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    Dear Santa..

    Santa are you doing fine? with all those gift works for children you must be tired though riding along from house to house sounds tiring for a single man without any form of help.... ,they say you're.. gaining.. alot of weight and diving in a chimney with those... unwanted weight gains but anyway i love how you work hard on gifts for children who deserves to earn them.. well this is my first letter so im not kinda used to tell you that i also want some gifts... he he..he..... sounds really not that good of a letter o -o welp asking for gifts in christmas ain't bad i guess...

    o -o... now im lost for words told you i suck at this thing santa should have sticked baking/cooking o -o.. well all i want at is this item that is mostly bugged in the info... (51355_ItemMall) if that is invalid well i wanted that that (Golden Set - The Deathbringer(m) i wanted the rare one not the epic, i don't want to be shiny and sparkling while walking and fighting mobs well not to complain .o -o

    well this is the only letter i can wrote so far again i told you santa i suck at this o -o...

    Oh and santa have a Merry Happy Cheerful Christmas this year (o -o)b