Action house bug

  • hello, I come to report a bug that is occurring in the game, once I open the auction I can see the items and prices, but if I leave and then click on the npc again, I cannot see the prices, I need to log out and log in again to fix it and the same thing happens every time or access the auction in arcadia and then in the terracotage, this is very annoying, I have a vip pass, but I always open this problem once and after I open it again the prices do not appear. I already updated the game again and it still happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Hello,

    To fix this issue, please try to reopen launcher. And before starting the game, click the settings button. Click Graphics, and scroll down to the UI cache setting. Set it to ON if Off is currently selected. Even if the setting is currently set at On, click On again and save.

    When entering the game, if you receive a prompt like what is shown in the image below, click Yes.


    I hope this helps, please let me know if this solution does not work for you.