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    Hey Yuuki!! So glad you could stop by to visit my terra to see if it's the best fit for you! We have plenty of friends you may know (as well as Queen Marisa herself!)room_2.PNG?width=736&height=416

    Emilia and I are water ready to play with you and your goldfish friends :D


    Or perhaps you would like to go to a festival with Sakura and Azusa? We are well prepared to have a great time! After you can relax in a hot bath~


    Keep your eyes peeled, there is a senshi hiding in every corner to find~unknown.png?width=740&height=416


    We can play dress up...unknown.png?width=740&height=416

    ..or dance...


    ...and have a slumber party! unknown.png?width=740&height=416

    The gang's all here and waiting and we would love it if you joined us and called this place home!


    Your room is ready if you want it!


    I'm waiting at the door eager to see if you make this place your home, visit soon~


    It may not be extravagant, but it's cozy and it's home. To me, a home is a place filled with laughter and love, and my terra is bursting at the seams with those. I hope you join us, and fill it with even more memories, laughter, and friendship~



    IGN: Lylith

    Cpl IGN: kawaii5

    Aeria: luvlee2660

    You are my North Star guiding me home when I am lost...the light of my life. When I met you, you were the light in the darkness~


    To when we said our vows in front of Minister Flamingo......joining our hearts as one forever~snapshot_20190213_210411 (1)-2.jpg

    Our love has blossomed into an eternal rose...fireflies dance around at our honeymoon...we etch our names in history together on the stump as a symbol of our love~


    My kawaii cpl I'm so thankful you are mine~

    My Dearest Dream,

    Ever since I met you that day in Jensen, I knew you were the one. Every time I closed my eyes I saw your beautiful face. When I looked out to the Arcadian Sea, all I could think about was your eyes. Every butterfly that fluttered across my path reminded me of your delicate nature. When I watch the sky turn pink, I see your soft hair. How I wish I could trade places with Berta, and curl up next to you on your moon for just one night. Every time I close my eyes, I see you, I hear you, and I wonder if while you doze upon your moon, you dream of me too? Your gentle laugh is like music to my ears. When I wake up, I'm scared that its all been a dream, but then you float along my path and I know, you are a dream come true. You can control nature and moonlight energy, but in reality you control my heart.<3 I love you Luna.

    ~Forever yours~


    pasted-from-clipboard.png IGN: Sapphyra ACC: luvlee2660

    Keeping calm as your heart beats faster,

    Understanding that she is the one,

    Regally Legretta came into your life,

    Only her heart, only her soul could perfectly match yours.

    Nervously you approached her,

    Enraptured by her beauty and essence,

    Kindling the spark of love within you,

    Open-hearted you gave her your spirit, your love, your everything <3


    IGN: Sapphyra

    Acc: luvlee2660

    Emilia loved bananas so much she BECAME part of the banana :D

    IGN: Sapphyra

    ACC: luvlee2660

    *one banana died quickly so its in separate pic from rest +f bananas*


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    An evening of beach time fun at Cosmic Coast beach! (kewl)

    (the crabs there are so cute :$)

    Aeria Acc: luvlee2660

    IGN: Sapphyra

    (plz forgive my second time drawing in photoshop and time runs out quickly when u dont have a background yet XD)

    IGN: Sapphyra

    ACC: luvlee2660

    (couldnt pick screenies so did the most recent ones :$)


    My favorite memory in TS was meeting Shibe. We were in a meta BM party together & i was cleric. I was followin her around healin her & jokin that the heals were my love, bc ppl kept runnin ahead before i could heal them. We started to see each other all the time randomly in merida & would do the "happy terra" dance of spamin it in circles in excitement, & would race doin dailies and autofollow each other. After this, we started to hang out more & grew closer. We joined the same guild & hung out every day, we are now even friends IRL! I cannot imagine my life on ts & IRL had i not met her & i am so so glad i decided to get this game & got to meet her! She is my papaya & we message each other constantly, laughin about inside jokes or sendin funny ss of ts to keep the other informed while afk! Even in trade chat we joke around & type 5:$1 to see who is online, & the amount of ppl who then do it too makes us laugh. My life has truly become magical & special thanks to her. We put the twin in twin saga; always thinkin alike & typin/sayin the same things at the same time! When i die or lag in cutscenes/dgns she always sits next to me or on me & waits, or if we are hangin outside a dgn waitin for reset we sit together to pass the time.:$ We share pics of pets & snap all the time. We make the bubbles & send so many pepes its probably a problem at this point. I thought i was getting a game, i didnt realize i was also getting a best friend.<3

    IGN Sapphyra

    ACC: luvlee2660

    On a normal day i wake up and do my alts, 70 astrals and deliveries to get my lp. I go to my main and then do my dailies there as well. Once this is done i buy my lp scrolls to level up my gear. I go to dgns with friends and hang out online. We are always laughing and joke around about things. To have fun, u cant be too serious. I hang out with my love Shibe, and friend Lylvia, and we run dgns and try to duo or trio harder dgns for fun. We make jokes and vc, roll puzzles and laugh at the results. We band together trying to get titles, or costumes, and of c new senshi! On some days I get to hang out with Traces Members and laugh and joke with them and have fun in Raid. I'm so thankful they let me join their op nut race. It is never a dull day in ts, when u have friends to make memories with everyday <3.



    Cherry Comedy

    A Battle of the CenCherry

    A Battle Royale for Aryn. It is the final round, countless women lay in ruin, all that is left is Lynn and a new girl named Cherry. Everyone watched from the arena, passing popcorn around. What was drama in Twin Saga without popcorn after all? Mayavii and Sapphyra nommed on all the snacks, passing them to their friends around them. Sapphyra shared a drink with her love Shibe, and passed a bag of sweet candy to Soothing.

    Lynn pulled out her Kitty Grimore, staring down the little red caped girl. "What you gonna do, hit me with a squirrel?" Lynn taunted gesturing to her basket.

    "No, but I do have a basket of goodies for you. The flavor is quite…explosive." Cherry replied chucking a bomb at Lynn. Lynn dodged and hit her with a morph, turning her into a furval as the bomb exploded right where she use to be. She could do this, she went to freeze Cherry but a rabbit jumped in front of her taking the shot. Lynn rushed over to the poor creature, not seeing Cherry chuck another bomb at her. She grabbed the rabbit, saving him, and got nicked by the explosion. She hid behind a rock wincing in pain. She felt hopeless. How could she defeat Cherry? She has so many animal minions on her side, not to mention bombs. Suddenly the crowd stood and chanted her name "LYNN LYNN LYNN LYNN LYNN" "LYNNBUNNY!" Traces shouted. She felt their love, she could do this, she had to for HER love. She glanced at Aryn, the sun shining on his raven black hair, his blue eyes staring at her with interest. She took a deep breath and jumped out at Cherry, freezing her pets, and hitting her with the morph. She spun around and the bombs came flying at her, and knocked them back at Cherry like some demented version of tennis. The bombs exploded sending the senshi flying.

    Cherry lay unmoving, slowly turning back into her normal self as the morph wore off. Cherry had been Melody, but Lynn had beaten her. As she stands over the beaten body of Cherry, heaving as the sweat drips down her brow, she is reinvigorated with energy. She did it, she won. *against a senshi no less*. She looks over at Aryn in triumph. He walks over to her with respect and love in his eyes. His champion, he was glad Lynn won, he was secretly hoping for it the whole time. Lynn goes to open her mouth and state all her love and affection, her joy and pain, but Aryn quickly steals a kiss. After the passionate embrace, Lynn looks up in shock at her lover. "Let's head back to my terracottage Lynn, I got a new bed in Dawn Tribe and I have been meaning to try it out." he smirked down at her pulling her along. "Meep!" was all Lynn could say, happily riding off on a bunny mount to start her future.