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    Cherry’s Funny Story: A Rather Explosive Encounter

    One day while Luneari was walking through Ciaran Murkwood to do her main party senshi quest at Bluemoon Sanctuary, she noticed an enraged short blond haired girl with a red dress topped with a red bunny-eared hood throwing cherry bombs at the local mobs while shouting, “Where’s Mr. Carrot?! I know you have him!” Luckily these were agile mobs, and they avoided the blasts. However, the same could not be said for their homes. The cherry bombs left quite the mess.

    Curious and wanting to help, Luneari walked up to the girl and said gently, “Hi there. I was just in the neighborhood and noticed you seem to be upset, and are disturbing the local mobs here. Is there anything I can help you with?” The girl let out a loud sigh and said, “I apologize for disturbing the mobs. I’m just so frustrated that I could blow up!” Luneari noticing the pun giggled to herself and added, “You mean like your bombs?” The girl cracked a smile and said, “Yeah, I suppose so.”

    Luneari added, “I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Luneari, and I frequently visit this area to do my main party senshi quests. It is also a very pretty area for taking walks. I am known for helping others, and I would like to help you.” The girl replied, “Nice to meet you Luneari! My name is Cherry, and I am a senshi that is new around here. Yes, I would love your help! I am looking for my bunny Mr. Carrot. I think these mobs took him!” Cherry got ready to throw her cherry bombs at the surrounding mobs again.

    Luneari couldn’t help but laugh loudly and point at the top of Cherry’s red bunny-eared hood. Cherry went red in the face with anger and shifted her aim towards Luneari. Luneari instinctively stepped back and tried to cover her laughter. She said, “No, no! Feel the top of your hood, I think you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.” Although angry, Cherry listened to Luneari and felt the top of her hood where Mr. Carrot had been all along. Cherry said embarrassed, “Well, I feel silly. I didn’t even feel him on the top of my hood!” Cherry looked around at the destruction she had caused, and then looked down and began to pout.

    Luneari, wanting to help Cherry feel better said, “You’d be surprised how many times I’ve looked for gear that I already had on!” Cherry looked up at Luneari and asked, “Really?” Luneari smiled and replied, “Yes, really. Sometimes I've also forgotten to equip the right gear! Now then, how about we both clean up this mess?” Cherry smiled and nodded her head saying, “That sounds good to me!” Luneari and Cherry then fixed up the areas that had been effected by her explosive rage, once again restoring peace to the forest.

    Melody's Romantic Story: A Song of Melody

    One afternoon Luneari was strolling through Woolruft Plains, a town known for its nature and fields of green. She was heading towards the one waterfall that splits into three to clear her head, when she heard beautiful music coming from what sounded like a harp. Though this music was beautiful, it had a tinge of sadness to it. She looked all around but saw no one. Then, a soft voice spoke to her, “Hello down there, I am up here.”

    Luneari looked up in the nearest tree and noticed a beautiful girl sitting atop a tree branch. She had long blonde hair with a braid where her bangs would be, lovely flowers in her hair, a gorgeous butterfly hair clip, pretty blue eyes, and a marvelous green dress with white and a darker green trim, and she resembled a fairy. A glorious harp that matched her garments was secured in her arm. Luneari responds, “Hello there, my name is Luneari, and I couldn’t help but hear your beautiful music.” Honored by the compliment the girl says, “Why thank you Luneari, and it is nice to meet you. My name is Melody, and I am a senshi. My music comes from the heart so I am glad you appreciate it.” Luneari replies, “You are most welcome.”

    Melody sighs and says, “Supposedly my music makes people fall in love, and because of that I have often been mistaken for Cupid. Yet, I still have not found love.” Luneari responds, “Oh, so that is where the tinge of sadness comes from in your beautiful song.” Melody nods her head and looks down. Luneari, wanting to cheer up Melody says, “Well, why don’t I have you meet with a senshi I know who is single as well?” Melody’s eyes light up at this idea, and she replies, “Really?! You’d do that for me, even though we just met?” Luneari answers, “Of course! I like to help out where I can and I can definitely help with this!” Melody smiles happily.

    Luneari asks, “What do you look for in a partner?” Melody replies, “Well.. I guess I’ve never really given it that much thought.” She pauses to think and then continues, “Let’s see. Hmm. How about a guy who is nice, short, and someone who likes the color green as much as I do!” Luneari responds, “I think I know just the person! I will be right back! Please wait here.”

    Luneari enters her Terracottage where she finds Duet admiring the flowers in her greenhouse. She approaches Duet and says, “How would you like to meet with a pretty girl?” Duet, taken aback yet excited replies, “Whaaaat?! Rita likes me now?! I thought she always liked my brother Duo better! Are you ser-“ Luneari interrupts, “No, I’m sorry it’s not Rita.” Duet looks down sadly at the flowers. Luneari continues, “But she is a very nice girl, and she plays beautiful music with her harp. She feels the loneliness you feel as well.” Duet looks up, “Well.. I guess I could give it a try.” Luneari answers, “Great! You won’t regret it!” Duet picks some flowers from the greenhouse and the two head back to Melody.

    They arrive at Melody’s tree that she is now standing in front of. She seems to be gleefully awaiting the meeting. Luneari introduces them to one another. Luneari begins, “This is Duet, he is very sweet and he even brought you a gift!” She continues, “And this is Melody, she too is very sweet.” Melody smiles and replies looking over at Duet, “Oh, what is it that you brought me?” Luneari lightly nudges Duet towards Melody. Duet blushes shyly and walks up to Melody. He hands her the flowers he picked and had been holding behind his back. Duet says quietly, “Th-these are for you Melody.” Melody wraps her arms around Duet saying, “Wow! These are beautiful, thank you so much!” She puts one flower in her hair and one flower in Duet’s hair and giggles.

    She then runs over to Luneari and gives her a big hug as well and says, “We were strangers just a moment ago, and yet you did this for me. Thank you so much!” Luneari replies, “You are most welcome, now neither of you will feel lonely anymore!” Melody runs back over to Duet and begins playing an upbeat song with her harp. Duet seems more than happy as well, and he gives Luneari a smile and a nod which signaled a thank you.

    Luneari proud of her matchmaking skills nods back, and then walks off to do the remainder of her dailies. She didn’t get to clear her head at the waterfall that splits into three, but she did get to bring two lonely hearts together and that was more than enough.

    Aeria Games Account Name~ Lounarii

    Hello all (^-^)/!

    Luneari is the name, and helping people is the game. I go by Lune, and Luna or any other nickname you'd like to give me. I'm known for my use of emoticons and saying lol a lot xD. I've been playing Twin Saga since mid-end of January of this year with my fiancé Fireflyin. We absolutely love this game! Feel free to say hi if you see us around! If we don't respond we're afk lol.

    Currently I'm working on my enemy kills achievements, and fixing my sleep schedule now that I've graduated from my program (sleep).

    Enjoy, and take care!