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    IGN: Starbright

    "The moon rose gently and peacefully over the small village of Maplewood Glen. In the distance, we could hear the streaming of water that lull

    the people to sleep. It was in this semi-darkness and peaceful atmosphere that a shadow, fast and furtive, moved then, jumping from roof to roof. What was it up to?”

    Not wanting to miss out on the chance of possibly being a hero, all of us sprinted into action and started chasing after the shadow. We spread out into different directions to try and encircle the shadow. Two of us seemed to be in luck as the shadow seemed to be heading towards the direction that we were in.

    "You scared of what you'll catch?", my teammate teased.

    "No way, wait till I catch it!" I grinned.

    As the black shadow came closer to us, my teammate reached out his hand to grab it. But he missed.

    By sheer luck, the black shadow tripped while trying to avoid my teammate's hand and I moved forward quickly to tackle the black shadow.

    "Bam!" Contact was made and I managed to pin the black shadow to the floor. Not missing the opportunity to find out what its true nature was, all of my teammates rushed over. One pulled out a torch and shined it on the shadow.

    Two yellow eyes squinted at the light. After we took off its cloak, we all gasped.

    "Super Alfred! What are you doing here?" We asked, magically in unison.

    Pointing to me, he said "I didn't have a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday earlier while you were in the training ground. I saw you heading to Maplewood Glen after and I was hoping to get to the Conductor in Maplewood Glen before you left the area, so I could wish you a Happy Birthday", Super Alfred said sheepishly.

    "Thank you." I said while patting Super Alfred's head.

    And that was how our adventurous chase in the night for the shadow, ended.

    IGN: Starbright

    Aeria: hikapyon

    There's not much I can offer but I try my best with my terra~

    We can share the same bed and take showers together.

    If you're bored there's a bookshelf and look! There's a pair of dogs who will welcome us when we get home.


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    GM Furval's Puns

    F unny puns everyday

    U nderestimate GM Furval? Please, you won't dare

    R acking the brains for puns all the time

    V arious puns to show at any time

    A nd when you think GM Furval's run out of puns

    L ike a boomerang, here comes GM Furval with more puns

    IGN: Starbright

    Aeria: hikapyon

    aeria: hikapyon

    ign: Starbright

    Melody - romance story

    "Hello Starbright", said Melody.

    "Glad you could make it for the video shoot", replied Starbright.

    Starbright had wanted to do a promotional video shoot for Arcadia and had invited Melody and Aflallo to be the main characters of this video.

    "Aflallo's coming in abit. Just running things through, all you need to do is just hold hands with Aflallo and walk beside this flower bed." Starbright said.

    "Sounds simple enough."

    "If something unexpected happens, just don't panic and smile. Aflallo's done enough video shoots to know how to cover for you." Starbright smiled for Melody not to be too nervous.

    "I'm here. Let's get this done quickly." Aflallo said calmly.

    Melody and Aflallo went to the starting location.

    "Ready?" Shouted Starbright.

    Melody and Aflallo nodded their heads. He took the initiative to hold her hand.

    "Readyyyyyy and action!"

    Both of them started walking slowly next to the flower bed. Five seconds after the camera started rolling, Aflallo stepped infront of Melody. She stopped and gave him a quizzical look.

    Aflallo plucked a small dandelion from the flower bed and put it in Melody's hair.

    "For you." Aflallo smiled while positioning himself to let the camera catch the whole scene.

    Melody blushed and got a little flustered. She tried to overtake Aflallo while he was trying to return to his normal position of being beside her. However, while she did that, she lost her footing and fell. Aflallo saw it coming and grabbed her by the waist. He leaned in towards to her slightly to cushion her awkward attempt at falling.

    Not knowing what to do next, Melody only remembered what Starbright had said and tried to give a smile. Her heart was beating fast.

    Scooping her up into a princess carry, Aflallo returned her smile and walked three steps forward and let her down.

    Mesmerised by Aflallo's smile and determined not to fall behind, Melody looked into Aflallo's face and brushed his hair tenderly. She then gave him a big smile and took his hand into hers.

    Being the professional he was, Aflallo then led her to continue walking beside the flower bed until Starbright yelled "Cut!".

    "Hey, that wasn't planned but it was great!" said Starbright excitedly.

    "Well, I am a pro after all", replied Aflallo.

    Not missing Melody's blushing face as Starbright was filming the whole thing, Starbright wanted to help Melody out.

    "Aflallo, bring the lady out for lunch!" Said starbright with a huge grin.

    Aflallo turned to look at Melody with a confused look and Melody started hiccuping.

    "Are you okay?", asked Aflallo.

    "Lunch, yes please?" squeaked Melody.

    "My pleasure." said Aflallo with an embarrassed smile.

    Bonny: reindeers to escort you because thats how you become santa?

    Danmaku: couch for two people because *whispers you need to have a good chat with someone whispers* :eyes:

    Celestiiella: Lavender scented candle so you can sleep

    Deadpool: Sunglasses because you've been trying to hide o.o

    Enigma: A star plush because of your display picture

    Furval: Instant Soup packets for you to cook to distract people from eating you

    Vanilla: Chocolate sprinkles to decorate you because vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles is naice

    ign: WinterBell

    Picture 1:


    Girl: Errr..

    Picture 2:

    Girl: I'm sure you'll be master at it at no time

    Man: This girl doesn't seem to believe me...

    Picture 3:

    Man: You don't believe me, do you...

    Girl: AH NO, I don't mean it that way!

    Picture 4:


    Man: WHOA..!