Sol has Arrived!

  • Greeting everyone!

    Im your newest Trial GM Sol! Named after my sunny personality and warm heart- i'm sure we'll have the most fun together!

    They say when i was born, it was on the most beautiful summer solstice ever. Maybe im secretly the child of a god? You'll never know hehe.

    Guess what? I'm a founder! Meaning i've been supporting this game since it started! Cool right? Im actually a founder of maaaaaany games. Wanna know the way to my heart? Black cats! I have a smol one named henry who is probably the worst ever.;-;

    Anywho~ Know that im here to help and feel free to chat with me if you see me around, I don't bite! But i might blind you just a bit so remember to put those sunnies on!(furvsmirk)

    My time zone is GMT-5 and im mooooostly active at night (strange right? since im born from the sun). I speak fluent English, french and currently working on Korean!

    Lets have fun together!