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    Anime: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

    Character: Oryo (Yuki-onna)

    "A cosplay party at a cemetery?" Red reads the invitation lazily, "Are these people not afraid of getting cursed or something?"

    Red opens his wardrobe despite the complaints in his head. He then spot a female yukata he wore to the summer festival for a punishment game.

    "I guess I could just cross-dress or something to save money and not buy a new costume, plus save time thinking for a costume." he decides, "This colors would be perfect for a Yuki-onna (snow woman, japanese spirit/yokai)."

    On the the day of the party, Red used the magic mirror for his miraculous makeover. He was an hour late for the party, which should explain the very dead atmosphere.. or maybe it's because people don't come to cemetery for party? Red doesn't know the reason of the silent party but guys suddenly start hitting and flirting with him, thinking he is an actual girl. He tried telling people he is a guy but no one trust him due to the magic from the magic mirror. Not Cinderella, the magic won't wear off in the middle of the night. Red ends up hiding behind a tomb 'till morning before he head home to undo the magic with the magic mirror.



    Aeria: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Best memory? Twin Saga itself will be one of my best memory. A lot of things happen, from being part of dramas to munching popcorn from the sidelines reading fights in Trade chat. So many things happened, makes choosing a single memory a very hard decision. One I can think of that happen recently, was one morning/night (#timezoneproblems), after fantasy planet raid. I always do fp on empty stomach and get food after fp. Leaving my character afk in Maplewood Glenn as I went to grab food, Danni left his character afk too, no idea what he did, but it was fun OwO

    Doing our own RL stuff separately, but at the same time we're together.

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    Aeria: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Everything started back in the beginning, where NaYu's hair was still red and her obsession of dye is still null. She just jump off the ship, arriving at the Tutorial Island. She learned a lot there about lots of various stuff. NaYu then continued her journey to Raywing Harbour and then Woolruft Plains.

    The guild recruit board in Woolruft Plains was filled with a bunch of awesome and amazing guilds, but out of all those guild, <Traces> was the only one that caught her attention, the only guild she applied to.

    A really nice person, named Mayavii then whispered her, asking her if she needs the formula for Mythic Force. NaYu said yes and Mayavii sent NaYu the formula, that was her first ever conversation with another guild member.

    1 month later, NaYu evolved into into her second form. She starts chatting with guild members, with simple koamoji such as OuO, OwO, >w<, TwT, O.O, etc. Not long after that, NaYu evolve again into her third evolution form, she reacts to everything. She also start to stray from path and getting lost. That is where she got adopted by her current mom, Mayavii.

    The adoption has triggered another evolution, NaYu's fourth form, the NaYu you wish would shut up cos she talks/spam too freaking much.

    By the way, join Traces when?

    Aeria Account: nayu.notyou

    IGN: NaYu

    Entry: Cherry - Romantic

    The Opposite of Soulmate

    Once upon a time, there lived an old happy married couple~~ They were never blessed with any child, but they never give up. Every day, they would pray to god and ask for blessings. Year and years passed, until one day, the old man was gathering in Central Plain when he managed to find a precious plant… he was fast and precise, and he gathered 70 kg Giant Cherry.

    He was really happy and he rushed home, “Dear! Look at what I gathered today!”, he tells excitedly.

    “Oh my, seems like we’ll be eating fruit salad for dinner, I’ll go prepare some other fruits and cream.”

    When they finish all the preparing and ready to dig in, the giant cherry cracked into pieces of glasses and inside is a baby. The couple froze in shock, as the baby shone in glowing light, their wish has been heard, their wish has come true.

    They raised the baby and named her Cherry. Cherry grew up being a cheerful, friendly, diligent, kind girl. She is obedient and always listens to whatever her parents tell her to do. She was greatly loved by not just her parents, but also her grandmother who hand sewn her a few clothes, including cherry’s favorite red hood. One thing not obvious to others, is that Cherry never hang out with anyone her age. She is always helping the adults.

    On one spring day, Cherry received the news that her beloved grandma is sick from hay fever, like all previous year. Cherry wanted to give her beloved grandma a visit this year too and asked her mom to let her go. Like all previous years, her mom allowed her to go. Like all previous years, she warn Cherry, “Make sure to go straight to grandma’s house, no detours. And remember, do not talk with strangers!”

    “Yes mommy~!”, cherry said cheerfully before heading off to the forest. Having to visit her grandma every year, she had memorized the route. Like every other year, she sat under a large cherry blossom tree to take a short break from her journey.

    “You’re early this year.” a voice from the other side of the tree said.

    “You’re here again this year, NaYu.” Cherry replied not moving from her spot, “You’re not gonna show yourself this year too?”

    “I would if I can, but I told you, we can’t meet.” NaYu replied in a sad tone.

    “Why?” Cherry ask, like all those previous years.

    “Cos it’s guarantee The End for us.” NaYu’s answer is exact same as all previous years.

    On the same season, under the same tree, the exact same conversation, exact same words.

    “Why not? We are friends right?” Cherry persists.

    “Our fate is connected to each other,” NaYu replies vaguely.

    “Then we are soulmates?” Cherry tries to understand their situation.

    But NaYu replies with more vague answers, “Hm… probably the opposite of that.”

    “Hng… Why is it so complicated?” Cherry scratches her head.

    “Haha,” NaYu chuckled and changed the topic, “How’s your day, or was your year I should ask?”

    Cherry and NaYu had conversations, about really random stuff, from food they ate to stars they see. An hour or more passed, both of them had fun talking to each other.

    Cherry decides to stand up and clean her skirt, “I need to get going now, my grandma must be waiting for me. See-.... talk to you again next year.” and Cherry left the tree, sadly. She won’t be able to talk to NaYu again until next year and like all previous years, Cherry didnt see NaYu, Cherry have no idea on how NaYu looks like, and like all previous years, NaYu hides herself, silently watching Cherry from a far.

    Cherry continues her journey and reached her grandma’s house. She hugged grandma, hand her the basket of cherries, and had conversations. When it’s time to leave, right at the time Cherry wanted to say goodbye, a young boy with 2 guns walk in.

    “Hey grandma, you here?” the boy asked.

    “Oh Duo, what brings you here?” Grandma asks.

    “I’m here to tell that wolves have been really active lately, and should be careful if going out.”

    “Oh my, the wolves?” Grandma turns pale, and turns to Cherry, “Cherry will you be alright?”

    “I’ll be-” fine was what Cherry wanted to say, but Duo interrupted, “I can escort her back.”

    Cherry ends up walking back with Duo. There was an awkward silence and weird tension between the two. Duo the sharpshooter was constantly in high alert looking around while Cherry is worried about NaYu.

    “I wonder if NaYu will be fine, I hope no wolf attacks her…” Cherry thought to herself, “I haven’t seen her yet, I want to know more about her, please… don’t let her get hurt… she is, my only friend, the only one I can talk too...”

    She had a very bad feeling, she cant describe the uneasiness. There was nothing Cherry could do to ease herself up. The closer she gets to the tree where she talks with NaYu, the feeling of uneasiness increases.

    The tree came to sight, she and Duo continue to walk, closer and closer to the tree… and… they walk past the tree. However the uneasiness in Cherry didn’t flatter. Cherry decides to turn her head and to look at the tree, but she caught a glimpse of someone in the bush- and she saw it, she saw NaYu. Cherry has never seen NaYu before, but she know that it is her, it's NaYu. She is...


    Duo fired a shot at the wolf, he shot NaYu. NaYu screamed in pain, and now Cherry know for sure that is NaYu, it's her voice. Right there and then blood flows out of NaYu, and finally NaYu went slient. A wave of regret hits Cherry, she knows she did the biggest mistake in her life, she shouldn’t have turned, she should have continue walking. Cherry knows that NaYu’s death is her fault.

    She came to realize what NaYu meant when she said when they meet, it’s The End. She understood now what NaYu meant when she said they are the opposite of soulmate. Cherry realized that she and NaYu are born to meet, and one of them will die when they meet. That’s their fate, their cruel fate. NaYu could have eaten Cherry all these times, but NaYu didn’t. NaYu chose the path that lead to her death, that lead to this day.

    Cherry drop down on her knees, and Duo thought it was out of fear. No tears fell from Cherry’s eyes, she tells herself that she has no right to cry. She doesn’t have the right to cry, as her being alive at this moment is all thanks to NaYu’s death. If soulmates are bound by the red strings of fate, then Cherry and NaYu would be bound by a black string of fate, a death string of fate.

    From there on, things escalated quickly. Cherry was told to marry off with Duo, so they did, even if neither of them have any feelings for each other. Cherry has never fail to think about NaYu before she sleeps and when she wakes up and Duo’s crush on Rita still exist in his heart.

    Tea was once a very elite drink that only royalties gets to taste. One day, a great witch created a spell to duplicate tea leaves which leads to tea's price plummet and everyone is happy to finally get a taste of this elite drink. To commemorate, this pillar was built.

    However now, as tea is just another normal drink, this pillar makes no sense anymore.

    aeria account: nayu.notyou

    I..Isn't that what you call auditory hallucination!? Wait what!? Almost everyone is affected by auditory hallucination? Hmm.. this reminds me of something... In one of the book I've read, hidden in depth of nowhere long time ago, there was an excellent occultist, who saved the world from nothing. However, the people she saved called her 'witch'. She got angry and put a curse on everyone who called her a witch. No one knows what her curse does, so maybe... this curse is the voice we've been hearing!?

    It's not a vast sea. It's actually a really big lake.

    The one who design the map is an artist, not a cartographer. The artist prefer aesthetics and modify the map as he/she likes to fit her own image, like not drawing to scale. There are people who have raised their voice and ask for a professional Cartographer instead of an artist, but the queen who likes the colorfulness and aesthetics of the current map decides to stick with it despite the wrong scaling.

    The prices for parts of monster is increasing recently (gold boost :eyes:). Phantom's Palace, one of the nest that contains monsters with expensive parts, is blocked by an unknown barrier.

    Pure coincidences? or is there something more into this? The fact that no research is conducted after the problem being reported numerous times to the Queen might be a big hint telling us that the barrier is actually connected to the royalties.

    Is this one of the royalties' ploy to make sure that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer? This could be the way to make sure there'll be no dramatic changes in economy.

    Probs really late- but better late than never? idk---nervouslaugh goshwhyamisoawkward

    I'm NaYu in game and everywhere else online (or んぁゆ) and currently Traces' Reaction Mastah and Lost Rabbit (searching for papa and mama rabbit OwO)

    I love 2Ds Ikemen and Bishounens and no one can save me, no one can help me-----

    in summary, im just a girl with twisted way of thinking.