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    Dear Mom,

    I want you to know that I'm doing good here. I met a lot of friendly people and I join a club called Tea Party. We basically bake, cook, hangout and study together. Also, my friend Cherry gave me a cute rabbit and I named him Nivens. It's so much fun here even though I still miss you and Cheshire.

    How about you mom? I just hope you're not eating too much sweets there alone without me. I love you and I wish you good health and long life. I'm sorry if I'm far away from you but just a bit more time and you can see your clumsy daughter again.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Your favorite,


    Ign: Ginnie

    The moon rose gently and peacefully over the small village of Maplewood Glen. In the distance, we could hear the streaming of water that lull the people to sleep. It was in this semi-darkness and peaceful atmosphere that a shadow, fast and furtive, moved then, jumping from roof to roof. What was it up to?

    Then there's a strange sound it making that can be heard every time it landed from roof to roof. And a little girl named Lorena took a look at her window to witness the mysterious creature roaming around. She was amazed seeing the full moon with such a beautiful creature, its fur is black but it shines so bright and has copper colored eyes.

    The mysterious creature suddenly saw Lorena and slowly goes to her path and pokes her nose. Lorena welcomed it and began to stroke and pet the mysterious creature and responded with soft voice.. "Meow~" and look pleased as it keeps purring.

    Later on, Lorena named the mysterious creature as Luna.

    They happily play, sing and dance together but the time has come and Luna has to go, giving Lorena a heart ache, Luna pokes Lorena’s nose once again as to tell her to be brave, purrs as a signal that all is well and a soft voice “meow” as to thank her for the memories they shared together, later it calmed down Lorena for a bit. As Lorena smiles and whispers to her, “I know you’ll be somewhere free.. quietly watching over and patiently waiting for me.”

    IGN: Genie


    Choosen Cm: Shaixe

    Ign: Ginnie

    I imagine Cm Shaixe with pale skin, slim face, light brown eyes, dark brown, straight and long hair :( (just don't have much time to draw it more) with also light makeup.

    Even tho I don't know if its a "she" (laugh) maybe a girl ver :$