{Rewarded} [Forum Event] Halloween Story Time👻🎃

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    It's time to create a Twin Saga Halloween edition film and get ready to create some screams... or not! The choice is up to you on your film!

    Theme: Halloween in Twin Saga


    • Video length must be within 30 seconds - 5 minutes.
    • It can be a music video, story, skit, trailer or anything else as long as it fits into the Halloween theme.
    • You can use cutscenes recorded in game.
    • You cannot use unedited Twin Saga video clips made by other people (this includes official server videos, trailers, etc).
    • You must include your IGN in your entry. Credits must include your IGN in your video.
      • You can choose to have friends or helpers in your video but they will NOT be rewarded. They will need to make their own original video if they wish to participate for rewards.
    • You must have your character ign showing throughout on your video.
      • UNLESS you provide screenshots of your character. Example: you wear or change appearances throughout the video= screenshot of your character with the IGN showing for every new look to prove that is your character.
    • This is an EN event. If you participate in this event, you will not be able to participate in the DE/FR version of this event.


    Ends on November 6th 11:59 pm PT



    1st place: 4* senshi key

    2nd place: 5 senshi contracts of choice

    3rd place: 3 senshi contracts of choice

    Participant: 10x astral crystals bound

  • Congrats to the top 3 entries! They were very fun to watch :) Also thank you to all participants for participating. Rewards will be sent out asap.

    1st - Zixie
    2nd- Galax
    3rd- Moonhazel

    I pm the players who have won senshi contracts. Please let me know asap what senshi contracts you would like to have.