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    Senshi Contracts in the Celestial Compendium

    In addition, I think they should add senshi contracts to the Celestial Compendium. Even if the contracts are like 150k star points so AT LEAST, F2P have a chance of having some certain way to gain senshi contracts. Maybe not ALL senshis, but like Rita, Aryn, Koharu; the older ones that have been out for awhile now.

    The idea for them being in the celestial compendium is a good thought. I'm not opposed completely to newer ones being AC only, but I don't see why ones where you can farm their book in dungeons or through in-game means are restricted to dungeons or AC. That would be a good idea!~

    Increase auction house listing limit would be good :)

    I don't agree with this simply because it could end up ruining the market by having flooders buy all of the same item and hold a price for extended periods. I think the item limit is perfectly fine.

    This gives me another thought, in another mmorpg I played there was a separate market for selling purchased currency (in this case ac) for in game currency. An ac/gold exchange would be an idea. Could just add another tab in the auction house or make a new vendor for it. It would be player-run but it would give a good incentive to buying ac as well as give players a rather easy way of obtaining AC-only items if they wished to.

    I just have a few ideas floating around I'd like to put out there and hope they get implemented into the game. I feel like these would be overall improvements and hope the original developers can start implementing them in the overseas version and maybe it'll reach us here on the American side. (chickennom)

    • Guild Palace Merchants - Similar to EE. There is a lot of unused space in the guild palace map, I feel like having a guild income from that would help with gearing other members too! Though that could be abused I suppose by guild management.....maybe a auto-divide of the earnings between the members that have been active within that week?
    • Personal Guild Messages/Notes - EE/AK have this implemented so I don't understand why TS doesn't have it yet. This would be ideal for leaving messages to the guild leader of officers about being away until a certain date if they can't reach us before they go on hiatus.
    • Linking the new forum to the site - This goes without saying as to why this should be done.
    • RNG Based Web Mall - Please don't. Put higher cost costumes on the webmall please I won't pay into rng loot boxes. I'll just continue to buy AC and sell it. You'd make more off me if you had some form of guaranteed buy.
    • Filter - Words cheaper/point unfiltered.
    • Queue Count - For PVP queues please let us know how many people are actually queued to get into a game. It would be good to know and most games have this feature.
    • Peer Chat - So there isn't so much chatter in trade and the channel can be used for its intended purpose. Also, it would give people an easier time with reduced cooldowns to chat freely.
    • LP AC - AK has Rubies in their version of the LP Shop, why don't we have that option in TS? I feel like it would be a cool addition. Make them untradeable and costly if you need to.

    (chickenconfused) That's pretty much it thank you for reading, happy new year devs, gm's, cm's, and pm's (hope I didn't miss anyone here). Appreciate all you do and if you've read this I appreciate the time you took out of your day to consider these ideas.