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    Branch Dungeon - Reset every 3 hours

    Furval's Utopia | Twilight Tribal Grounds | Dawn Tribe

    Unparalleled Dungeon - Reset every 4 hours

    Nabuland | Furval's Training Ground

    Heroic Dungeon - Reset every 6 hours

    Dragon's Abeyance | Haven of Oblivion | Foreboding Garden

    I'll be coming back to this every now and then and updating this guide. Feel free to leave feedback. Please be kind. I can't remember everything and I put the main points of concern.

    All dungeons reset timer starts at 06:00AM PST (server time).

    Main Dungeons - Reset every 2 hours

    Woolruft Temple | Royal Trove | Bluemoon Sanctuary | Ruins of Oblivion | Hellfire's Antre | The Necrohol of Azmaveth | La Catedral Infernal | Sapphire Keep | Boreas Tower

    Oubliette Labs: 38 | 48 | 58 | 68


    Either your up against a player or a monster, give your best screenshot defeating a monster!

    Creativity is your weapon - feel free to edit the picture (but it must be clear that it is from Twin Saga)


    Entry wrote:


    Aeria Name:

    Monster Name:

    Map Name:


    • IGN must be visible in the screenshot.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit, and you cannot participate multiple times.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Event is for NA Server only.
    • You must have all of the required fields (listed in the quote) to be eligible to participate.


    1st Place: 2000 Arena Coins

    2nd Place: 2000 Arena Coins

    3rd Place: 1000 Arena Coins

    4th place: 1000 Arena Coins

    5th place: 1000 Arena Coins

    Participation: 2 Astral Crystals (Bound) + 1 raffle entry


    3/10/18 - 3/25/18


    #1 nokal1988

    #2 Dievs

    #3 Nasuky

    #4 Amanda

    #5 Sakaya

    Please be patient with rewards. Thank you


    Time to ring in the NEW YEAR! Senshi Contracts are sure hard to obtain! We would like to give you a helping hand.


    Every 2 or 3 days a GM will post a new challenge here. Each challenge does not have a reward - it is very closely related to the Daily Login calendar in-game.

    This is NOT a raffle.

    Please answer the question to the best of your ability following any criteria listed.

    Answer each day's question ONCE only. It is NOT forum reply. It is a google form fill-out.

    Participation will be void/null if:

    • Question is not answered
    • Submission does not meet criteria
    • Any submissions that show no effort
      • example (not limited to): repeating words to fulfill word count requirements
    • Submissions are in a different language (unless instructed)
    • Submissions are not coherent (we will read them!)
    • Submissions violate the ToS or Game Rules
    • Submission is not age-appropriate (PG13)
    • Submission was made after 11:59 PM (server time - PST - UTC−08:00) on the same day
      • Each day will have a timer
    • Answer does not exist in NA server (if the question asks about Twin Saga)

    How to win: Participate for ALL 26 challenges

    You must participate ALL days to win the reward listed below. No exceptions.

    Hint: "WATCH" this thread! Click unknown.png on the top right-hand side of the page to manage the subscription.


    1x unknown.png Lenna Contract


    Start: New Years Day --- End: After 26 challenges


    December 16th

    Prize: 5x Astral Crystal (Bound)

    What is the date of the patch in which Advanced Specializations were released?

    (Please include Month, Day and Year)

    November 24, 2016

    Senshi Template:


    Here is the Senshi frame template

    (You may use colors used for Senshi for the border - silver, green, blue, red):


    Senshi Ultimate template:


    Senshi Move template:


    Senshi Star level bonus templates:



    & Don't forget to write 50+ words for the "Profile" tab for the Senshi!


    Senshi aid you as you fight your enemies.

    What kind of Senshi would you want to have?

    What powers would it have?




    1st Place: Doll (submission) unknown.pngx5

    2nd Place: Lemones (submission) unknown.pngx3

    3rd Place: Rikumuro (submission) unknown.pngx2

    Congratulations! Rewards will be given out as soon as possible. Please be patient ^^


    ******REQUIRED:::Please Read to be Eligible******

    If any entry fails to follow all instructions, the entry will be disqualified from this event.

    These are subject to change based on any questions I get. Please check back here and make sure you are eligible. Thank you!

    Important: Senshi created will not be in the game.

    • Rewards to NA Server (Gemini) only
    • You MUST include your Aeria Game Name
      • I have provided an example - you can click my Aeria Account Name to see where you can find yours
      • Log in to Aeria Games and go to your profile. It should match that name.
    • This is a DRAWING event. You must use original ideas.
    • Judged on presentation, details, and the look of Senshi.
    • Remember about stat bonuses of the Senshi in the template (seen below Senshi Level and Bond)
    • Remember to include the Epithet and Name of the Senshi in the template (below the Star Bonus icons and the Senshi image)
    • Remember to include the icons for "Ultimate" and "Move" in the template
      • Remember to explain what they do!
      • The Ultimate should describe "Lv3" since the 4-Star Bonus will upgrade it.
    • This is a fun event, please keep entries light and good-natured
    • You may not commit any violation of the ToS! All content must be PG-13
    • You may NOT copy another person's entry
    • You may NOT plagiarize
      • You may use the templates provided (or something similar, but the Senshi artwork and 4* bonus must be original -- the 1*, 2*, 3* bonuses are simple, so they can be repeatable)
      • Profile description, Epithet, Name must be original
      • Ultimate and Move icon drawings must be original

    This should be how your submission looks (I am using Fina as an example). It MUST use something like the templates provided (you can create your own, but it should look like the ones in-game; see next post for templates) (You can be creative with the font, just has to be easy to read)

    Questions? Please feel free to message me on the forum/discord. Replies on this thread are for entries ONLY.


    Please allow a minimum of 4-7 business days for payout of your rewards!Rewards subject to change

    1st Place: 5x Senshi contracts of choice**

    2nd Place: 3x Senshi contracts of choice**

    3rd Place: 2x Senshi contracts of choice**

    ** (excl. Kitanna and newer; excl. Claire)

    Participation: Senshi Gem - ATK (Bound) x3; Senshi Gem - Haste (Bound) x3; Astral Crystal (Bound) x3; and 1 raffle entry


    No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!

    Time is set in NA Server Time

    December 1, 2017 1AM - December 22, 2017 1AM

    Hey y'all! (fight) Furval here. I'm 23 years old and will be one of the GMs for (US) Twin Saga. My job is mainly related to helping those with in-game issues.

    My time zone matches with the NA server's time (which is located in the mini map - defaulted to the upper right hand corner of your game window)

    Lately I've been watching a lot of Netflix (on top of my continuous Twin Saga play)

    Currently, I'm only playing Twin Saga on PC, but I do also play games on my mobile

    Twin Saga has been my first and only Aeria Game(kiss)

    Feel free to reach out to me in discord Furval#4369 - this is the best way to contact me

    Always working hard,