Twin Saga server rules

  • Hello!

    If you're unsure of what is allowed or not in Twin Saga, this thread is for you!

    Thank you for reading and respecting the following rules as well as your fellow players!

    Account sharing

    Account sharing/selling is against our rules and could lead to a permanent ban.


    (Choosing a name for your character or guild)

    When choosing a name for your character or guild, make sure that this name is not of offensive, sexist, racist or in other ways disturbing nature. Names should also not go against the copyright law.

    Names that indicate that the player is an employee of Gamigo or Aeria Games are forbidden. This also includes but is not limited to the following list:

    GM/CM/PM, GameMaster, Community Manager, ProductManager, Aeria (Games), AGE, Gamigo or similar expressions.

    It is under the GM Team’s discretion to change such names. To receive a name of your choice after such a change a Name Change scroll must be purchased through the Item Mall in-game shop.

    The GM team may permanently ban a character or an account if a chosen character or guild name is of “unforgiven nature”.

    Interacting with other Players

    We expect our players to treat their fellow gamers with respect. Bullying, insulting, racism, sexual innuendos will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary measures up to a permanent ban.

    If you witness such behavior, please inform the GM Team by sending an RT including proof of offense.

    Means of communication

    (Chat, Discord, Mail, Message Board, Forum PM, Forum Post, World Chat)

    Chat spamming (sending the same message several times in a short period of time), insulting and accusing other players is prohibited.

    It is also not allowed to actively advertise other games (that are not run by AGE) via the above mentioned means of communication.

    Asking for cheats, hacks, bugs, exploits, bots or other means of unfair gameplay is forbidden. So is a discussion about these topics. The exception is if a CM or GM is asking directly for information about these topics.

    Begging is not allowed. Begging is when you repeatedly ask other players to give you money, items or services (such as Power Leveling) for free even though you have been denied this previously.

    Advertising Gold selling or asking for someone to sell gold to you for real money is forbidden.

    It is not forbidden to buy AP cards for in-game currency. However, please be aware that AGE does not support these transactions and will not assist players in case of a scam.

    The official Server language is English. However, you are free to use other languages to communicate with your fellow gamers but please try sticking to English when communicating where everyone receives the message, eg. when speaking in the World Chat or on the forums/Shoutbox.


    (disturbing other players through intrusive gameplay)

    The following actions are counted as intrusive:

    - Spamming a player with group invites or other requests if the player has already declined

    - Stalking another player through several maps and towns if you are not actively communicating with the player. This is especially true if the player has asked you to stop this behavior.

    Gamigo & Aeria Games and Entertainment employees and Game Masters

    (Product Managers, Community Managers, Game Masters)

    Insults, Threats, blackmailing or other negative behavior towards a Gamigo or AGE employee or GM will immediately lead disciplinary measures up to a permanent ban.

    Players are not allowed to claim they are Gamigo or AGE employees or Game Masters if they can’t prove that this is true.

    Bug abuse

    (Using bugs in-game to gain an advantage)

    Using bugs in-game to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. Bugs have to be reported to a CM or GM if it is not possible to report them through an RT (ticket).


    (Abuse of game mechanics)

    It is not allowed to use game mechanics and possible weaknesses of the game to gain an unfair advantage or to manage actions that are not intended by the game.

    Possible exploitable weaknesses have to be reported to a CM or GM or through the RT system.

    AFK Farming

    It is not allowed to repeatedly use skills to farm monsters for a prolonged period of time while being AFK (away from keyboard). Please note that doing professions in Meridia while AFK (fishing, mining, gathering) is an intended feature in Twin Saga and not a bannable offense, assuming that no third party software is involved to complete the QTE.


    (blocking an NPC)

    Please do not block an NPC with a mount or in any other way. NPCs should always be accessible by all players. This also includes any other game features such as mining crystals. Luckily, there’s an option to disable (remove visibility) of other players through a button by the minimap.

    Cheating and Bots

    (modifications to the game client)

    Modifying the game client is not allowed.

    Furthermore, it is not allowed to use illegal software (hacks, cheats, bots etc.) to gain an advantage in-game. It’s also not allowed to discuss or advertise such software.

    Players are not allowed to decode, manipulate or hack the data sent or received from the Twin Saga servers.

    General Rule: Actions that aren’t listed in this thread are not automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense!

    Note: Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user.

    PvP Rules

    • Rigging matches is not allowed. This means an agreement between teams to allow the other side to win is considered ranking manipulation and exploitation.

    • Some players who get killed regularly tend to threaten other players. Threatening players is primarily harassment and is obviously subject to a penalty.

    • Players are not forced to endure insults and rage messages. While taunting in itself is not forbidden, please keep in mind that repeated taunting of a player can easily turn into harassment and will be treated as such.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to read these rules!

    - Your TwinSaga Team.