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    Hello friends good evening! So, i have some questions about the first time purchase pack... i am playing the game using steam, and am interessed in buying some ap to get those extras. A few friends got it too but all of them claimed theirs direcly from the aria store... So i am not so sure if/how it works using steam... Can anyone please guide me through? i just want to make sure how it works before using my money hehe

    Much appreciated!

    Stay safe(angel)

    Hello good morning! So... i am fairly new to the game and was doing my daily quests when this "Event- Dragon boat training" quest poped up. The NPC transform me into this Blue Chinchilla monster and asks me to Meet the "Attendence taker" NPC in his place... however, when i arrive no dialogs activate and the npc isn't even clickable... is it safe to assume the quest is broken? and if not, how i can make it proceed?

    Here what i tried already :

    Abbandoned the quest and restarted

    Restarted the game

    Changed Channel

    Waited until the transformation buff and re-applyed it

    manually canceled the transformation buff and re-applyed it

    Walked (and waited) around the NPC from different angles to see if anything activates

    So far nothing worked

    here's a screenshot of the guy:


    ty for the assist, have a nice day :)