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    CM Zyra

    I don't have paper, pens, or colors with me :(

    I imagine Zyra to have light color hair and wavy hair. Probably put in a ponytail. Maybe some side bangs around her face. I imagine her to have light skin tone and brown eyes.


    Dish: Astral Apple Pie


    This is a take on the classic Apple Pie. With this recipe, you will have the lovely comfort food that many have cherished in their childhoods. This has a sweet apple filling with a nice flaky crust.



    • Apple
    • Honey Glaze
    • Sugar Cone
    • Pancakes
    • Dried Starfish
    • Rock Salt
    • Anemone Powder
    • Lemon Juice

    Pie Crust:

    • Crispy Pastry
    • Rock Salt
    • Caramelized Sugar
    • Cool Spring Water
    • Pancakes
    • Sweet Egg


    Prep the Crust:

    1. Mix <Pancakes>, <Crispy Pastry>, <Caramelized Sugar>, and <Rock Salt> thoroughly - you may want to use a food processor get a fine texture.
    2. Add small chunks of butter slowly into the mix (or food processor).
    3. Slowly add <Cool Spring Water> as you see the dough start to form together.
    4. Knead the flour and create a sort of "flat-ball" shape (make 2, bottom crust and top crust).
    5. Let this cool in the refrigerator.
    6. Take this out in a couple days and let it sit out for a couple minutes.
    7. Once the dough is softened, use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a thin circle.
    8. Place the pie crust into a pie pan.

    Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

    Prep the filling:

    1. Slice the <Apple>s into thin slices.
    2. Grind up <Sugar Cone> and <Dried Starfish>.
    3. Mix <Apple>, <Honey Glaze>, <Sugar Cone>, <Pancakes>, <Dried Starfish>, <Rock Salt>, <Anemone Powder>, and <Lemon Juice> all together in a large mixing bowl.
    4. Slowly add this mixture on top of the pie crust in the pie plate.
    5. Place the second pie crust on top of the filling.
    6. Press the edges of the pie crusts firmly together.
    7. Create some slits or designs with a knife to allow air flow.
    8. Use the <Sweet Egg> to make egg wash to brush over the top of the pie.
    9. Put the pie into the oven for 45 minutes.

    Caution: Contents Hot. Allow the pie to cool for a couple minutes before consuming.


    Nonno and Yui will cool down with this lovely Popsicle.

    (It has a similar shape to Nonno as well!)

    This Popsicle is inspired by this lovely weapon:


    Like this weapon, I used a fork for the base / stick. And the white cat face as the ice pop.



    See these other views to have a better look!



    Girlfriend's IGN: Sapphyra


    This next song is by a talented singer and songwriter who has been surrounded by music from the day she was born into this world. She has always felt a special connection with every note. She started this career to share her emotions and expressions in her world through the music she creates for everyone.

    Now, this song is one of her popular songs from her childhood!

    Please, give a warm welcome to ... Muse!


    Aeria: kawaii5

    My Description: This weapon is embed with magic essence. Only those who wield swords (Swordmasters), staffs (Mages and Clerics), or spears (Dragonknights). These classes that have mastered these weapon types can unleash this weapon's true form and use it to its full potential to slay their enemies.

    Description (as in game): This weapon costume may be used by characters of all weapon types outside of combat. During combat, this weapon is only available to Swordmasters, Mages, Clerics, and Dragonknights.



    I have to really thank you for all you have done.

    I really loved playing this game, and having you as a CM made it just that much better. Thank you for all the rewards that you send out, all of the events that you make and most of all.... thank you so much for being there for all of us. You have such an understanding perspective to anything that gets thrown at you. You know how to laugh at yourself (and at others), and just live life freely. I wish you the best in your new path!

    Thank you for everything,


    Hidden Quests

    Forbidden Snowfield



    Kill Scorching Snow Monster nearby and obtain <Scorch Kindling>

    Talk to Kiruru again and choose "Give the hot fire to Kiruru"

    Use the <Scorch Kindling> that Kiruru provides.



    Obtain a <Duel Coin> from Mark.
    Bet on one of them. Its a toss up!



    Obtain a <Secret Statue Key> from Elon.

    Talk to the Mystery Ruins next to him.(edited)

    Obtain a <Mysterious Emerald> and hand it over to Elon.

    Kill the Raged Creature.

    Treasure Chest


    Talk to the Treasure Chest and read both letters.

    Kill the Big Bellied Beetle nearby.

    Right click the <Letter Fragment> dropped by the Beetle.

    The letter is undamaged.

    Talk to the Treasure Chest and click "Put the unbroken letters back into the treasure chest"



    Talk to Baldo.

    Kill Furry Frosted Lion nearby.

    Talk to Baldo and click "Boil the mane of the ice lion into water and give it to Baldo"

    Hidden Quests

    Illuminating Shore

    George Brian


    Keep "George Brian" dialogue open.

    Use the <Snow Ball> on John Gina and keep clicking "And the referee said that you won"

    After about 8 times and you don't win, click "And the referee said you lost." and repeat above.

    Thank you to dokidoki


    See the buff bar and look for "Hit" to see if you have hit him 5 times. Make sure you hit him 5 times first before you get hit 5 times!

    Baby Fox

    unknown.png   unknown.png

    Talk to each mother fox until you find its mother.

    Brother Jay


    Kill the bug that appears. Give the <Aromatic Bug> to Bro Jay



    Kill the bandits that appear.



    Kill him. Right click the <Pirate King Treasure Map> he drops.

    Open the treasure chest.

    Kill the bandit inside.

    IGN: kawaii5

    Couple’s IGN: Lylith

    Aeria: kawaii5

    From our first kiss, the stars lit up the sky and our hearts.


    To the time we said our vows...


    Through our honeymoon. Forever and ever kawaii5 and Lylith

    We carved our love in the stump where we had our kiss on the honeymoon <3



    I just had to decorate my Terracottage with an underwater background just for you!

    You will be welcomed by the original 3 <3snapshot_20190212_183608.jpg

    Gatherings everywhere, it's always a party here and never a bore.

    You will never feel lonely <3



    Sakura always so fashionable!

    What's that? Looks like there's a contest between Beryl and Nalani!


    An audience to watch Beryl vs Nalani.



    Stern and Levi staying near the whale tub with their pet penguin.

    Who's that? Sleepy Luna always knowing how to relax.


    Nalani always so elegant and courteous. Belle knowing how to throw a tea party!




    Aeria Account: kawaii5

    Welcome to my humble home Yuuki!

    To the light that shines from the moon,

    My dear sweet moon,

    I dare not disturb your majestic snooze.

    When I first laid eyes on you,

    It was just a quarter past noon.

    There was no way that my eyes could refuse,

    As your beauty shone bright and true.

    The way you laugh and smile,

    There's just no way I can hide,

    My love that shows so clearly on my face.

    As I keep my distance from you to see your profile,

    I wish I could come closer at your side.

    But alas, I want you to remain peaceful in place.

    I love they way you hover above the ground,

    The way you cuddle and hold Berta near,

    Your eyes that sparkle in the moonlight.

    Your movements so graceful you make no sound.

    And yet your intentions are so clear

    I leave you this note so you can sleep tight.

    From the one that does not disturb your slumber,