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    Arcadia: a beautiful city, and the one most often featured in these Theorizing Thursday questions. <GM>Enigma was exploring Arcadia on this fine day, and noticed a beautiful sight. But she saw something a bit off... the map doesn't exactly match the surroundings! In the physical world, and in the zone map, you can see a vast sea. However, in the world map, there's land to the east! Bewildered, <GM>Enigma needs your help in satisfying her curiosity.

    tt01.png   tt02.png


    Propose an explanation for the text given above. Please include your Aeria account name because we will need that to send out any reward(s). We'll be looking for the most well-written entries.

    Hint hint: Your entry doesn't need to make realistic sense! Aliens, magic, weird conspiracies, etc. are all fine.

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    Start: Thursday March 8, at the time this is published

    End: Monday March 12, 23:59 PDT (server time; extended because of late publishing)



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  • Seeing the ocean instead of land is a lot more relaxing than seeing land, especially in times of war. I believe this is an illusion created by the royalty and expert mages to keep people in the city calm during the war between the goddess. In times of crisis the public can be more trouble than the enemy sometimes, so it is best to keep everyone as calm as possible.

    In game name: Sufferinpain

  • Because there is no relationship between the view and the map of Arcadia?

    It is simple when the city of Arcadia was built, the gods saw the necessity of creating a parallel universe to house the city.

    In this way the invaders can hardly use the gateway to the city since only the brave warriors that help protect Aetherion from the forces of evil for that reason what GM saw was an optical illusion that works to confuse enemies , and what you see on the map is another city that serves as bait in the face of possible enemy attacks.

    IGN: Ouroburus

  • To keep the Arcadian citizens calm, an illusion barrier was put up to cover the outside sights. They keep the beauty inside, helping the citizens cope the losses that were happening outside. The vast seas and skylight is something beautiful to look at to counter the wars that were happening. This is why Arcadia seems to look so calm and protected.

  • The world map was made even before Arcadia exists. At the time of the making of the map, the world was much hotter than today. There were less lakes and rivers, causing people to make the map like what it was. As soon as Arcadia was built, the world gets a lot of rainy season, which is why the sea slowly rises. Of course, people were too lazy to refine the map, copying from the old ones and simply added the signs of the Meridian zones.

    In game name: RansnowATB

  • aeria acc: nayu.notyou

    It's not a vast sea. It's actually a really big lake.

    The one who design the map is an artist, not a cartographer. The artist prefer aesthetics and modify the map as he/she likes to fit her own image, like not drawing to scale. There are people who have raised their voice and ask for a professional Cartographer instead of an artist, but the queen who likes the colorfulness and aesthetics of the current map decides to stick with it despite the wrong scaling.

  • Why is there a difference between the map and the actual City of Arcadia?

    Well, the truth is simple. The map... IS A LIE!!! All this time, the royal citizens of Arcadia have been fooling all the adventurers by making a false map. If you try to jump into the water, you'll be blocked by their invisible barrier too!

    But why? What would they have to gain? Well, that's one big mystery. For all we know, there could be a whole vault of treasure hidden there. But that's a mystery for another day :)

  • The truth is that all that vast area of green earth is the headquarters of mutant aliens, they use some kind of technology that makes their entire territory invisible, making us see '' ocean ''.
    This pic of the world map was taken by a satellite during a maintenance of the alien equipment...

    well, we would have problems in Meridia if they knew the truth behind the astral quest :X

    aeria acc: thaysmutante