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    Following the coordinate given, I arrived at Maplewood Glen’s Cemetery with Mr. Regal Kitten. No one was there but I’m sure that I was at the right place.

    Suddenly, a thick fog emerges out of nowhere. As I regain my sight, I saw a big crowd around me. People in various costumes were talking with each other. Someone tapped my shoulder and asked about my costume. We ended up talking until the party was over.

    It was a weird party, but Mr.Regal and I had fun nevertheless.

    PS: we got lost on the way home ;w;


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    Cosplay of Steins;Gate's Faris NyanNyan/Rumiho Akiha


    A Heartful of Cherry

    “N-no… If you get any closer I’ll throw a bomb…!”

    I heard a faint voice as I was walking by the woods. A scream of the same voice followed. Right at that moment, I ran toward where the voice came from.

    As I saw a gigantic silver wolf in a fighting stance, a figure of a small red-hooded girl can be seen from the distance. I felt a sudden impulse. I wasn’t sure what kind of impulse was it-- I unsheathed my sword as I dashed toward the wolf and took it down in an instance.

    I stood there, took a breath as I saw the little girl with her eyes closed. She was holding a bomb in one hand as she trembled in fear. A small fire sparked out from the tip of the bomb. Isn’t it dangerous if she used a bomb here… The grasses are pretty dry and it might cause a wildfire—uh oh.

    A little panicked, I went closer to her and hold her wrist as I took the spark out with my other hand.

    She opened her teary eyes slowly. As if in a daze, she just stared into my eyes for some time.

    “…. Are you okay?” I asked and let go of my hands.

    I took a while for her to realize the situation. Her eyes opened wide as she get a hold of herself andput her bomb in her small woven basket.

    “T-thank you very much for s-saving me…” she stuttered.

    She blushed and averted her eyes from me. I couldn’t help it. She was so cute that my hand patted her head softly through her red hood without thinking much. I could feel how fluffy her hair was.

    “Um…”she uttered as if trying to say something.

    “Oh-! S-sorry I just can’t help it,” I stepped back a bit and tried to pull myself together. Then I reached out my hand. “Hello, I’m Alce. What’s your name?”

    She took my hand and shook it a little as she replied, “My name is Cherry”.

    “Cherry, huh…”I said. That was a pretty sweet name I thought, as I look at the cherry ribbon on her hood.

    “Well, Cherry,” I continued, “be careful and take care okay? This part of the woods seems to be the lair of wolves. Oh— and watch out where are you using your bombs, the dry grasses in this spot might cause a big fire.”

    “Yes… thank you again, Alce,” she said as she smiled, though the look on her face showed a hint of worry. She tidied up her clothes, hair and also her small basket.

    “I need to get going now. There’s this certain place that I need to visit so, see you Cherry.” I said. As I started to walk away, I felt someone tugged my left sleeve. It was Cherry.

    “Wait--!” she looked at me, still with a worried expression. I looked back at her. “It seems like I lost a few bombs on my way here… So, um, I’m kind of worried if some wolves might come again…” She continued as she tried to think of some words.

    She clasped her hands together. I smiled to her. She seemed to be a bit scared of wolves.

    “A-at least until we’re out of the woods, please stay with me until we reach the harbor!” Cherry said. “I also need to visit a certain place by taking a ship from the harbor…”

    A coincidence or not, perhaps it was fate. I was also heading toward the harbor, but I need to take an airplane to reach my destination.

    “Sure, I’m also heading to the harbor. We can part ways when we arrive then,” I said to her. She seemed to be very happy to hear that we’re heading toward the same place even if it’s only for a while. And I think it was also reassuring for her that she doesn’t have to face the wolves all alone by herself.

    “O-one more thing, uh...” Cherry said, “Alce, can I— hold your hand for just a little while…?”

    I couldn’t refuse. Maybe that silver wolf earlier frightened her more than I thought, so I’d be glad to help her. I took her soft, small hand as we started walking to the harbor.

    We didn’t talk much when we were walking, but somehow I knew that we were both enjoying each other’s company. As expected, there were a lot of wolves that came up and tried to fight us. Of course, they were no match for my swordsman’s skills and Cherry’s powers. I was astonished by her bombing skills.

    After we walked some distance, we arrived at an area which seems to be a perfect spot to rest, surrounded by a lot of bushes. There were some fallen logs, laid horizontally on the ground. We decided to rest there for a while as we both felt tired from the long walk and the battles. We sat on the nearby log. Cherry was checking her basket.

    “Ah, I hope I still have enough bombs… It’ll still be a long journey from the harbor too huh,” She said, talking to herself.

    “Cherry, actually, where is this certain place that you need to visit?” I asked curiously.

    She stared at me for a brief moment and smiled.

    “haha—It’s confidential~” Cherry said cheerfully.

    Her answer only made me even more curious.

    Suddenly I heard some bustling noise coming from the bushes behind us. Cherry heard it too. Thinking that it might be wolves, we prepared ourselves as something jumped out from the bushes— no it was some small creatures, three of them to be exact. Two squirrels and one seemed to be a bunny. They all jumped towards Cherry as she laughed playfully.

    “Um, your acquaintances?” I asked with a relieved smile.

    She showed a big smile.

    “Yup they are my friends. They often helped me to activate the bombs. We got separated when the big silver wolf attacked… I was so worried, and so glad that you guys are safe!” Cherry replied as she hugged her friends.

    Cherry seemed to be very happy. Somehow that makes me happy too. I guess happiness is contagious.

    “Now that we regained our energy and you’ve reunited with your friends, shall we go?” I said as I stood up.

    “Yeah, let’s go!” She trotted cheerfully.

    On the way, we fought a lot of monsters regardless of their size. After some battles, we arrived at the harbor. But something felt a bit off. It was really quiet—too quiet.

    Suddenly there were a lot of loud howling voices in the direction of where the ship is located.

    “Aren’t those… those voices, I’m sure they belong to wolves!” Cherry said.

    We urge and ran to where the wolves are. As we arrived at the scene, it was a shocking view. There was a small furval surrounded by a pack of wolves consisted of two golden big wolves and six smaller wolves. He was trying to protect the ship from those wolves.

    “We have to save him!” I said to Cherry.

    She nodded and took out some bombs. With the help of her friends, Cherry courageously wiped out all the small wolves in one bomb shot, but not the big ones. Those golden wolves got taunted by the bombing, and stared at Cherry eerily. As I saw her trying to get more bombs from her basket, she suddenly stared at me, frightened.

    “W-what should I do… that was my last bomb,” she said.

    The two big golden wolves charged toward Cherry. I felt another sudden impulse. It was like the impulse when I first meet her, but stronger. She closed her teary eyes.


    I jumped in front of Cherry and slayed the two wolves in one swing. As I saw the small furval sighted in a relieved manner and a lot of other furvals came surrounding him, I felt a small pair of hands on my waist.

    Cherry tightly wrapped her arms around me from behind.

    I felt flustered, but in a good way. I didn’t know what to do in that moment, except feeling happy. Maybe that was what people called butterflies in the stomach.

    “Cherry… Cherry, are you okay?” I asked as I kept my sword away. I could feel her rubbing her face against my back for quite a while.

    “I’m—okay… was just… scared,” she said as she tried to hold her tears.

    After some time, she let go of my waist. I turned back and patted her head softly.

    “You did well fighting those wolves. Look, we arrived at the harbor. You saved the little furval too” I said as I keep patting her head.

    Cherry looked up toward my face and nodded with a smile. Then the little furval came closer to us.

    “Ah, thank you very much red hooded lady, and to the brave swordsman too,” he said.

    “Hehe, I’m just glad that you’re safe, little furval.” Cherry replied.

    “I’m the captain of that ship. As I was preparing for the departure, those wolves suddenly came to attack my ship! The other crews are still not here yet at that time so I was trying to fight them by myself…” the little furval continued, “So really, thank you very much!”

    Cherry, the furval, and I just smiled at each other.

    “Well, if you both are going to ride my ship I’ll make it a free sailing. Just take it as my gratitude. We’re departing soon, so see you!” the furval said as he waved a little and ran toward the ship.

    There was a moment of silence, for both of us knew that it was the time for a farewell.

    “Alce…” Cherry said.

    Was not sure of what to say, I just stood there in silence.

    “I was, so happy that you helped me earlier.” Cherry said. She averted her eyes and said, “I hope we can meet again one day…”

    There was another moment of silence, but it’s longer this time. Cherry looked down on her feets.

    “Or, we don’t need to be apart. We don’t need to say farewell,” I said as I looked straight to her.

    Cherry lifted her head and stared at me. I saw her eyes sparked a bit.

    “S-so, you… will come with me…?” She asked, holding her hands together.

    I took her hands in my palm as I nodded to her.

    “You will stay with me?” she continued.

    “Forever,” I smiled.

    She wrapped her arms on my waist again as I hugged her. I could feel that she was so happy to hear my replies.

    We sailed with the little furval’s ship. Cherry stood by my side, holding my hand. The wind was blowing softly. As I was enjoying the breeze, I could hear a voice through the wind.

    “...I love you.”


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    A Day of Melody’s Melody

    It was a warm day early in the morning. I was sitting by a tree in Jungle Mortalis, enjoying the view. As usual, the sun was shining bright, birds flew by, and a big yellow ball on the sky — wait what..?!


    The big ball fell right on to me. I realized it was no ball, it was a female human with a long blond hair haired– or so I thought.

    “Ouch.. I didn’t expect I would fall oh, O-oh!” she said as she realized that she landed on me. “I-I’m sorry, you okay?”

    She stood up and reached out her hand for me. As I took her hand, I saw it. Elf—or maybe fairy ears. She had a long wavy blonde hair, greenish dress, and a floating harp by her side. I was stunned by her aesthetic for a moment there.

    “Yeah I’m fine...” I said as she helped me to stand up.

    “Ah I guess it’s better to introduce myself now,” she let my hands go and bobbed a curtsy. “Nice to meet you, my name is Melody. I’m the realm’s best musician!”

    “Oh it’s nice to meet you too, Melody. My name is Rikumuro, you can call me Riku for short.” I replied.

    “Okay, noted!” She said.

    “Uhm, so.. What is the realm’s best musician doing here falling from the sky?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Well… I was searching for a good place to compose new music and ended up getting carried by myself” Melody replied, holding her hands on her back as she smiles awkwardly.

    “Pfft—ahahaha how is that suppose to happen,” I laughed a little.

    We sit and ended up talking about a lot of things. She told me about all of her music and about places she visited, while I told her about my current journey in Merida. We seem to get along really well. As time went by we realized it’s already noon.

    “Oh right, I still need to find a place…” she whispered to herself. She stood up and called me “Riku,”

    “Yes?” I replied.

    “Would you um, accompany me somewhere..? I spotted a good spot earlier before my fall and I really need to go there,” Melody said as she stares into my eyes with a serious expression on her face.

    “Ha..ha, spotted a good spot I see. Sure let’s go there”

    The sun was shining brightly. The air felt pretty hot. She kept floating toward the destination while I was walking on the ground, sweating because of the weather that noon. A little bit unfair, if I could say so.

    As we arrived in the place, Melody floated around the environment while inspecting its surroundings. I sat by a rock and wiped my sweats. There’s a waterfall flowing tranquilly, some bushes and trees waving slowly as the breeze flew by. One time she sat on the ground, inspecting the soil and grass there. I saw her from her back, which at that time she looks like a big fluffy yellow ball thanks to her voluminous wavy hair.

    “This seems to be a good place to play my music,” she whispered to herself. Then suddenly she stood up, flew high upward and back downward slowly.

    “Thank you for coming to my concert!” she said as she was spinning her harp around.

    “Uh, concert?” I asked.

    “Yep, concert. I decided it just now since it’s a really good place and there are some audience!” she said.

    “Audience… Where are they?” I asked as I looked around, I spotted no one.

    “Haha--” she chuckled as she got closer to me and said “It’s you, Riku, also the nature around here.”


    She smiled and started to move her fingers on her harp.

    “I composed all of my music with my heart so please, listen and enjoy.”

    As she played her harp, a comfy wind blew over the area. It’s as if the hot weather’s gone just like that. Melody seemed to be at peace while playing. She played a lot of her music compositions. It made me wondered how did she remember and play all the songs she made without using any note. Got it? Note.

    After around tenths songs, she stopped and wrapped the concert. When suddenly some kind of dark big creature fall right to the ground in front of me.

    “Whoa!” I exclaimed in surprise, “W-what’s wrong with today, things just keep falling from the sky..!”

    I saw Melody, who seemed to be also surprised. As the creature stood up from the ground, I noticed it was a familiar boss I encountered a lot of times in the jungle; Chaos Incarnate Nihilus.

    “Nihilus..!” Melody said as she holds her harp and went in front of me. “Looks like it’ll be a little tough…”

    “Need some help?” I asked as I was preparing to take out my weapon.

    “It’s fine, leave it to me! This is my concert, and this one will be the encore. My melody will purify any evil!” she said in a heroic pose, with a big confident smile on her face.

    “… Melody’s melody will purify any evil huh—hm—“ I said faintly as I was holding my laugh.

    “W-what? It’s not the time to be laughing haha—uh oh,” she smiled, trying to be serious. ”Well, just see. I’ll show you this Melody’s melody power, Ha…!”

    The battle went really fast. Melody used her melody tunes, aimed at Nihilus who couldn’t say a thing. In an instance Nihilus was engulfed in Melody’s light and reduced to thin air.

    As we’re done, we walked toward the camp in the jungle. When we got close to the camp Melody stopped.

    “I believe music can bring peace to the world,” she said, “and I need to go, keep composing a lot of music arrangement for the realm. So thank you very much for today, Riku.”

    I stared at her for a moment and smiled, “Thanks to you too, it was a great day. We will meet each other again, right Melody?”

    “Of course we will! You'll hear my melody again and next time, I bet it’ll be a punnier day,” she chuckled as she waved her hand and flew toward the sky.


    Aeria account : Rikumuro

    IGN : Rikumuro

    Category : Funny Melody

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    Ultimate Wrath of Nature.png

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    Move Forest Energy Strike.png

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    Senshi Profile Description:

    Was once a dweller of the underworld, Freesia was despised by other demons and banished to the surface because she can create blessing when she curses, which other demons are against of.

    Hiding and isolating herself in the forest for years, Freesia eventually got affected by the forest's power and gained some of it.

    But still, she didn't feel that she belong anywhere, even the forest. Until one day she encountered Marisa who reach out her hand for Freesia.

    With blade on the back of her hand, Freesia attacks sharply and swiftly. She can curse enemies in range and heal allies.


    *internal screams*