oh uh sounds like something I shouldn't be messing with.

    The rest of the party went smoothly. I saw many familiar faces such as Anabolim in his fat cat suit and we told scary stories by a bonfire. At one point, Danmaku had too much wine to drink and summoned too many Belle senshi. It was belle-y eventful and of course this made the party guests skill happy that they accidentally angered the ghosts and zombies that lived there. But worry not for the tasty eyeball and scrambled brain food appetizers were enough to make the monsters happy. Finally, the party ended as soon as we bid our farewell and I was forced to be on clean up duty since I was dressed as a maid and should fit the part.... but hey at least I got paid 5 astral crystals for it.



    aeria acct: nallely1024

    Ign: Moonhazel

    Senshi of choice: Shirley

    It's been years since I've tried baking and after many fails rest in piece burnt cakes. I finally completed it!

    Gogo carries a cat cart with colorful candies so I tried to make a cat rainbow cake and put a lot of candies around it :$<3

    (I did a Gogo cake but I still want a Shirley)


    The ingredients for the cake


    The batter


    Mixed batter


    Baked cakes (didn't burn them this time)


    Part 1



    My favorite memory and the main reason why I stay in Twin Saga was when my new game friends from discord decided to create a guild named SilverSword. Shin,TwinTails, and HejiHatory, along with myself decided to create our own guild due to other guilds not feeling like family. They were too focused on gear and such that lowbies like us were basically ignored by the capped level players who only seemed to brag about their fully fortified equipment. We left our former guilds and banded together to create our home. It was a rough start at first since we were all level 50s when the level cap back then was level 65. Killing a guild boss took like 30 minutes to kill and even clearing party dungeons was difficult since no one was geared for it. Not to mention that since we were a new guild, no one knew who we were and no one wanted to join us. I can't remember when but soon after Shin had to quit because of work and real life, and he passed me the leadership. I was scared to death of this new responsibility since I preferred to rule behind the scenes over being the person who everyone followed. However, this fear was soon reassured when my newly appointed deputies supported and had my back to help me guide this guild. I felt safe and protected by my "family." At some point, we became stronger and more people decided to join us. We became that home guild that people wanted to join and we could joke and laugh or even share our bad moments with each other while forgetting about real life. I made it a point that no one gets left behind since I experienced that when I joined Styles and I was basically ignored for being low level.

    Since I like being spontaneous, I try my best to make everyone have fun and even host guild events that breaks the tensions that come from leveling and grinding for gear. The discord is also pretty lively and I am never bored when talking with people I consider family.

    I'm still impressed on how my guild came so far: from nobodies to somebodies. I love my guild and my family.



    yikes! I'm first.

    IGN: Moonhazel

    Aeria Acct Name: nallely1024


    On a regular day, Moonhazel usually waits for her couple to log on and automatically whisks him into dungeons after dungeons. But wait there's more.. she usually spots at least one or two guildies who are also on and also drags them into the depths of misery with her.

    They sometimes barely fit the level requirements but they happily oblige to join her dubbed "SS Boot Camp" where they are ready to drop as flies or soar into fast paced runs. The regular duo, Moon and Kath, spend time day after day to spam dungeons with these unlucky errr lucky plebs in hopes that they grow up to be honorable Shoguns. From humble beginnings to SilverSwordians who can hold their own and lend their strength to new recruits....