🧩[Discord] Hunger Games January 2021

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    Welcome to the Hunger Games Simulator!

    What will happen to you? Your teammate? Your enemies?

    Will you help them or.. will you let them die?

    This game will NOT be streamed. Updates of the game will be in #hunger-games discord channel


    ♥You can only participate with ONE account.

    ♦Your username and avatar must meet TOS and Game Rule requirements.

    Limit for Participants - Up to 48 Players

    ♦You will choose a friend to play as a team with you, they MUST also fill the form with you being their partner.

    ♣If you do not have one, you will be randomly assigned.

    ♦The event will take place on the Community Discord in the text channel #hungergames

    ♣Only those registered to the event will be able to write in the channel on the Discord.

    ♦In case we do not have enough participants for this Hunger Games, we will have to use bots to complete the missing slots.

    If a bot wins, this will not be taken into account and the last player alive before the bot win will win.

    The Hunger Games simulator makes the decisions automatically, so you just have to register and when the game starts.

    The GM will post the decisions of the simulation.

    There is no need to be present in the channel itself during the time.

    Please join the Discord.

    You will be given hungergames role when the roster is created.

    You must join and be in the discord on the day of the event to be eligible to participate.

    But you must have joined before registration closes (Reason: I set up the roster the day before).

    Registration will close on Friday, 22. January 2021 @11.59AM Servertime

    OR WHEN 48 SPOTS ARE TAKEN (first come first served basis)

    I volunteer!


    Link Discord

    👑 Rewards 👑

    Last survivor

    2 Senshi contract of choice (except Claire and newly released Senshi)

    A fancy discord role HG Champion with a color of choosing

    (except colors that can be confused with Twin Saga Staff roles)

    This will last for a week

    District of the winner

    ♥ 20 Astral Crystals


    ♥ 2 Astral Crystals (Bound)


    The Game will happen on Saturday, the 23th January 2021 at 08:00PM Servertime

    PS: If you have nice ideas for Situation let me know! Send me DM in Discord.

    Alot of fun

    wishes you

    your Twin Saga Team!