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    I feel your pain. I was stuck on Nerokas for a while as well. I ended up going as Paladin, since it has 2 different skills for healing. I used potion/food buffs (Fish B@lls and Bubble Tea) which helped a ton. If you go to the Battlefields Merchant Kylee in Arcadia, there are melee res and power potions. If you have a couple, they can give you buffs as well. Other than that, all I can think of is upgrading/fortifying your gear and starstones. Hope this helps! ^_^

    Thank you for the advice!

    hello everyone! not super sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'll give it a shot

    I'm stuck on the main quest where you have to defeat nerokas in the lvl 63 solo sapphire keep dungeon. I'm level 64 and have level 62 swordsmaster, w/ 54311 HP (not sure if that is important). I keep dying every time, I know you have to get rid of the swords so that Nerokas won't get the buff but I can't click on them to target them and can't seem to destroy them, and I'm doing fine until the swords spawn in, then I pretty much die. Should I just grind more and level up my fear more? (none of it is maxed out) I haven't progressed in the game for weeks and I'm not sure who to ask in-game since my guild tends to be offline most of the time.

    Any advice would be much appreciated ;-; I'm kind of a noob at mmorpgs, so I'm still getting used to the stats system, attack, evasion, hp and so on

    Bonnie: A year supply of the advent calendars with the chocolates in them, except that they'd be for each month of the year!

    Danmaku: The exact same thing of bonnie BUT WITH SOCKS!!! Who doesn't like clean socks :)

    Celestiiella: A giant telescope the size of the Hubble telescope to look at the stars and a coat to go with it!

    Deadpool: his normal face back

    Enigma: A magical gift card worth $1000 that could be used at any store in the world - BUT CAN ONLY BE USED ON CLEARANCE ITEMS

    Furval: A basket of tabby kittens! Not sure how santa would get that through the chimney though but lets skip details

    Vanilla: A hot cocoa machine that comes with an industrial sized bag of marshmallows and tiny candy canes

    IGN: Nebulacat

    IGN : Nebulacat

    Dear Santa,

    My name is Nebulacat and - wait, before you read any more, would you check that "Nebulacat" is a name on your Nice list? Is it? Good... You know, I've been really nice this year. I've tried my hardest to be respectful, kind, careful and polite, you know... do my schoolwork and such :) except for that one time that I accidentally tipped a glass of chocolate milk onto the white silk tablecloth , but I did clean it up. That counts for something good, right? Right????

    Anyways, I want to know something, Santa - how long does it take to make the toys at the North pole?? Do you start as soon as Christmas is over, or in summertime? I've always been curious. Speaking of summer, how cold does it get all the way up at the top of the world? Hot enough to swim or just a little warmer than winter? I hope your reindeer don't catch colds - wait, can reindeer catch colds?

    Oh.... I'm off topic. This year, I've been wishing for a Sacred Miko Dress (F) to be under my tree this year. I just love the way it looks! The elves really did a good job on costume designs this year, actually. I love all the other costumes you've made too, this one just happens to be my very favorite.

    If you and your reindeer are tired when you get to my Terracottage, I'll have baked ginger cookies for you and left out oats for your reindeer regardless if you find the time to stitch a new dress or not :)

    Merry Christmas, Santa! let's keep that silk tablecloth incident a secret from my parents.....