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    IGN: Razzberry

    “The moon rose gently and peacefully over the small village of Maplewood Glen. In the distance, we could hear the streaming of water that lull the people to sleep. It was in this semi-darkness and peaceful atmosphere that a shadow, fast and furtive, moved then, jumping from roof to roof. What was it up to?”

    A curious young lady was sitting by the window of her bedroom watching the moonlight as a distant figure rolled from house to house. At first she thought she was seeing things, but as it got closer she realized that the shadow had the silhouette of a human being. When the figure was in reach, the girl took a breath and asked in a high pitched voice:

    − Hey Sir! I mean… Mistress! What is all the rush for?

    Surprised by this sudden break of silence, Valkyria almost fell. She turned around to face the source of noise and caught sight of two twinkling eyes.

    − Huh… Me?

    − Yes, you! Don’t be silly, we are the only people around here.

    Gasping for air and going through the whole situation in her mind, Valkyria answered:

    − I’m in a very important mission and I have no time to waste.

    This statement only served to burst the itch of curiosity in the girl’s brain.

    − Oh, I see… but, what is this task about?

    At this point Valkyria knew she had made a terrible mistake when she stopped and looked behind. She also knew that the mission was too embarrassing to mention. However, the fast solution was to tell the truth and go ASAP.

    − My commander, Razzberry, is at this birthday party for more than 20 days and he ate so much cake that now he is under an acute diarrhea and I need to go and save him. I have a pack of toilet paper and some charcoal pills in my bag and if you allow me, I need to go right now!

    After finishing her sentence, our brave guard left towards Arcadia to complete her task of life or death leaving the girl laughing until she cried.

    The legend says on the Halloween night you can see a Black Cat wandering around Arcadia. People say his owners refused to give him love and abandoned him in one of the city's alleys on a cold night. Since then, every October 31, the Black Cat can be seen carrying a syringe filled with oxytocin to vaccine people against apathy. Those who crosses his path and refuses to give him a treat (he prefers warm cuddles) will feel the pain of a cold and sharp needle.

    Account: surtceps
    IGN: Miliopan

    Not a long time ago we used to have some puzzles where we could get advanced gear and accessories scrolls x3 on the first 3 rows, and x10 on the last row. We also had puzzles with bags/bag scrolls, senshi boxes and star evolution stones III. These puzzles had better rate and a lot of people played them. I would love to see these puzzles coming back.

    It took me awhile but I managed to find some examples:


    These puzzles were fairly common in 2017.