How to Ticket?

  • Hello everyone,

    You have a problem with your account, game or purchase and want to send in a Ticket, but you don't know exactly how?

    No problem!

    Here in this Thread, I will show you how to do so. Just simply follow these steps:

    Step 1:
    Visit our support page:

    Step 2:
    Click on "Submit a request (no Glyph account)"


    Step 3:
    Now, the first form you should see is "What kind of issue would you like assistance with?"
    Make sure you select the "Non Glyph Account" option.


    Step 4:
    The web page should now update to reflect the changes. It should look like this now:


    Step 5:
    This is important. On the Gamigo Group Games form, please ensure that Twin Saga is selected to ensure it is placed in the correct queue.

    Please fill out all the fields (You don't need to fill in "Billing Inquiries" if you don't have an AP-Purchase/Error issue)
    Make sure that you add a valid email address when you create a support request.

    If not, we won't be able to answer you. Ideally, you should use your account's email address.
    In the field "Description" we kindly ask you to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
    The more information we have, the quicker we can process your query.

    Step 6:

    Click on "Submit" after filling in the CAPTCHA Verification.

    Step 7:

    Wait for us to reply. :)


    - We receive reports from time to time that our replies end up in your Spam folder. Please ensure this may be the case before raising concern to our CM/GM's about delay.

    - Do not send Bug Reports in a Ticket! We will provide a formula, that you have to fill in on our Webpage.

    - Do not send Tickets for ingame related questions unless they are technical problems. Ingame related questions should be posted on the Forums or on our Official Discord Server. <- click to join!

    Have a nice day!
    Updated: July 2019