{Rewarded} Maint Nov 18'2020

  • Maintenance Event - Nov 18, 2020

    Hello everyone,

    The maintenance has or will start soon so the servers will be unavailable during the duration of the maintenance!

    During the wait for the game to come back online, there's something for you to do!

    Draw a picture that reminds of you of Arclight~

    What you need to do:

    1. Draw a picture that reminds of you of Arclight. It can be an item, an animal, or scenery.

    2. You will need to state what you are drawing - either in your post on your picture.

    3. You will also need to write down three reasons as to why you think what you draw, reminds you of Arclight.

    4. Please put down your IGN in your drawing.

    Arclight will pick the picture and reasoning together that best connects/fits to Arclight!


    5. As this is a drawing event, Arclight will be expecting to see paint .jpg images (aka not pictures sourced from the internet).

    Winners will not be picked from how well they draw but will be picked from what best describes Arclight (drawing and reason).

    4. All entries must be PG13.

    6. Please make sure that your character name/in game name is listed on your entry post.


    Start: November 18, 2020

    End: November 18 @11:59 PM PDT



    🐱You must post / edit your entry before the deadline.

    🐱You can not use multiple accounts to participate.

    🐱No plagiarizing someone else's post (you cannot have the same poem)

    🐱For your participation to be taken into account, you must follow all the "what you need to do" and the rules!!!


    1st place: 15 astral crystals

    2nd place: 10 astral crystals

    3rd place: 8 astral crystals

    Participation: 3 astral crystals (bound)

  • Archlight reminds me of a chibi kawai Chipmunk because:

    1.She looks smart and Jeanette Miller from Chipmunks wears glasses too and have intelligence to keep it all going.

    2. I made it Chibi style because Archlight hosting web events. Which means fun,excitment and relaxation while maintenance is working on.

    3.She looks like perfect copy of mini-me version (laugh) If she desides to play Twin saga this could be her mini pet version.

    In picture i wrote my nickname but just in case : IGN : Adoniya

    Picture i painted is made in real life. Enjoy! (laugh)

    https://ibb.co/8x8Sqby <--- link with painting because i cant upload any other way.

  • Here are the winnings and the explanations - congratulations:

    1. Griffon - was 3/3 for reasoning. 100% relate to reasoning and it pretty much fits.

    2. Adoniya - reasoning was a 3/3. However, relating to reasoning was a little less than 100%.

    3. Grazy - reasoning gave me a warm fuzzy vibe. It was great - except it felt it was a little less specified compared to the others.

    Thank you all for the entries :$(kiss)Rewards in the oven soon~