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    For a long time in my heart it rained; and for a long time I became accustomed to what I felt was normal. These days where I just existed blended together. I was just surviving.

    So when that day came when you held your umbrella to shield it from the rain that didn't seem to let up, opened my eyes to what I couldn't see before. You, who existed in the background, was suddenly bathed in a light that drew me in every single time. When I look at you smiling I find myself wondering about the future with these emotions that I couldn't recognise, but I knew one thing. It was that you were the source of the hope brewing inside of me.
    Please keep me under your umbrella. One day when the rain stops, you won't only be the one that's smiling with me.

    ID AngelicKohaku
    ID Kohaku


    It depends on what you prefer to do pretty much everything is farming. If you want to get to the highest level, follow the main quest till lvl 63 or so like Vellar mentioned and then do FTG (furvals training ground). It's a bit lonely when you're in the lower levels though.

    Happy New Year even when the year opens with your resignation. May you find new and interesting horizons in the future.

    IGN Kohaku

    Aeria ID AngelicKohaku

    Melody funny

    Mel's first blind date

    My marine themed terracottage is like my feelings. I’m drowning in them.

    I never really noticed that as I stared at the ceiling on my bed. I had been there for… I’m not actually sure for how long, not really doing much before-

    My bedroom door flew open and Arietty fell on my floor.

    “Ari!” I hurriedly sat up almost falling over on my own as I rushed to her aid. “What are you doing? What’s happening?” What year is this?

    She grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out, “Koha, come!”

    We were practically on the floor, crawling on our knees and she’s dragging me to God knows where by the wrist and-

    “Ari, you’re hurting me!” I cried out.

    She released me but stared at me as if her gaze could propel me forward. “Koha!”

    “Fine!” I mumbled, getting up and heading out.

    Down the stairs onto the second level of the main hall, I could see down onto the lower floor. Erected there was a large curtain fully drawn on a clothes rail. With the light coming in from the window on the right where the community chest was, I could see three people standing behind it.

    Ari pulled me down the steps and onto the lower floor, forcing me to sit on the furniture facing the front door. Clearing her voice she threw her arms in the air and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

    “OHA, everyone’s here now! Welcome Koha to amazing Ari’s most puggy blind date!” she cried out.

    I blinked. Did she just say blind date? Somewhere in the corners of my mind that registered but I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even sure of how I felt about it. There were too many emotions merging together. Too many for me to even pick one. Anger? No. Sadness? No. Confusion? No. Each word wasn’t the one I wanted.

    Behind one of the curtains one person yelled, “since when was this a blind date!”

    I burst out laughing. From the voice I could tell it was-

    “Who’s the lucky one that’ll walk away with the cute Koha and this?” In her raised hand she had something shiny, glittering in the morning light.

    “Oh. My. God.” I whispered shocked when I made the small trinket out. “Oh. My. Actual. God.”

    It was the ring I sort of gave Greylocke as a joke. I wasn’t thinking of actually getting married to him, I just loved teasing.

    But I was pretty sure that the ring in Ari’s hand was something serious so I started heading up to my bedroom.

    “Koha, where are you going?” she whined, tugging my arm back.

    “I’m dying so I’m going to die in my bedroom.”

    “No!” The pull on my arm became stronger until I couldn’t take it anymore and tumbled back in the seat. I sighed. Could this day get any worse?

    Resuming back to the unbelievable scene playing in front of me, Ari said, “On today’s show, our first contestant knows all your secrets and most importantly, knows how to keep them-”

    I couldn’t help it. A grin burst out. I had to curb it by biting my lip. Surely she wasn’t talking about-

    “He’s someone who you’ve known for a long time -not as long as me though-” With that remark she winked at me. I half expected her to flip her hair again. “-and has been admiring you from afar.”

    I was still trying to put a cap on my outbursts when the curtain fell open and sure enough it was who I thought it was. Kriton!

    I’m dying of laughter, send help!

    I struggled to get the words out, trying but failing to get air into my lungs. “Ari, he has a girlfriend already, we ain’t working out!”

    “Yeah, Ari…” Kriton said as he eyed her carefully. “You didn’t tell me that it was going to be a blind date. You just said,’Kriton, log in, I need you to do something for me and I’ll give you 1k gold!’ So where’s my 1k gold?”

    I laughed louder clutching my stomach as the tears rolled down. It was such a Kriton type of thing.

    “Shush! You weren’t supposed to tell her that!” Ari said, flapping the comment away. To me, she cleared her throat again and introduced the next ‘contestant’ as Kriton sat next to me on the seat.

    I leaned over to whisper, “so when are we playing Twin Saga again? Are you less squishy?”

    “Only you would know I’m squishy.”

    I giggled.

    “Our second contestant is new to the dating block. With her musical ability it’s hard to see that she wrote the scores for several films already including your favourite trilogy.”

    I perked up. She will always have my full attention if it's about that trilogy.

    “It’s Melody!”

    The curtain revealed a blond haired girl that captured me. Dressed in a green dress that floated across the floor, she was cute in all the right aspects. It didn’t help that the light showcased her blushing cheeks and her shy personality.

    I jumped out of the chair and hugged her. “Melody!”

    Ah, even her skin was soft to the touch.

    She giggled. “Haku, Ari told me a lot about you.”

    I grinned, my chest swelling at the little bunch of cuteness in my arms.

    Ari did a mimic of a drumroll. “Maybe you'll walk out of here with Koha’s ring on your finger, Mel! But don't forget our last contestant!”

    We stood back looking at the curtain. Kriton had came up to us as I was in a bubble of melodic bliss.

    “He's a guy that's as bright as the stars above and may have just as well have been chasing your heart all this time, not just help you with the evil mobs!” Ari rushed over to pull the curtain fully back to reveal the chevalier, Aryn!

    “What's with that introduction?” He said, folding his arms. My breath caught. As much as I loved Mel in my arms, Aryn’s shine was blinding.

    An arm snaked around my shoulders. “Maybe,” Ari said, “maybe you have a rival for Koha’s heart, Mel.”

    But I wasn’t the only one that was captivated with Aryn. I nudged Melody. She smiled apologetically at me, a sure sign and started talking to Aryn. Soon later they left my terracottage.

    Kriton turned to Ari, “so, where’s my 1k?"

    IGN Kohaku
    Aeria ID AngelicKohaku
    Cherry romance

    Cherry Red Riding Hood

    Woolruft Plains were known for being full of wolves. I knew this as I strolled, Celestial Force in both hands, between the trees that lined the narrow pathway toward the town.

    But as frightening as these trees that hid the blood red wolf eyes that bordered the small town of just ten people, it was my home. I knew everything about them: The leaves that swayed in the breeze were a blessing on my skin. Of what colours the leaves were telling me what season we were in. Of what species each tree was… the best branches to perch on for the wind… The calm of just knowing they protected me, the reliable sanctuary was ever present. And I never knew that one birch tree would be my salvation in a world where I could only be one thing. Yes, Woolruft Plains were my home.

    Despite these hidden beauties, it didn’t match the one that lived in the town. I wanted a sneak peak knowing at the back of my mind I could not ever go near her unless I wanted to face death. A girl dressed in red with the name that matched our eyes.


    I looked behind me. I didn’t bare the sword at the voice. I knew who it was. Concerned, it was Kriton, someone I knew since years ago.

    I dropped the sword at my side and greeted him in the same way, “Kriton.”

    “Where are you going? It’s dangerous to go near that town. If the pack knows you’re leaving the territory, it won’t only be the humans that chase you.”

    I sighed. I knew this. Kriton was the only person who knew I felt an aching in my chest for this girl that chased away my fears. Who made me feel normal despite my nature. What should I even say to that?

    “Look, I can cover you for just today.” He continued. “I won’t be able to support you after-”

    Both our ears twitched at the miniscule sound. Today’s weather was fine, the skies were clear and under the orange glow of the evening sun, we could pick up anything. It was the sound of rustling leaves by something or someone that attracted us.

    On instinct I hid behind one of the trees whilst Kriton ran up a tree.

    It was only a few minutes before the rustler emerged. The girl in the red hood!

    She was with another person, a permanent resident in the town, talking about something.

    “Cherry, stop it!”

    Cherry, her name’s Cherry. As red as her hood and as the eyes I bore. My heart skipped a beat and a smile burst out on my face. Were my cheeks as red?

    I looked up at Kriton who was watching the two girls walk past. Sometimes he would peek at me from the corner of his eyes, probably gauging my reaction before returning to the scene in front of us.

    Once they were in reaching distance he jumped off his branch and off into the woods.

    Suddenly the woman looked straight at me and ran screaming back toward town, “WOLF!”

    I was shocked. In order to get closer I was subconsciously holding onto the truck for support. It was my claws that revealed me. I should run but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move and my hands wouldn’t wield the sword that lay on the ground. I couldn’t hurt Cherry.

    And she stared right back at me. But the strange thing was she wasn’t frightened of me.

    “Cherry.” The words fell out of my lips, the first words I said to her after months of just teasing glances, of watching her make her way into wolf territory as she gathered pumpkins and wheat and as such, fighting off anyone that wanted a bite out of her. Was there such a thing as a wolf being a guardian angel?

    My hand was shaking as I reached out. I wanted to touch her, I wanted to know more about her but I couldn’t put these overwhelming feelings into words. But it was a fairy tale ending.


    My head snapped to down the pathway where the residents were holding guns.


    Cherry took my attention. Her voice was like caramel. She touched my arm, “run now! But-” she paused, “when this dies down, I’ll be on the other side of that birch.”

    My chest tightened. There was a birch that was the closest to the town. It had been there for thousands of years and it was my chosen place to watch her from afar.

    “Run, now!”

    The hoard was coming closer. I could hear them and my instinct was driving me mad to run. I couldn’t take them all.

    “I can’t change them.” I hurriedly said, “My fangs and my claws no matter how much I pray.” I couldn’t say that we couldn’t be together no matter how deep I felt for this girl. Did she feel the same way?

    “And I can’t change where I’m from either.” Cherry grabbed my arm and pushed me. The touch was like electricity to me. I jumped at it. “But despite this fairy tale, I’ll protect you, no matter what.”

    The only thing I saw as I ran was of her red hood billowing in the wind as the residents slowed to check up on her. We couldn’t change what we were but maybe, just maybe, we could change the future.

    If you're interested, you can add me and I can help ya out running lower level dungeons o3o. People mainly do meta or the other higher level dungeons and being carried is a big must for me.

    My level is early 60s so with the grind I'm just doing achievements because achievements is something I neeeeeed. Hahaha, but of course, that's not everyone's cup of tea.

    What I suggested was an idea. There's no need to be condesceanding.