Official Twin Saga Discord

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    Dear players,

    Communication, community enjoyment and cooperation is very important to us and without a shoutbox now, it's even more important for you guys to communicate with us through other methods. Due to this, we invite you to join us on Discord in the Official Twin Saga Server.

    Discord can be used as a desktop app, or simply on your browser or phone and allows you to communicate through text or voice.

    Download Discord's desktop app

    Discord in web browser

    Providing a platform for the community to communicate as a whole with GMs and CMs is something we are proud to officially present, as a center for all updates and news. You will also find that there are many GMs and CMs involved in it, allowing you to report issues and concerns and receive help at a faster and more intimate level.

    That being said, come join us and have a good time!

    Discord server invitation link (twinsaga)