Free AP Option showing nothing

  • I have been interested in getting ap by watching videos and doing surveys as the community highly reccomended but there are nothing showing up at all as offers except for personaly, and even then the forusm REFUSE to give me the ap for doing the surveys there. I do not know how else to get ahold of ANYONE to talk about this issue, discord isnt helping me and there is no option to post a ticket to anyone about this.

  • Free AP offers are provided by the offer provider companies, not by Aeria. For any inquiries or problems related to these, you must contact the offer providers.

    If you do not know how, you can find instructions on how to contact them in the Billing section of the General FAQ, under the free AP part.

    Some possible reasons for why offers may not show are because:

    -There are no available offers for your country/region (do not use a VPN as this may lead to a block by the offer provider)

    -Your IP address has been blocked by the offer provider, for possible reasons such as providing false information on surveys, revoking payment on paid offers, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, as we cannot confirm any reason for you in particular.

  • contacting the providers must be done by the company using them or else it is impossible to even talk to them, aka Aeria games must be the ones to contact them for this issue, as they require information about the company that your users do not have.

    Is this a copy and paste?
    If that's so, all I can suggest for you to do is do the surveys provided by the other companies.