{Rewarded}[Forum Event] Masquerade Mask

  • It is almost Halloween and Kuro's birthday!

    Let's celebrate this festive month (the most exciting time of the year) by wearing masks to the masquerade ball. Unfortunately, the stores are all out of masks since everyone was invited to the ball! You cannot come to the party without wearing a mask which is part of the dress code.

    However, you were crafty and decided to create your own mask to wear to the ball. It was hard work but you finally did it! Marisa and Kuro were so impressed by your design that they asked you to take a photo of it and list the materials that you used to create the mask and post it below this thread!


    How mask is made:

    🎃👻 Mask must be original and not store-bought

    🎃👻Mask can be made out of any material (paper mache, paper, paper plate, cloth ect) but must cover at least the top half of the face ( cannot be a mask that only covers the nose and mouth)

    🎃👻 Here is a link to get you started if fresh out of ideas Mask Making


    🎃👻One submission per account AND your typed IGN must be included in your entry.

    🎃👻Take a photo of the mask with a photo of your IGN on a piece of paper next to it.

    🎃👻List just the materials you used to create the mask. Don't need to add directions on how you made it.

    🎃👻You may submit up to two photos (mask by itself and mask worn or put on a model)

    Judging will be based on creativity on how Twin Saga related it is and effort put into it

    If no effort is shown or if the rules above are not followed, it will be disqualified


    1st: body costume of choice + 10x advanced gear scrolls (bound)
    2nd: back costume of choice+10x advanced gear scrolls (bound)
    3rd: head costume of choice+10x advanced gear scrolls (bound)
    Participant: 10x advanced gear scrolls (bound)


    Start date: October 6

    End date: October 20


  • Thanks for participating and nice entries everyone!

    Congrats to the following top three:

    1st: DefNotCamila
    2nd: Zixie
    3rd: Erephyre

    Please pm me your corresponding costume of choice ( with the usual limitations of no founders/ newly released costumes allowed)