[2018] February Patch Notes!

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    Dawn Tribe


    The Furvals established a residence in Sanctopolis.

    The dungeon is available for LV 65+ characters.

    Orange LV 65 Starstones, Pets and new furniture can be obtained.

    The location of the portal is (273, 627) in Meridia.

    Haretic Research Lab


    The forbidden experiments carried out in this lab have spawned some of the most terrifying abominations the world has ever seen. The monstrosities within are testament to their creators genius and madness.

    The dungeon is available for LV 70+ characters.
    Orange LV 70 Starstones, Legendary LV 75 Accessories, Community Chests and Senshi Contracts - Koharu can be obtained.
    The Haretic Research Lab will have one entry per day which also resets every 480 minutes in Solo and Party version.
    The location of the portal is (463, 682) in Meridia.


    Senshi NALANI

    Meet the
    Glorious Wings: Nalani


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Cosmic Coast.


    You can complete the quest line once to obtain one Nalani Senshi contract.
    You need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Fantasy Planet


    You can find the Raid: Fantasy Planet in your Battlefield list.
    The dungeon is available for LV 70+ characters with a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 20 to start.
    Can only participate once per day.
    New currency "Star Currency" has been added.
    Different Star Realm bags, new Star Realm Potions and Pets can be bought from the "Planet Mart" Shop on the Battlefield tab.




    Monster Crusade


    A new clickable icon has been added to the mini-map.
    It will lead to the newly implemented "Enemy Kills" tab.


    A new feature with three different options: Server Crusade (which counts kills for the entire server and everyone who participated), Guild Crusade (which counts kills made only within your current guild) and Individual Crusade (which counts only the kills you made with your character).
    Every two weeks the counter will be reset and start from 0 again rewarding participants at the end of a cycle.
    Top ranked participants will receive special rewards.



    We increased the maximum character and class level to 75.

    New titles and achievements have been added accordingly.

    Christmas events, decoration and music was removed from the game.


    Cool down has been removed from each Astral Crystal and Loyalty Point Coupon version.

    Several localization fixes.

    --------------------------------------------------Known issues--------------------------------------------------

    New titles and achievements' names do not match their description.

    If you find one, let us know! :)

    Report a game bug
    Report a Text/Translation issue

    Have fun in Twin Saga!