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    The reason the negation of the impenetrable forcefield is because of sealing of nun ya followed by a special enchantment of business renders any attempts of destroying it completely impossible leaving any magic users disheartened by the fact that they got stumped by a far superior wizard whose name is undisclosed.

    aeria name is: oceanking25

    Dear Santa,

    The only thing I want for Christmas this year is a top of the line, custom made Snazzy Chequered Overcoat graciously handed down to me by a falling angelic Deadpool (the angel part can be left out if unable to proceed with that action). That is only item that my heart truly desires this Christmas.

    I would really like to have this item because not only does it look snazzy, but I would feel great power flowing from inside my body every time I demolish an enemy that the last thing they see is someone stylish looking with a grin on their face knowing they're happy with choices that they have made in life. I also want it because it looks like it would keep me warm and comfortable this winter from the blistering cold.

    I feel like I deserve this item because I have been such a good boy and 9th knight to Marisa. A few of my good deeds include helping people that asked such as running dungeons, answering questions for new players. I also saved countless lives from the dangerous and unforgivable slaughter of players playing mages in Golden Desert. Watching over my great-grandmother while my grandmother goes out for grocery and other stuff that needs to be done.

    If you do happen to visit me this Christmas with this bountiful gift, please help yourself to the milk and cookies that will be laid out in a spread of different flavors so you can choose your favorite milk and cookie combination. Don't worry about the leftovers as they will be donated to a shelter. (angel)

    Sincerely, larryultra (IGN)


    aeria name is: oceanking25

    Pic 1:

    Girl: Finally, somewhere where I can stop and rest after driving for 14 hours.

    Pic 2:

    Girl: This place looks like it might have a lot of history behind it. I should ask a local about it.

    Pic 3:

    Girl: Excuse me Ma'am, what can you tell me about the history of this beautiful city?

    Old Lady: *Silence*

    Girl: Ma'am? *Touches the Old Lady's shoulder*

    Old Lady: AAAGGGHHH! How dare you sneak up on an old lady like that. The nerve of the younger generation these days *walks away while shooing the girl away*

    Pic 4:

    Girl: *sighs* That was disappointing. After all that driving around and trying to learn the local history of this town, I get screamed at by an old lady and shoo'd at like a wild animal. I guess I'll just retire to my chambers for the night. *opens door*

    Pic 5:

    Girl: Home sweet home. I can retire from the worries of the world for a peace and blissful sleep and try everything all over again. *climbs into bed and falls into a deep sleep immediately* ZZZ

    Aeria name is: oceanking25

    Bonny: An existence buff to prove that they exist as I have yet to see them.

    Danmaku: A permanent gender change to prevent fresh players from being caught in his trap.

    Celestiiella: Hand warmers. That's it.

    Deadpool: Just give them complete ownership of the game. (goodjob)(kewl)

    Enigma: For creating this post, an apple for doing a good job.

    Furval: Anything they want.

    Vanilla: hugs and kisses! <3<3<3

    Aeria name is oceanking25

    Picture 1:

    Man: Hello young lady and welcome to my shop.

    Girl: Is this really a shop?

    Picture 2:

    Man: Yes it is. My special shop specializes in make-up and other beauty products for beautiful maidens such as yourself.

    Girl: Well, thank you for the compliment. What kind of beauty products do you have in stock?

    Picture 3:

    Man: I just got in a new shipment of this brand new cream to permanently get rid of wrinkles now and have fair skin for the rest of the user's life.

    Girl: Really?! That's really amazing! How much does this cream cost?

    Picture 4:

    Man: It would normally cost 500 gold, but I'll give it to you for free only on the condition that you tell everyone about this product and recommend it.

    Girl: Thank you so much! I can already feel the effect that this cream is having on my skin. It feels so clean and smooth.