{Rewarded} Maint Event Sep 2,2020

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    Hello everyone,

    The maintenance has or will start soon so the servers will be unavailable during the duration of the maintenance!

    During the wait for the game to come back online, I decided to create another puzzle event! c:

    Just click on the link below to access the event c:

    Maint Sep 2, 2020


    Start: Sep 2

    End: Sep 2 @11:59 PM PDT



    🐱You must post / edit your entry before the deadline.

    🐱You can not use multiple accounts to participate.

    🐱Cheating is prohibited.

    🐱Enter your character name on your browser bar.

    🐱Type your character name in your post.

    🐱Take a full screen of your screen. If it's a puzzle, Number of Puzzle Pieces and Time must be visible in screenshot.

    🐱Entries with a cropped / edited image will not be considered.

    🐱For your participation to be taken into account, you need to follow all the rules!!!

    Please note that if more then 1 person gets the "highest score", winners will be raffled.

    See below picture on what we mean by putting your IGN on your browser bar

    Taken from an old event to provide a visual


    **This is not the same game but take note of the browser bar on top with ign **


    1st place: 15 astral crystals

    2nd place: 10 astral crystals

    3rd place: 8 astral crystals

    Participation: 3 astral crystals

  • All this trouble for 3 ac... ~Mojo Loco and He crying and saying ''that's the evilish thing I can imagine'' meme~

    I just figured out she was on her knees at 300 mins XD the edges were so bad oof not even with glasses and looking very close at the screen I could find the pieces, so I got to split'em by patterns, color and format (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 tines[?{dunno if is that the correct word}]) and go on mostly by trial and error cause the lines of the edeges made it impossible to see the details...