Elven Valley - Lvl 87 Main Quest Bug

  • Hello guys,

    I was doing a Lvl 87 quest on the <Main Story> in <Elven Valley> where you need to light up 3 orbs of light. The system stated I couldn't continue with the quest because my backpack was full, so I went to a nearby NPC merchant to clear it.

    After returning to continue with the quest, it somehow got bugged and disappeared from my Quest Log. I no longer can see the quest on <Quest Log> or have access to it, making it impossible to progress further in the game as I would need to complete the Main Quests in order to unlock the dungeons and so on.

    I thought the issue was due my character level not being high enough for the Main Quest to pop-up on my Quest Log. However, I'm now currently level 88 and there is still no Main Quest for me. For reference, I was doing the exact same Main Quest with my friend who is same level as me. However, he still got the Lvl 87 Main Quest on his <Quest Log> while mine totally went poof and disappeared ;-;.

    I had attached a screenshot showing the exact location of this issue where you can see only 1 orb lighted-up as opposed to 3 orbs lighting up as my friend pointed out.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly resolve this issue with the Main Quest on my account, so that I can progress further in the game. If I can't follow doing the Main Quest, I would not be able to play as the future dungeons need to follow <Main Story Line> to unlock.

    Thank you for your time and hard work <3!!!

  • Hello Chise,

    This happened on Thursday 13th. So it had been a couple of days and of course I had re-logged many times.

    I had tried rechecking files and even installing a new game again to see if the issue is resolved.

    However, the issue persist in which no Main Quest is available on my account ;-;.

    Since the quest doesn't show anywhere on my Quest Log, I can't abandon it to try to redo it.

    Thank you,

    Wiwi <3

  • This problem is suffered by several players, who for the same reason left the game, because they tell them that they are going to evaluate it and they have already spent more than 2 months waiting..

    If you don't understand what I'm saying, it's because I'm using google translator.