[Forum Event] My Love Story

  • It was a sunny day when Meridia marauded when a handsome young man called DarkSin approached me and I wonder if I could be his friend that way was born a beautiful friendship that soon became something else whenever I saw my heart was accelerating (also my keyboard because I wrote a little bad nerves) but now we have a year and I hope that our beautiful love story goes through the screen and becomes a reality outside the game no matter the distance to play together every day with him.

  • I'll never forget that day. The day you gave me a chance. The day you said that I can try to send a dating invitation. You accepted, we jumped for joy. I was grinning the whole time, I hope you were too. This love is new to me, so I may stumble a lot. But with you by my side, there is nothing to fear. With all of your heart, you took me in. And with all of mine, I'll accept you for who you are.

    Dedicated to LynnBunny (kiss)<3

    IGN: Akakiryu

  • On a very, very gloomy day, that's when I found him passing through my life...Oh Xurosis, the savior of my soul!!! ....okay, that's cheesy, let's just stop there..

    The boring reality is when I first started playing for 1 or 2 days, everybody was so busy doing quests and not noticing my handsome and humble self... I just decided to randomly join a dungeon party, and it just happened to be his party (the lucky star must have been shining on him on that day). Even though we were only lv30s, we had fun doing dungeons with just 2 of us...well his sweet cousin Kaeyoh was technically in the dungeon too, but good old Kaeyoh was so busying playing call of duty in real life, so he just left us there getting savaged by those monsters...oh well, we had fun getting killed together though, so that's fine lol

    We both decided to elope later on, leaving our old guilds, to go somewhere far away and build our own guild, Synoptic. Well, it's not that big, but at least we have something of our own, isn't that romantic? :P probably not, but oh well... I still remember those crazy things that we did back then: swimming naked in a lake with nobody around, getting into weird love triangles, OH! and we even have our own child later on in the game!!! (that son died very soon after that though, how tragic..)

    I could go on and on, but life is short, so let's wrap it up here :P

    oh, many of my artworks here in the Event section are based on our love story, everyone please check them out :))) (even though they didn't win me any prizes yet...BUT!....that day will come lol)

    IGN: Fuumachan

  • We coupled up because there is less dramas for bestie and girl couple, we have no time to deal with the dramas like before. )o) And yes it has been peaceful for us to cuddle and hug and give warmth for each other~

    Well, she is someone means more than a stranger, more then a friend, more than a family, more than a lover, more than the game, and more than my studies, but still lesser than my food. :x

    Happy Valentiney Day izzy and everyone ~

  • I'm quite new to Twin Saga, and.... I still haven't found the Bonnie to my Clyde :'( .

    When I first started playing TS, I got hooked. It reminded me of good ol' Fiesta Online, and the nostalgia really hit me hard. I thought the hidden quests were just as important as the main quest, so I'd spend alot of time figuring out how to those, and all about the different parts of the game instead of doing the main quest. So, by the time I started doing main quests, I usually couldn't find people around my level to pt with for main quests or dungeons (probably because I usually wasn't in Channel 1 :P ). Whenever I meet new people in dungeons, I end up getting carried and it's more of a fast paced run instead of enjoying the challenge of fighting through a dungeon with fellow plebs.

    In my opinion, its much easier to get to know someone who has been 'fighting' alongside you through a dungeon, with both of you doing your share and relying on and trusting each other. But that is pretty hard to do since I entered the game way past its start. Luckily, I found someone to grind on with when I was lvl 60 but.. she left the game after a while :(

    I hope I'll find someone who I can trust and who can trust me. After all, a relationship is about giving and taking. Here's to more emotional roller coasters, filled with all the good times and the bad, with that special someone (soon I hope (kiss)).

  • Love blooms again or so I was told... after having my heart broken by my first couple, who was also my love in real life, I wanted to quit the game and end my adventure as Moonhazel leader of SilverSword Guild...

    I sounded like an Opehlia who lost her Hamlet in guild chat and even I got sick of myself holding on to the memories of my failed love. It was then that I took an leave of absence for two weeks; it was honestly a wonder my guild did not completely die from my lack of leadership. So on one boring afternoon,I decided to grow up and come back to the game that I grew to love a lot.

    It was then that I met Katheli- truly met that person. He was a guildie that I did not pay much attention to at first since I was too focused with my first couple who was not even in my guild. (Mind you Katheli plays as a trap character and makes sure everyone knows he is a guy). He has a strong personality that unless people really get to know him would rub them the wrong way, but I guess my quiet personality meshed with his and we made a great duo. I used to carry his dead weight in dungeon runs and was his guide in how the game was played. It was somewhere around this dungeon spamming that Katheli probably realized that I might have felt a bit lonely and vulnerable that he sent me a dating invitation in game just so I would not be alone and complain about having no couple. (haha you awkward goofball!) He made it clear that I was his first couple ever in an mmo and decided "Why not?" and sent me an invitation. (It honestly made me feel special that I became an exception to his rule of gaming) and gratefully accepted because I would no longer be alone in this virtual world. It was a relationship based on benefits since we coupled for the buffs and companionship.

    So we were coupled for a while playing the game, dying next to each other, while also getting stronger each time until the game became too grindy for Katheli and he decided to quit the game! Alas my heart broke for the second time since I felt like everyone was leaving me.And I felt so lonely but decided not to let my feelings get in the way of my leadership like I had done last time. It is kinda funny but Katheli finally joined my guild discord when he quit just so that we could at least stay in touch and even tried to get me to play POE. But ewww no way, I was too loyal to TS (I mean come on cute animelike characters) and art. So heck no i couldn't really abandon the game. I became a bit distant with him since I was too busy playing TS and playing with my new couple (I'm not someone who can stay single for long in game). And suddenly my replacement couple left me for another girl. (No, no its not what you think lol; our timezones didnt match). So after that, i became a solo player swearing off all couples and helping out my guildies.

    It was like this for a while until Katheli decided to come back to TS. I wasnt obvious about it but was really filled with joy when he came back. He sent me another dating invition and i accepted cos who knows, 2nd time could be the charm. It was then after he came back that our relationship started getting more personal. I stopped hiding behind a smile since as a guild leader i felt i had to be perfect and unbiased. My "perfect image" started to crack when someone in guild was annoying me so much that i secretly pm Katheli basically asking him that "ughhh am i the only one who thinks hes being annoying by spamming too much in guild chat?" He was shocked of course but then also revealed people he didnt like which i kinda agreed. It was our own little secret where we quietly vented on things that annoyed us. I then started sharing more information about myself since i felt like whatever i said, he wouldnt judge. I told him about my issues at home, my depressive episodes and things like when I struggled to even eat. It felt weird sharing this to a random guildie i got to know but i found his words soothing to my soul. He literally felt like my soul mate (not in a romantic sense) but as someone who I could be myself and let my feelings be known. I didnt have to pretend to be this fake bubbly girl; I can also have my bad sides show.

    Sometimes I do take him for granted by having him join me in all my dungeon runs despite having a totally different timezone (he is from EU while I am NA) but he is someone I truly came to care about and am so glad to have met. We usually voice chat together and he gets to hear my screams, my laughter and my teasing; the other day he said it made him happy hearing me laugh when I got that legendary 10x aryn drop in FG. Im sure anyone else in the voice chat would have been annoyed lol. And who else other than Kath would do lame achievement hunts with me kappa.

    Our relationship isn't perfect since we do have our fights (mostly me being irrational- I'm sorry kathy!) And I'm probably even worse than a girlfriend but I try my best in my weird awkward way to apologize since im really terrible at expressing myself. I would love to thank Kathy for being the best couple I could ever hope for; the only one in the whole server who can handle my mood swings, the kind one who gave up his sleep schedule for me, and also the weirdo who only plays this grindy game for my sake. Otherwise if he hadn't met me, he wouldve quit within 2 weeks of playing the game. Im sorry again Kathy for you doing so much for me when I don't give you anything in return :'( and also sorry for calling your clothes lame (probs only person i know who doesnt care about costumes) youre the best waifu a Moonhazel could ask for. Hope our journey together as a couple continues on <3