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  • This is a FAQ thread addressing questions on accounts, billing/purchases, and reporting. For technical issues, please view the Technical Issues FAQ.

    If your question is not here, not resolved, or if you need further help, please create a post on the forum or join our official Discord server.

    Billing/purchases section

    Reporting section


    Click here for a more detailed guide, including pictures.

    Click the button below. Select "Twin Saga" and fill out the fields appropriately. Be sure to provide as much information as possible so that your request can be addressed quickly, but please do not send multiple tickets, as this can delay assistance.


    If you are seeking assistance for Twin Saga but select the incorrect game, your ticket may be delayed.


    Account is banned

    In order to resolve a ban, you must send a support ticket.

    Also, please note that there is a difference between a suspension and a ban. If you have received a suspension, please look at the Billing section of this FAQ.

    "Account is in use" message

    This message usually occurs if you disconnect from the server and log back in quickly. You can rest assured that your account has not been compromised.

    However, if you suddenly encounter this message without previously experiencing a disconnection, please reset your password and quickly send a support ticket to us.

    Character(s) missing from account

    If you played Twin Saga prior to September 1, 2016, your character data was wiped due to the end of the closed beta & public stress test. If you played after that date but you are still unable to find your characters, and if you have more than one account, be sure that you are logging into the correct account. If your characters are still missing, send a support ticket so that it can be investigated.

    Character accidentally deleted

    Please send a ticket if your character has accidentally been deleted.

    Account banned due to inactivity or billing inactivity
    Bans due to inactivity can occur if you have not logged in for a long period of time and have a considerable AP balance in your account. This is to protect your account so that it cannot accessed without authorization for AP. Should you receive a ban due to inactivity, simply send a support ticket to have it lifted.


    AP error codes

    Originally shared by faely. Note that AP balances shown in the game DO NOT reflect the error codes.

    Limit has been reached for a specific method of payment

    If this message does not automatically resolve itself, please send a support ticket to us so that we can assist you.

    Account has been suspended

    If your account has been suspended following a purchase and does not resolve itself, or if your account has been suspended or banned due to billing inactivity, sending a support ticket would be the best way to have it resolved.

    Adventurer's Aid (First Purchase Bonus Pack) has not been delivered

    If you purchase AP and spend it on Twin Saga, you qualify to receive the Adventurer's Aid first purchase bonus pack. AP obtained from free AP offers do not qualify. This pack is sent automatically, and you should receive it within one hour. However, it will not send automatically if you have already received a first time purchase bonus pack on another game published by Aeria. If so, you will need to send a support ticket so that it can be manually sent.

    Items purchased from the web mall have not been delivered

    Please check your Twin Saga purchase history as well as your account's AP usage history. The purchase history on Twin Saga's web mall page should display the delivery status of the item(s) purchased. If the items are not visible in the Twin Saga purchase history but appear in the account's AP usage history, please send a support ticket for it to be investigated.

    Note that a few of the items available in the web mall are mystery boxes, which will be labelled as such. There is not a 100% guarantee that you will receive the item you are seeking.

    Free AP offers are not working

    Free AP offers are not managed or operated by Aeria Games at all. Check out this guide - "Doing Free AP Offers While Preventing Spam & Viruses" - for useful information and advice. If you believe you have successfully completed an offer, but the AP has failed to deliver within the offer provider's stated time frame, please contact the offer provider. The offer provider may ask for evidence, so be prepared with screenshots.

    For SuperRewards, click "Get Help" on the offer wall page

    For Persona.ly, click "Support" on the offer wall page

    For Peanut Labs, click "Transactions" on the offer wall page

    For Trialpay, click "Help" or "Contact support" on the offer wall page

    Trading AP card codes - Policy

    Exchanging prepaid card codes (to load Aeria Points) for in-game currency is not forbidden. However, please be aware that we do not promote these transactions and will not assist players in the event that a scam occurs.

    While trade between AP codes and in-game currency is allowed, we prohibit any sort of trade involving real-life currency or accounts. You may not purchase or sell in-game currency in exchange for real-life currency or assets on third-party platforms, and you may not purchase, sell, or trade an account at all. Action will be taken if found culpable.


    Twin Saga Forum Rules

    Twin Saga Game Rules

    Reporting bugs

    If you encounter a bug, submit a bug report using the Report a Bug form. However, for bugs that only affect yourself, such as quest problems or character stats, please create a forum post.

    Please provide as much information as possible, including screenshots and/or video, so that the bug can be replicated or identified.

    Reporting text issues

    Text issues include incorrect translations, writing mistakes and text errors. If you encounter a text issue, use the Report a Localization Issue form.

    Reporting behavior on the forum

    If a user is misbehaving or breaking the forum rules of conduct, you can report it by clicking the hazard symbol on the lower-right of their post.

    For reporting users whose profiles are inappropriate or should not be allowed otherwise, visit their profile, click User, and then click Report User Profile.

    Reporting behavior in the game

    To report bad behavior within the game, please provide screenshots and/or video as evidence in a support ticket so that we can investigate it and take action if warranted.

    Reporting inappropriate names

    To report vulgar, racist, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate guild or character names, take a screenshot of it and send a ticket to our support team.