[Forum Event] World Compliment Day ~

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    Yahello guardians~

    Too often we spend time with our friends and acquaintances without ever showing our appreciation, maybe even taking it for granted :’( Kuroneko wants you guys to spread joy and positivity around Twin Saga by using words instead of gifts as a way to praise and appreciate your fellow guardians or characters for World Compliment Day which is celebrated on March 1st.

    How to Participate

    For this event you will draw a Twin Saga character or however many characters you want ( toons, npc,senshi or anyone in Twin Saga) and have it interact in some way in real life. It must have a compliment to someone! :3 Take a picture of it and post it down below along with your account name and IGN ;3

    Rewards are given to the best interactive drawing AND compliment combined so make sure to do both! :3

    So in case you are confused, here are some examples of what are interactive drawings that were taken from Google:





    The possibilities are endless... don't limit it to just indoors!

    Rules & Guidelines

    • This event is for players on the English-language (Gemini) server only.

    • It has to be Twin Saga related!

    • It must include a compliment somewhere in your photo entry.

    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.

    • Content must be appropriate for users aged 13 and up.

    • Creativity and originality strongly encouraged!

    • Rewards will be sent to the account you used for this Event

    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.You may not participate on multiple accounts; one entry per physical person only!


    Start: March 1st


    End: March 22nd at 23:59



    1st Place: 90% speed mount of your choice (excl. Mounts released this month)

    2nd Place: 20x (bound ac)

    3rd Place: 10x (bound ac)

    Participation: 3 class xp badges + 1 raffle entry

  • On white day, Aryn decided to give Marisa a bouquet of flower in return for Marisa has given him chocolate on Valentine's day. "Ma..Marisa, Here is a bouquet for you!" He says while blushing uncontrollably. Marisa is a little bit shocked at first as she expected nothing in return for her chocolates, but proceeded to take the flowers while smiling. "Thank you very much Aryn" she said as she kissed Aryn's forehead.

    Aeria : cleverfenina

    IGN : Nishimura

    Follow my instagram : @meizaru #notpromotion

  • IGN : Nelilla

    Aeria account : verysadme

    Shout out to all of the wonderful people I've met and made my game experience fantastic <3

    You are all spectacular and interesting people, hope to make many more memories with you all! :$

    Oh no! Looks like Neli is in danger! Will the lazy Luna come to her rescue? Will little Berta be able to wake her up in time? Who knows!