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    IGN: Chiakì
    Senshi: Luna

    With each set I hopefully captured Luna's butterfly nature with the imagery of flight and how short one moment disappears if you don't treasure it, much like how a butterfly stops for one second then flutters away in the next.

    Set one is Luna over at a sleepover with the other Senshis as this set reminds me of pyjamas.

    Set two: Night-time Luna is glittering with the stars as she prepares to fly.

    Set three: Summer has arrived and Luna needs to put her hair up in a side bun to prevent it from getting wet. It's a rare sight to see her with anything other than her hair down! Capture it!


    Set four: Dolled up, Luna is at an onsen ready to relax. She usually does this after flying during the night.


    Set five: It's the start of the school season and the school has allowed their students to customise the colours of their clothing so Luna has gone with winter wear knowing how cold it is flying.


    IGN Chiakì

    In this tranquillity people were swaying to and fro. But as I looked around me, it became one, ten, twenty people all collapsing to the floor sleeping, the crunches of the fallen leaves pierced the air like a knife. A sudden sense of unease came over me. Something was happening. I looked toward Sapphrya and Danmaku, to see if they were affected by this strange sensation but both mirrored my own expression.

    Just as quickly we all summoned our own weapons, my eyes darting everywhere and on anything that I could see. The falling maple leaves that were clouding my vision, the darkness spreading thick like a fog, the feeling that time just seemed to pass by slowly almost like we were in a boss battle-

    A loud rumble penetrated the air as we were knocked back as the ground rose and cracked, the shadow growing larger by the second slowly turned into red eyes and a roar blew everything away. Everything was a blur. Mobs fell into the void, flashes of Bogfish hurried in their groups as water rained from the sky.

    “It’s Mawr!” Sapphrya shouted as she battled the wind. “He’s a ghost in the woods before he spawns! That shadow must have been him!”

    “You what?” I cried out as I peeked through my weapon. The eyes gained a face...

    “The NPCs. They were under a spell. He casts something similar to Alice’s ultimate. That’s why it didn’t affect- Watch out!”

    The next thing I knew a huge scaled paw rose high. And I was right under it.

    “Mattie!” Danmaku yelled dashing toward me.

    I wasn't actually expecting a reply so soon. I'll try to clear up misunderstandings with each respective point. It's difficult to answer each point without knowing which one you're talking about.

    This was written to give players an idea in planning events. I'm well aware that S4 (is a third person shooter, not FPS), does not equate to Tws and I should have pointed out that I do have experience in planning mmorpg events as I was a GS for DMH. In earlier drafts this was mentioned but I decided to leave it out. I was expecting this.

    I was merely pointing out that because there is no section for player made events, that these are done somewhere else so the "existence" of this thread is a positive for the CM/GM team. For people that are already doing events in a guild then it's good that there are some ideas to propose.

    I'm not sure where this point is referring to.

    It wasn't discussing the same things over. Points were made on the process and how they played out and the premise of when the event became a GM event. Because I do love hosting events I wanted to make sure that this was best for me.

    At the bottom of your post you're complementing me with the comment but here you're saying I'll be 'wasting your time' in discussing it further. Please clarify which you mean.
    Also you meant "get either of us nowhere".

    This is why you have GMs that take care primarily for another language. For example, if Furval is hosting an event, she could ask a DE GM to check the German submissions and the same for the French ones. There's no need to do the whole thing herself.

    (I'll stick these three together since related) Then the answer to that is simple. Ask them to go to a GM that is proficient in the language and ask them to answer for you.

    ...I'll ignore this one as it supports the above relating points.

    Not sure if I should make a comment with this.

    Your reply answers some of the points I've made. it does however, end on a bad note with the PS. I'm not sure what you mean with the placeholder and once again, you're brushing me off again.

    I'm sad to say that's not quite right. When logging in through the launchers, the server name will be "NEW_Aetherion".

    Fun fact: When US and EU got merged, they called it "Global". :p

    I wasn't referring to that. More like this. Although I was under the impression that it was the world rather than the star. I was actually hoping for some sort of server event rename at the time -shrugs-


    There are many event ideas already available. Once you know where to look, it should be easy enough to think of an event such as from other games and past events. Communication and change is key if you’re going along this route and creating events within a guild is a good first step.]

    Because I procrastinated actually posting, Erephyre you took my spot :C

    Aetherion is the name of the world of TWS. There's only one server and that's the Gemini one, you're right. We had another server before and then the servers were merged. So now when you download the game, the client will be in the language you picked on the site.

    Basically when you press 'play now', your browser will download the downloader which should be at the bottom or you can press control+J and then open the file location. I'm a bit hazy on it since I haven't needed to redownload it, but click on the setup file and it'll start downloading the game. At this point it'll ask you to put the game in a location you want and this by default will be called "TwinSaga". When it's done you can click on the launcher. It'll download some things but once it's done, you can start playingt he game.

    '_US' is just for the setup files.

    PS I only played with the US client so I'm not sure on what the server name was there.

    I think +20 is enough since it's a bit of a waste to level it to +30.

    Since you're having trouble with targeting, you could press control till you see the target you want.

    Play as Pala or Cleric since they have heal. You can hold off on defeating Nerokas though till you get a higher level if you want.

    -points to patch notes-

    From the top of my head...

    Level cap at the moment is 80
    Cannan class was released

    A bunch of other dungeons was released (mainly for higher level) but the lowest I think is Senshi Terriority (lvl 60) is released where Band of Brawlers is so you can farm a bunch of senshi... and one of those higher level dungeons drops an item that you need to make a new skill...
    New achievements came with the level increase...

    Don't know what else rip. Samurai is not released yet...

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