Twin Saga Loader Login.. I can't!

  • Hello..

    Long time gamer here.. Wanted to give Twin Saga a look. Am unable to log into the game server.. Firstly, no matter what resolution I choose, the screen is HUGE. I can only see a very small amount.. IE like its 360x120 (just an example), however, I'm set at 3840x2160, should be too zoomed out if anything.. No matter what resolution I select, it is the same.

    I get to the Select a Server and Channel part OK. I see it in the upper left of the screen.. I click on the green button, a box pops up with a selection of one server and 7 channels. I tried them ALL. The message in the box said, connecting to the game server (or whatever), then closed and put me back at the Button to select a server and channel.. I again tried to fix the resolution, by using Defaults as well as lower resolutions.

    After that, the box (if it opened) opened off the screen area so I couldn't see it..

    Running Windows 10 (fully updated), NVidia Geforce GTX 1070 with 250GB, latest DirectX

    I sure hope someone can help me..

    Peace and Much Thanks..

  • Howdy Aryam!

    I started yesterday at 1pm.. Were the Servers down then too?? ::crossing fingers:: If so, hahah there is no problem! Hoping the resolution problem will be resolved too!

    Thanks for Response! Ta Ta!

  • Hopefully your resolution issues have been solved.

    If you're having problems connecting to the server while the game is actually up and running, just make sure that you do not have any firewalls interfering with the connection into the game.

    Please let us know if you're still having issues so we can further help. It may be easier to request for support in discord (, if it's more convenient for you. (If the invite expires, you can just google "Twin saga official discord".