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    From our first kiss, the stars lit up the sky and our hearts.


    To the time we said our vows...


    Through our honeymoon. Forever and ever kawaii5 and Lylith

    We carved our love in the stump where we had our kiss on the honeymoon <3



    I just had to decorate my Terracottage with an underwater background just for you!

    You will be welcomed by the original 3 <3snapshot_20190212_183608.jpg

    Gatherings everywhere, it's always a party here and never a bore.

    You will never feel lonely <3



    Sakura always so fashionable!

    What's that? Looks like there's a contest between Beryl and Nalani!


    An audience to watch Beryl vs Nalani.



    Stern and Levi staying near the whale tub with their pet penguin.

    Who's that? Sleepy Luna always knowing how to relax.


    Nalani always so elegant and courteous. Belle knowing how to throw a tea party!




    Aeria Account: kawaii5

    Welcome to my humble home Yuuki!

    To the light that shines from the moon,

    My dear sweet moon,

    I dare not disturb your majestic snooze.

    When I first laid eyes on you,

    It was just a quarter past noon.

    There was no way that my eyes could refuse,

    As your beauty shone bright and true.

    The way you laugh and smile,

    There's just no way I can hide,

    My love that shows so clearly on my face.

    As I keep my distance from you to see your profile,

    I wish I could come closer at your side.

    But alas, I want you to remain peaceful in place.

    I love they way you hover above the ground,

    The way you cuddle and hold Berta near,

    Your eyes that sparkle in the moonlight.

    Your movements so graceful you make no sound.

    And yet your intentions are so clear

    I leave you this note so you can sleep tight.

    From the one that does not disturb your slumber,



    Anime: Death Note

    Character: Misa

    On Halloween night, I arrived at the place,

    but no one was found...not even a face...

    Did I get the location wrong? I'm just so clumsy with directions, I must have lost my place in all this fog. Looking around, I saw some zombies roaming about, but I don't think they would help much, considering they lack a brain. I fumbled in my pockets, hoping I brought the invitation with me. I slouched over and headed back home, wondering if I showed up at the wrong time.



    "Careful...careful.." said Kittana as she dropped some pumpkin seeds in the cauldron. She looked up to the sky and waited for the right time.

    "The book says when the Furval's shadow appears on the moon, to chant these words..." Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the moon! Quickly, she chanted the magic words... but nothing happened! She looked up at the moon once again, and noticed an ear twitching, the shadow moving. Looking down, she saw a naughty kitten in front of a lamp, casting its shadow to the moon.

    "Dumb kitty!" she hollered as she tackled the kitten. She looked down at her cauldron and knew she would have to try this next year, on Halloween's night, in hopes to find out where she comes from, and where she belongs.


    Aeria Account Name: kawaii5

    MICHI was strolling around Meridia and spotted a couple otters on the coast. They were turning and diving. The otters seemed to take notice and dived down under the water. I put on my swimsuit and dived into the water, hoping to see more of these cute otters. Suddenly, I felt something soft rub up against my back. I quickly turned around to see an otter. This one seemed so small compared to the ones I saw far out in the ocean. It seemed so small to me. For the rest of the day, the baby otter and I played together in the water.

    Musical Encounter

    Melody - Funny

    I stood still as I heard a faint sound in the distance.

    Curious, I quietly followed the sound, trying not to disturb the wonderful melodies in the forest.

    As I got to the clearing where the sound came from, there was a woman sitting on a rock, playing a harp surrounded by animals of all kinds: snakes, rabbits, squirrels, cats, and many furvals too! She was very beautiful as the sunlight shone on her perfectly through the leaves on the trees. I kept myself hidden behind some bushes as I closed my eyes and silently listened, when suddenly a shriek was heard. I opened my eyes to see the girl fallen from the rock with her harp thrown across, just below me. I look at her face as shes looking at her harp in fear, or more like what is on her harp instead. I come out from the bushes and crouch down at the harp and I spot a butterpillar. This girl can be next to bears, lions, and snakes, yet she’s scared of mere butterpillars?! I thought to myself and chuckled.

    "GET RID OF IT! KILL IT! I DON'T CARE!" The woman shrieked.

    I simply picked up the butterpillar and a smirk appeared on my face. I hid the butterpillar away behind my back. I used my other hand to pick up the harp and hand it to her.

    "T-Thank you" She whispered, flustered, keeping her head down, accepting the harp.

    I dangled the little butterpillar in front of my face. She slowly looked up at my face and yelped, almost flying away from me. I threw the butterpillar in the distance as I held my stomach and laughed my heart out.

    I wiped my tears of joy from my eyes. "Sorry, sorry. It's just a little butterpillar, theyre quite common in this area, and won't attack you." I stated. "My name is MICHI, what's yours?"

    "Melody," She replied, unsure whether or not she should trust me.

    "What kind of song was that? It was an amazing melody" I chuckled at my obvious pun.

    "Like I haven't heard that before," She mumbled under her breath. "It’s a piece I've been working on to the animals in the forest."

    "Oh?" I ignored her mumbled words. "Even the crawlers?" I smirked.

    She shivered at the memory about the butterpillar.

    "Hey, let's make a deal" I said.

    "What is it?" She asked.

    "I will protect you from these crawlers and you play a song for me!"

    "Deal -- keep those away from me," she laughed as she positioned her harp to play me a tune.

    The End

    Playing Cupid

    Cherry - Romance

    I was walking in the streets of Arcadia when I heard a familiar voice -- Duet. Now, I know Duo has been tailing a girl he liked for some time, but I couldn’t ever figure it out. He was constantly asking for advice about girls nearly every week. I have him honest advice, but I never got a name out of him. I quickly hid behind a stash of boxes, peered above and listened in.

    “I’ve been seeing you at the restaurant lately and was wondering-” Duet stammered.

    “Stop right there, look, you seem like a nice guy but I’m not looking for anything right now,” the girl cut him off. She was definitely cute, wearing a red dress with bunny ears on her hood.

    Duet’s ears turned tomato red. “I was hoping we could be f-friends at least.”

    “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I thought you were one of those many guys who wanted to take me out on a date. This isn’t exactly where people ask to meet up to be friends.”

    “S-Sorry, I’m quite shy and a friend of mine has been telling me to just go for it,” Duet stammered.

    I was dumbfounded. He was asking me advice to become friends with a girl? No, I don’t think it’s that simple. I tried to think back to what kind of advice I’ve given him and then I remembered. I told him to get to know the girl better. He was going to get closer to her as a friend and then ask her out! This was just so cute, it’s going to be hard to keep from teasing him about this.

    “Sounds like a great friend, I would love to meet them!” the girl exclaimed.

    “Y-yeah, we’re about to meet up actually with a group of friends. I could introduce you to all of them,” he beamed.

    I quickly remembered about our gathering with friends and rushed over to that meeting spot.

    When I showed up, Duet and the girl were already there. Everyone seemed to be quite friendly with her, she was fitting in quite fine.

    “Cherry! This is the friend I was talking to you about. This is MICHI. MICHI, Cherry,” Duet motioned with his hands as he introduced us.

    A couple weeks passed and I’ve been secretly playing “wing-man.” Dropping hints about Duet and his good deeds to Cherry. So far it seems to be working, Cherry seems to try to work her charms around Duet. However, Duo seems blinded and just treats her with care - usual Duo.

    A month has passed and Cherry came up to me to ask for advice.

    “MICHI, you seem close to Duet, but every time I come close to him, he just distances away from me,” she cried.

    I chuckled to myself, knowing it’s just Duet’s shy character around girls. “Maybe he likes you,” I stated. I would tell her this even if I didn’t know about his crush.

    Her ears became red as a tomato, just like Duet’s on the day he approached her. It was very cute. She twiddled her thumbs and mumbled, “Y-you really think so? He’s really nice and funny and I enjoy being with him...I-I-”

    “You should ask him, there’s a fireworks spring festival coming up! Ask him.” I was trying to push her in the right direction.

    “O-okay! I’ll try my best. I’ll ask him to the festival,” she said with confidence.

    The next day, Cherry’s face was beaming with happiness. Looks like Duet said yes. I wasn’t able to tail these lovebirds on their date as I was forced to come along with the group of friends. They wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get in their way.

    As I was stuffing my face with cotton candy, I see from the corner of my eyes small blue and red figures near each other. It was Cherry and Duet! They were holding hands! I giggled to myself and squealed with joy.

    Now that is a happy ending.