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    IGN: Amaryth

    Aeria Account: Sereallion

    Anime: Fairy Tail

    Character: Wendy Marvell

    Kuroneko has sent invitations to everyone in Aetherion for The Black Cat Gala for Halloween, BUT there was a catch as expected from him; we had to come in costumes to Maplewood Glen.

    I was excited like a small kid when walking down the grind path towards Maplewood Glen's cementary in the dark, but my steps stopped when a small growl was heard. A shiver went down my spine and my eyes searched to any movement in the darkness.

    "W-who's there?", my small voice sounded terrified when I called out in the dark. As my instincts told me, I started to prepare a small spell that I learned throughout my adventures as guardian for defense. My hands were still shaking and my heart wouldn't stop bouncing, but the time stopped. Some quick steps that lead to a giant leap were emerging towards me. As reaction I casted my spell and closed my eyes while screaming in fear.

    Some seconds passed and I didn't feel any pain. Slowly I opened my eyes to check my surroundings and people were coming out from behind the gravestones with small lighted orbs they casted. The lights revealed Danmaku who was laying on the ground in a small ball while he was dressed as greenscreen. "I-I only wanted to scare you as Kuroneko said that it would be fun!", he said with a brittle voice. "No guardians would be hurt!", as he tried his best to hide his tears from the pain.

    "Yes, no guardians would be hurt, I said.", Kuroneko said while he tried stiffen his laughter and acted cool. "Only I didn't say: 'No, Danmaku's would be hurt.', did I?".

    Eventually more guardians appeared to attend the Black Cat Gala, but Danmaku stopped scaring them after my sudden attack. The rest of the night Furval told me not to worry about him as he would be fine and to enjoy the night with other guardians, while she head back and lectured not only Danmaku, but also Kuroneko.