{Rewarded}Acrostic Poem: Happy New Year Twin Saga!

  • Acrostic Poem: Happy New Year Twin Saga!


    As 2020 has ended, we need to prepare for the new year and our goals~

    For those who are not sure what an acrostic poem is, an acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase.

    Here is an example for the word Arc:

    A n acrostic poem

    R efreshes your mind

    C aptures your soul


    = Only one entry per account

    = The only words you can pick to do your acrostic poem is EITHER Happy", "New", "Year", "Twin", "Saga"

    = Theme for this event is goals for the new year

    = Be creative! Do not plagiarize someone else’s entry

    = All content submitted must respect the TOS

    = Any participation with no effort or does not follow the rules will be disqualified

    = Please include your IGN in your post (for reward purposes)

    = Entries submitted must be in English


    Participation: 3 AC

    Third place: 10 AC

    Second place: 18 AC

    First place: 25 AC

    May the creativity be with you! Looking forward to seeing all of your entries!

    Event Time Limit: 2 weeks


  • Yesterday I thought what my new year goals will be,

    Especially what I would like to change or be,

    And I keep coming back to being happier then before, because,

    Real happiness is hard to achieve so I hope this year will bless me with a bit more.

    IGN: Kitsu