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    I never thought I'd meet someone who can connect the other half of me, filling the missing spot of darkness. That changed when I met you ❤.


    You are the light that fills me with warmth, joy, and love. I want to stand by you forever and ever and cherish every moment to come by.


    I think of you at the start of every morning, and at the end of every night. Without you I am incomplete; together we are one, creating the perfect balance and harmony


    Dear Love,

    Time passes by so fast, leaving us behind dwelling in the past. Not a day goes by that I wake up without the thought of you. My world and my life are nothing without you, because you are my world. You are my everything. From the moment I saw you lifting your almighty hammer chasing after a rabbit to smash for dinner, I fell in love. I thought to myself, what other man in the world would be of such dazzling looks and charm, but to add more to that, which other man in the world would wield such a legendary weapon and smash dinner for living? I must admit, I have stalked you for a while my love, I have chased you around to understand more about you, and what you do. I saw your name engraved on your house's door, spelling "Samuel", and I have got to admit, I've always been a sucker for the name Samuel. I built a tree house around your house so that I'm close and caught up with your daily life. I built it high and hidden enough for you not to notice it. I thought there was no way for you to get better than you already were, Samuel. But I was wrong. You saw a child drowning in the river nearby, and you rushed so fast that I was barely able to keep my sight on you. You jumped in that river and rescued that child without questioning or hesitation. The best part about it was your warning to the child so that he knows not to play around dangerous areas. You spanked the child lightly with your hammer, giving them a reminder to take things more seriously. I wanted that too. I followed you on your way back home, and I saw a true nightmare... I saw you holding up a picture of Queen Marisa...kissing it and hugging it. I felt envious and jealous. I cannot and will not allow my prince charming to be taken over by a queen, no matter who she is. So listen to me closely Samuel. All I am asking for is a chance, a chance to show you what both of us being together can mean, and how we can have a bright future together. I want to spend every single day of my life watching you wield that hammer to smash everything. My only wish right now with this letter to you is..please put down that picture, and give me the same look you've been giving it, and I promise you a fulfilling, lovely, smashingly, and everlasting future. Thank you my love. I'm looking forwards to hearing back from you. You can also feel free to visit my tree house near-by, you'd just have to find it and smash the door open ;) xoxo~

    With Smashes,


    Aeria: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu


    Item left for Fenrir: Lots and lots of ice cream!

    Dear Fenrir,

    I hope you enjoy this lovely day by celebrating it with love and happiness, and congratulations on becoming a PM! I hope you enjoy the ice cream to the fullest. I also left some cookies and milk for you to enjoy on the side! Chocolate milk and regular milk are there, so feel free to drink up both.

    Yours truly,


    Aeria: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    You will be greatly missed :( It’s crazy how time passes by so quickly. A year passing feels like a couple months at best. I know how you feel, and sometimes it’s just time to leave and do what you want to do, even if you don’t want to let go because there are great people you met. I wish you the best in Ironsight and whatever you plan to do, I hope to see you soon on discord 😆 thank you for all the time you spent helping out the TWS Community! Happy New Year 🎈🎊

    On the brink of defeat, Nalani had to take extra measures in order to save those she loved. She offered her soul to the devil and made a contract, her one wish was to gain tremendous power capable of protecting everyone dear to her. Consumed by darkness, she wanders, destroys and protects, unknowingly.


    Account: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    Senshi: Nalani

    Story 2: Part 2 of 2

    Zera grabbed the urn and drank from it without questioning what it was or what it did, as he seemed to trust her and old man Zyc. Melody kissed Zera on the cheek and said "You have been given the power of elemental unity, that means you can combine any type of magic together to create a stronger form of it. You can even forge the power of dark and light magic to create powerful spells, and I'm sure you will use this power for good only. Now go Zera, show them what you're capable of, and once you make it, make sure to come back to me, I'll be waiting riiiight here for ya! You can come share with me all your stories!" Zera thanked Melody and headed out on his journey. 4 days later, he made it to Arcadia and headed over to the castle, he requested to speak with queen Fiona Rhine of Arcadia, but the guards didn’t let him through. They looked at him and said laughed then one said “What’s a lowly commoner coming from a filthy village coming to do up here ahahhaha, go back to where you belong kiddo. Only people with royal blood from around here are welcome to become knights, quit dreamin’.” Zera with anger looks at the knights and says “If you think where you’re born or where you’re from is what places you over people, then you’re wrong. I don’t care where you’re from, who you are, and who your parents are or what blood flows through you. End of the day, we’re all people and we fight for what we believe in. If you want to oppose me, then I challenge you to a duel, both of you.

    The second knight stares at him and says “ahahahh good one kiddo, but you’re still lowly trash, and we accept your duel, let's get this over with. Don’t blame me if you end up going home missing a leg or two!” Zeratsu and the knights clash, but within 8 seconds of the duel, the knights saw Zera wielding strange magic which gave off a powerful aura, it felt like many types of magic blended together to form a very powerful spell. The knights had backed up and admitted defeat, and they let him through the castle to request permission to speak with the queen. Queen Fiona accepts it and welcomes Zera. Zera tells her about his ambition of becoming an Arcadian Knight to protect the empire and help support his village. The queen accepts his request and puts him under training. The training to become a knight usually takes 9 months, but Zera had completed it in only 2 weeks. The queen saw how powerful and prideful he is, and assigned him to serve right under her, as one of the top ranked Arcadian Knights. 4 months had passed from this day, and Zera is now well known among the kingdom as “The first peasant to make it this far”, and he started to gain respect eventually, and people saw that no matter what blood flows through you or where you’re from, achieving a dream is possible. Zera requested to head back to his village, and the queen accepted the request. He went back to his village with pride, and greeted everyone, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

    The 14 year old that ran away 4 years ago had come back as one of the highest ranked Arcadian Knights. He went to his house and saw his parents, they were filled with tears of joy and apologized for not supporting him or believing in him, and they told him how proud they were of him. Zera funded the village and bought his parents a new house, he made the village sustainable. Zera then told everyone goodbye and headed off to the maiden he had promised to see again after achieving his goals, Melody. He made his way to her and she was very excited to see him.

    He told her all about his adventure, they laughed and had fun together, then Zeratsu said “You know, there’s another reason I’m here Melody”. She looked at him with confusion and asked “Do you need more power from the fountain? Wait that’s not it… you’ve already been granted all the power you can have..uhhhh did you possibly forget the charm Zyc gave you around here somewhere?” Zera looked at her and said “I came here to get you, Melody. I love you and everything about you, and I decided I would want to spend the rest of my mortal life with you, and if you’re okay with that, we can start from here.. You don’t have to be so lonely all the time guarding a treasure which can bring chaos to the world in the wrong hands, let's destroy it together and get away from here!” Melody, blushing and flattered looks back at Zera and says “w-well if you really want to, then I guess I will accept… I love you too Zera, I have never met anybody like you, with such a heart filled with light, and I will gladly be willing to spend my time with you until the very end, and for now, I think I’ll give you something more than just a melody~” Zera says “Oh what’s tha-” Melody kisses Zera and leaves him with no expression then giggles, they then destroy the treasure together and leave the place, getting their own house in Arcadia and living happily ever after, not a day goes by without Zera being thankful to Zyc and all his teachings, and he passes the lesson on through generations.The end.

    Aeria Games Account: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    Tags: Romance, Melody

    Story 2: Zeratsu's Journey

    Story 2: Part 1 of 2

    Born in a poor village in Arrakin Desert, Zeratsu grew up helping his parents doing daily work around the house and shop, he made many friends and always tried to help out his neighbors, so he was well known around the village, people were just calling him "Zera". Zera's dream around the age of 14 was to become an Arcadian Knight, he had read about them in books and seen them protect cities from villains, he knew he wanted to become just like them, a hero. Zera's parents did not approve of his dream, they said it was too dangerous and they needed him around the village, as he was their only child, but was very stubborn and didn't want anybody leaping in the way of his dream, so he waited until nightfall and packed his bag and ran away from the village. Zera's journey has only just begun, he wasn't prepared to leave just yet, but he was a smart kid, he had a map and other useful tools in his bag to use along the journey. The young boy made his journey, walking in the desert for days, sustaining off what little food and water he had in his bag, but he never gave up or thought of returning, he kept going and going. After 4 days of walking, he finally found a place called "Bluemoon Grove".

    Zera entered Bluemoon Grove and looked for food and water sources, and there it was, a waterfall with fresh water to drink and bath, and trees surrounding full of ripe fruits to eat! Zera enjoyed eating and drinking and decided to take a bathe and clean himself up after all the rough walking he had done over the days.He heard someone or something whistling from behind the waterfall, so he approached it slowly, and there he saw an old man bathing, who looked like he'd be in his 70s. Zera asked him what he's doing there, and the old man replied with "I am doing what I do, minding my own business and enjoying myself, and you little one?" Zera looked at him and explained to him his story and what had happened. The old man looked at the kid with remorse and sadness filled his eyes, he said "Oh you poor little one, it must have been rough for ya, but I'm glad you made it this far, how about staying over before continuing your journey?" Zera smiled and told him he'd be happy to take him on his offer. 3 days had passed and Zera seemed to be forming a bond with the old man, he loved spending time with him, as he taught him many things and told him stories about his past, how he's a Veteran Arcadian Knight and all his previous fought wars. The old man's name was Zyc, he used to be one of the top ranked Arcadian Knights that served under the king of Arcadia, Ethelred Rhine.

    Zyc told the young boy that he can help him train and give him all the knowledge he needs before heading to Arcadia, but it would take months to years. Zera understood the situation and knew that this was the best option he had to become an Arcadian Knight and return to his village one day as a hero, and to share his wealth with everyone in the village to stabilize it. 3 Years had passed, and Zera is now 17 years old. He knew so much about the Arcadian Knights, and was well-trained to become one, all thanks to old man Zyc. On this very day, old man Zyc got very sick and couldn't move an inch from his bed, he knew in his head that his time was up, and he told Zera to listen closely to him. Old man Zyc said "Listen here Zera, my time has come and I am no longer able to stay with you, but I taught you everything I knew and gave you all the knowledge, you know...I am not upset to be going like this, I am glad I met you, look at you, came to me as a lost boy and now you're ready to become what you've wanted...I saw you as a son, and I am glad I was able to help my son get this far, so please don't cry, have a smile on your face. You know I will always be with you, so get out there, and show them what you're made of. One last thing I need to mention to you Zera... There is a secret forbidden power by a holy fountain, it is said that a young beautiful maiden guards the fountain, she plays a wonderful melody that puts all trespassers to sleep and erases their memory, so nobody can ever know of it, it is said to be a legend. In this little bag I'm going to give you, it shows the location of the holy fountain...go out there Zera, seek the holy fountain, and when you see the maiden, make sure you hold the badge in the bag and let her see it, she will let you through...go and make me proud....son".

    Old man Zyc passed away with a huge smile on his face, Zera, crying, ran out of the house and took his needs with him while shouting "I PROMISE I WILL BECOME THE BEST ARCADIAN KNIGHT OLD MAN ZYC, JUST YOU WATCH!" He headed towards the fountain and made sure to hold the badge up for the guardian, and as he got close, he was dazzled by her beauty, as he was staring at her, she started playing a wonderful melody, one Zera had never heard before in his entire life, it was beautiful and heartwarming, tears started shedding down his face again, but this time not from sadness, but from the beauty of the melody. The maiden got close to Zera and said "how come you're not affected..anybody who listens to my melody should be knocked out by no- IS THAT THE MELODY CHARM BADGE? Where'd you get that from?!" Zera looked back at her and said "oh..this thing. Old man Zyc gave it to me and told me to come to you, so what does it do?" The maiden looked at it and said "It is a charm I gave Zyc long time ago for saving me 42 years ago. I wouldn't be here today protecting this holy fountain if it wasn't for him. So now tell me, what's your name? and where is Zyc? My name is Melody by the way."

    Zera, with sadness filling his face again looked at Melody in the eyes and said "old man...old man Zyc passed away this morning, he was really sick and there was nothing I could do" Melody looked at Zera and approached him with a warm hug and whispered to him "It's okay... it wasn't your fault, hey, look at me, I'm gonna help you get what you want, that's what Zyc would have wanted, right? Now tell me your name and cheer up!" Zera smiled and told her "My name is Zeratsu, but you can call me Zera" Melody laughed and said "Well then alright Zera, I can tell you've got a very pure and caring heart in you, when I play my melody I can read a person's heart, and all I saw in yours was care, warmth, joy, pride, and love, and I love all these things" Zera, with a shock on his face looked back at her and said "t-thank you!" Melody then asked Zera about his goals, dreams, plans and such, and they spent the night talking and chattering with each other. Melody then said "Alright Zera, its time!" Zera with confusion looked at her and said "uhh, for what?" Melody said "For the treasure of course dummy, follow me!" Zera followed Melody to the holy fountain, as she grabs an urn filled with the holy water and hands it over to Zeratsu. "Here, drink", she said.

    Aeria Games Account: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

    Story 1: Funny, Cherry

    Story 1:The Legend of the Z Curse

    On a dark rainy night in Arcadia, an evil wizard came along to bring chaos and destruction to the nation. He was very powerful and had no remorse when slaughtering thousands of innocent souls. The wizard’s name was Danmaku. He absolutely hated the Arcadian Empire. 12 years ago, he was playing with his friends in Arcadia Park, and he was having a blast, up until his friends started abusing the Arcadia Park bugs and winning by glitching. He swore from that day forwards he would bring doom to Arcadia and all it’s dwellers, for they are serious sinners!

    Danmaku attacked Arcadia and fought the Arcadian Knights, wiping them out completely leaving no trace behind. Before leaving Arcadia, Danmaku casted a curse that night, that all children born on that night will be cursed with everlasting terrible luck for eternity. Unfortunately, that night 2 babies were born. Their names are Zeratsu and Zyc, their mother, Michi died giving birth to them, her last words were “I bet Danmaku just wanted to bring PUNishment on us ahhaha-” Zeratsu and Zyc finished off their mother for casting such terrible pun, as mere babies.

    A lady named Tyriamisu found the babies in their mother’s arms laying, so she grabbed them and promised to take care of them. Zyc and Zeratsu grew up having the absolute most terrible luck ever, they would always get terrible loot from dungeons and senshi bags or boxes in the item mall, no matter how hard they tried, their luck was absolutely terrible. Their mother, Tyriamisu, gave them 5 Astral Crystals per day to spend, hoping one day they would end up getting an item from the puzzle, however there was absolutely no such thing as luck with these 2 involved. Even after 15 years passing. It is even said that they fought during the holy Golden Desert Wars and kept getting scarecrow’d by other people, by getting unlucky. The Z curse was too powerful. The Z boys went off to the magical woods to hunt for some fairy dust, they heard it granted +10% luck, and that maybe could have helped them. Upon their search, they stumbled upon a fairy dressed in green, she looked very kind and pretty. So anyway, Zyc and Zeratsu kidnapped the fairy hoping they’d get some of that good luck. They ran with the bag (Cherry is in it) and threw it in their Terracottage and drifted away, then took the fairy out and started demanding her to give them luck or lift the Z curse.

    The fairy told them her name was Cherry, and her power wasn’t enough to lift the curse bestowed upon them, however, she knew of a way to get rid of the curse. She told the boys “Listen closely, there is a magical creature that can remove all magic, whether it was a blessing or a curse, or even a grudge, it removes it all, the only thing you need to do is eat that creature. It is a powerful little creature, it goes by the name “Furval” or “GM Furval”, GM meaning Gangster Monkey.” The boys asked her where they could find Gangster Monkey Furval, Cherry replied with “The evil wizard, Danmaku. He is the one who keeps all the creatures within posession”.

    The boys went to Danmaku’s castle while he was sleeping and tried stealing the key to get to the basement, where the creatures are being kept. They saw Danmaku rubbing his legs and touching them gently and calling them “Good boys” then making smooching sounds out of his mouth, they got scared, but it seems he was still asleep, so they went to the basement and saw the creature, they also saw a locked up girl named Belle, they freed her and she thanked them deeply, who would have known the evil wizard would have a girl locked up in there. The boys took the magical creature, GM Furval, and went out ot the backyard, they put a skewer to the center of Furval and started grilling it, it smelled delicious, and when they took a bite, it tasted delicate and tender, perfect. The boys felt the curse being lifted and the magical luck purged through them, they went back to the terracottage to let Cherry free, and gave her a piece of Furval to thank her for the help.

    Zeratsu and Zyc returned to their house and killed their foster mother, Tyriamisu, because she refused to bake them a cake, and they lived happily, luckily, ever after, free of the Z Curse. The End.