[2021] Patch Notes 32 - January

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    Dear Guardians,

    Another Patch Notes has arrived! Note: This Patch Note may not reflect any last-minute changes or issues we might have encountered while applying the Patch, and the translations seen here are not final. Thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Meet the Magical Trickster Tinis

    Daughter of a single father who toured as a magician, Tinis often traveled with her father, sitting in the audience enchanted by his magical performances.

    Although they were not rich, Tinis was well cared for, happy, and full of love. Tinis is determined to become a magician like her father, but he is unwilling to teach her his secrets to spare her from the hard life of being a traveling magician. Nonetheless, Tinis still pursues her goal of becoming a magician and secretly practices tricks without telling her father. She always dreamt of seeing herself on the stage, imitating his performances.


    New Senshi quest is available at Lv59 in Sanctropolis: Constellacia. To begin the quest and learn more about the arrival of the famous magician, speak with Mott NPC at 1132,599.

    Upon completing the questline, you will receive a new Tinis Senshi Contract.


    The following Senshi quests are available at Lv59+ in Sanctropolis: Constellacia (641, 348):

    Daily Mission: Lv59 Deadly Scorpion

    Daily Mission: Lv59 Supply Bandits

    Complete them to receive a Mott's Business Pack.

    Each Mott's Business Pack may contain one Gear Evolution Scroll, Character EXP Book, Class EXP Book, Loyalty Points Coupons, or Short Blade Trick Head Accessory.


    Additionally, you can spend 3 Gold to buy a Mott’s Business Pack from quest NPC, a maximum of 3 gift packages a day.

    Upon completing Senshi Missions and increasing bond level with your Tinis, you will be able to purchase Tinis’ Evolution Fortune Bag, Magical Gem Formulas, and Magical Trickster Q Board in your Terracottage.

    You will need 10 Contracts to summon Tinis.


    Mutation: Ancient Altar

    Ancient Altar engages in a new mutated mode that will drive you to the depths of a mysterious ruin.


    This dungeon is essentially the most difficult version of the Ancient Altar and contains more dangerous monsters who drop greater loot and is available for Lv93+ characters.

    If this is your first-time entering Ancient Altar, you will first need to complete Challenge the Old God Altar, the main story quest in Sunless Forest.

    Monsters in the dungeon will have buffs that increase their stats, while players will have debuffs applied upon entering.

    Mutated mode grants various items to produce Lv100 legendary weapons and Lv98 legendary armor.

    The dungeon is available in Party mode and is limited to 1 entry each day.

    The portal is in Sunless Forest (465, 569).


    Oath Feather

    Now added to the drops are new Starfeather Synthesis Formula items. Use this formula to transform 10 Senshi’s Starfeather into 1 Senshi’s Oathtaker Starfeather.


    You can get Starfeather Duo Synthesis Formulas from the Hall of Eternal Trials.

    You can only use two Oathtaker Starfeathers at a time.

    Other Synthesis Formulas will be added to the game and store later.


    Preview Event: Phantoms of the Old Gods

    Perkilis desperately needs help collecting materials from Vitreus Mines, as well as help identifying the source of the altar’s fragments.


    Lv20 The Troublemaker special event quest will be automatically triggered at Lv20+ in The Royal City of Arcadia or manually from a Quest Log.

    The following daily quests will be available at the following locations:

    Daily Quest: Lv20 Gathering Resources (The Royal City of Arcadia, 292 304)

    Daily Quest: Lv20 The Source of the Mysterious Ore (Vitreus Mines, 179, 581)

    Upon completion of these quests, a Spiritual Seal Stone will be your reward! Use it to get the following buffs:

    Move SPD +5%

    Character EXP +5%

    Class EXP +5%


    While studying the materials of the altar, Perkilis saw phantoms lurking in the Sunless Forest. Perkilis wishes peace for the residents of the Sunset Forest and needs your help in defeating them. Let’s help and defeat those phantoms! They will appear each day near Sunless Forest (427, 479).

    Upon defeating the Phantom boss, you will get a Deity Phantom Treasure Chest. Each Treasure Box may contain one Gear Evolution Scroll, Loot Charm, Character EXP Book, Medium Astral Fragment, Flawless Starstone Crystal, or Fallen Deity Wings Head Accessory.


    You can exchange your looted Starstone Shards to Perkilis to get a Deity Phantom Treasure Chest, a maximum of 3 gift packages a day.

    During the event, collect a certain number of Spiritual Stones and exchange them to the Perkilis NPC for an extra Deity Crocodile Chest. Each Chest may contain one Gear Evolution Scroll, Loot Charm, Character EXP Book, Medium Astral Fragment, Flawless Starstone Crystal, or Crocodile Bone Head Accessory. There is no daily limit for this Chest.

    Seasonal Event: Lunar New Year

    The Lunar New Year celebration in The Royal City of Arcadia starts now, with the blessing for the New Year, gift boxes, and themed quests to cook the best cuisine in the world, both in appearance and in taste!


    Lv20 Chef’s Troubles special event quest will be automatically triggered at Lv20+ in The Royal City of Arcadia or manually from a Quest Log.

    The following daily quests will be available at the following locations in Arcadia (460,353):

    Daily Mission: Lv20 Find the Best Ingredients

    Daily Mission: Lv20 Festival Feast

    Upon completion of these quests, a Year of the Pig Gift Box will be your reward! Each gift may contain one Neo’s Mysterious Seasoning and one Gear Evolution Scroll, Character EXP Book, Class EXP Book, Loyalty Points Coupon, or Happy New Year Pig Hat Hair Accessory.


    Collect a certain number of Neo’s Mysterious Seasonings and exchange them to the quest NPC for an extra reward:

    1x Chipped Astral Fragment in exchange for 1 Neo’s Mysterious Seasoning.

    1x Memory Core Crystal in exchange for 5 Neo’s Mysterious Seasonings.

    1x 500 Loyalty Points in exchange for 40 Neo’s Mysterious Seasonings.

    Additionally, while you have the “I want to eat again” buff active, you can use 5 Gold to purchase a Year of the Pig Gift Box from quest NPC, a maximum of 2 gift packages a day.


    Removal of old seasonal events - Christmas Event and New Year's Eve.


    If you find one, let us know!

    Report a game bug    

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    Have fun in Twin Saga!

  • Known Issues After Fix Patch Maintenance

    💠 Infernal Power (Legendary 100 Weapon) 1 ~ 2 star bonus not showing.

    💠 <Build Wood> material from last seasonal event still drops.

    💠 New Seasonal Costume doesn't show when equipped (Female New Year Pig).

    💠 Legendary 100 Weapon for mage class is not visible.

    💠 Fortune Telling in guild palace is not working.

    💠 NPC for Lab 88 is still missing from the quest line- new players unable to enter the dungeon

    💠Holy Energy Crystal is visible during cut-scenes even if it is selected to be invisible on the Character tab

    💠 Players experienced locked shared skills with awakened classes - appears to be class level-based but more information and testing needed to test this

    💠 Friendlist is bugged.

    💠 VIP, Exp and ranking buff are gone.

    Bug Fix since last maintenance

    💠Class leveling is now working as intended

    💠Event NPC now has no dialogue errors

    Additional Features added not included in patch notes
    💠Archive system has been updated -
    some blue and epic costumes from seasonal and senshi quests can now be added + Regular costumes as well

    💠Gold Cap has been increased from 99,999 to 999,999

  • Bug Fixes February 10, 2021

    💠Seasonal event item Build Wood has been removed from the gathering spots

    💠 Lv100 legendary weapons are now properly displayed on the class Mage/Archmage

    💠Seasonal event costume "Happy New Year Pig Hat" is now properly displayed on female characters

    💠Crafting the new legendary equipment now counts towards the Senshi crafting quests