My account cannot connect to the server

  • As the title says, my account, and only my account, seems unable to connect to the game server. After following all suggestions posted in the general FAQ, out of desperation and noticing the launcher seemed to hang for a moment on my login credentials, I tried a friends account and that worked just fine. I'd very much like to play this game using my account.

  • Try logging in into the Aeria website to check if the problem is the account/credentials.

    If that works fine maybe there's a issue with your launcher, you could try reinstalling the game!

    For support I suggest you to write on the official Discord Server, it's much faster!

  • Same problem with my system, graphics (HUGE), Cant get a Server & Chanel selected. Just a loop..

    So you suggested discord, but didn't give the web sites' URL. I have been trying to get help for 2 days.

    Games sounds great, but the login problems are QUITE frustrating..

    Peace & Much Thanks, Lynlee