[Forum Event] My Love Story

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    Happy Valentine's Day to all the couples (and singletons) out there! As the day of romance comes closer, we might take time to think about and reflect on how the love has progressed. So, what's your love story?


    In no particular order:


    • For those who are coupled: How's life going with you and your in-game sweetheart? Examples of things you can say are: how did you two meet, and what were your initial impressions? What do you two normally do? What is your favorite memory together?
    • For the forever-alones: Since you don't currently have an in-game lover, how do you envision meeting one? Have you faced any difficulties in finding love?

    Rules & Guidelines

    • Include your Aeria account name so that rewards can be sent properly.
    • In-game couples only! We don't want to know about your real-life love or your marriage to a two-dimensional waifu who's not from Twin Saga. :I
    • You must write 75 words minimum.
    • This event is for players on the English-language (Gemini) server only.
    • Your entry must not violate the forum rules of conduct.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • You may not participate on multiple accounts; only one entry per physical person!
    Example entry wrote:

    <GM>Furval and I originally met in mid-December, only about a week before Christmas. I sent a dating invitation to her, and she was completely weirded out and taken by surprise. She is honestly a very boring GM to be coupled with, and while we talk to each other a lot on Discord, we don't often meet each other in the game. At this point, our virtual relationship is probably a joke. I wrote "omae wa mou shindeiru" on the couple messaging wall a while back, and I don't think she has even noticed yet. But I get to save up Luv Coins, so that's all that really matters. ♥

    Time frame

    Start: February 1

    End: February 14, 23:59 PST (server time).



    Participation: 3x Astral Crystals (Bound)

    3 winners chosen by the GM & CM team: Cupid's Wings (orange costume) + 10x Astral Crystals (Bound)

  • EchoMan and I met three months ago in Twin Saga and have been together ever since <3 We quest and do our dailies everyday and we have fun! We just met the same day we started playing and we just hit it off right there and have been inseparable ever since (kiss) We are still playing together and meeting our goal of helping each other as often as possible and hitting level 70! He even told me he loves meh ~hehe~ (fight) I love him too and we just get along so well and we even have our own guild together that we run! We got it to level five on our own which is pretty sweet #CoupleGoals <3 We also love saving up Luv Coins and doing dungeons together and I love sneaking up behind him and turning him into a cute piggy or kitty when he least expects it (laugh)

    IGN: Kylideer

  • Me and Jellybelly met from trade chat. I was looking for a cp for a while and Jelly came and talked to me. She is a nice person who is also hard working ingame hunting achievements and maxing her professions. It may have been a coincidence that we met throu trade chat but ive been enjoying every minute we have spent together whether its after work or during my break times. I never wanted a cp for luv coins but just to spend time together and have fun in the game that I enjoy.

    Ign: Murtida

  • My couple Chezamoon, I met her through 1 of her friend as we frequent party each other for running dungeons, however when her friend sudden stop playing, we kind of seldom party to run dungeons now, BUT, somehow we always bump each other like too much of coincidence or maybe fate? I didn't even add her and yet we always bump even in different channels (laugh) but we just Hi and Bye as time goes, next thing we bump each other again and i was like "Hey, just gonna do senshi quest in party (laugh)", then shes like "Owh, same :)", oh hey coincidence so i ask her why not we party together and complete together, well much faster and easier :$, after the party dungeon we go separate ways to do our grinds again. Few days later, i starting party a lot a group of same guildmembers and shes inside as well, thus back again we i party with her very frequent now along with her guildmates. Finally, i decided i sent her "Dating Invitation" (laugh) since we always bump into each other and such, she was very confused:$ and shes like "whats this?" and i just like "Is a couple thing, but take it as our friendship benefit thing since we always bump each other, also it has buff :P", aaaaand she accepted hurray. From that onwards we always run dungeon together FTG/AliceHunt/DA and such, also she will always be my meatshield(laugh) since her stats are tanky and i will always be damage dealer :$ , that moment we closer each other much than before as she sometimes help me when i desperate on something and i help her when needed, as now we always side by side helping each other struggle each other in high level dungeons (laugh). Is fun to have a partner by your side run dungeons every time and for couple benefit of course :P<3

    IGN: LunarIcasha

  • My lovely wife Azoraa, we met one day, really random, where i was just bored, I had nothing to do, I was in the verge of quitting Twin Saga because I had no one else to play the game with, until that day came. <3

    That day, I thought that "Well, since I don't really have anything to do, I'll just see what people are saying in the world chat." and what I saw was (of course) Azoraa typed "I have crippling depression" regarding the meme of this YouTuber called iDubbzTV. Not too long after that, I replied with "I have Osteoporosis" regarding to the meme of the same person.

    After that a while passed and we kept talking to each other, we friended each other, quested together a whole lot and I felt... Like this was more than just a normal friendship, I felt something more.

    January 18th was the day I called her on Skype, asked her out "Will you be my girlfriend for as long as life can go?" and she accepted, I coupled her ingame, and after a whole year being together I can 100% confirm that I haven't been this happy with someone in my life, she's the light that I find in all the darkness of my room, she's my savior and i am hers, for the rest of our lives. <3:$

    IGN: Sashaa

  • Me and Nirvz have been talking to each other out of game until one day he decided to come back after long months of not playing the game, all he wanted to do was to meet me in game and that was about it. Little did he know that it would end up with me becoming his couple in game and in person. Although, I am a little bit too serious about the game and (may or may not be using him to collect coins) (nosebleed). We spend time together doing a lot of dungeons that give LP, and by together I mean we do them with just us, takes a long time, yes, but it's funny when I cleric and he dies. Now I'm working on my cleric so he can't tease me about it, however I am still salty that he is pretty good as a cleric. :I

    In-game time spent with him may be usually short because he's quite busy and well.. uh, busywithanothergame, but I appreciate him making time to play with me and making the dungeon runs we do the funnest ones I run, specially since he's there. :$

    I am still the better cleric btw. (kiss)

    IGN: Shirune

  • As a somewhat new player, I haven't even thought about this.(chickenconfused) I guess you could say I have faced difficulties, I haven't met anyone in game or made any close friends, so instead of talking about that here is a message for you other lonely gamers.

    *puts on sunglasses*

    Well ha, ya’know I’m a pretty cool dude, I'm like a whole 45 levels and I got a pretty nice Capybara that we could ride off into the sun set on...

    Yo, come talk to me... please? ;-;

    *low key leaves ways to contact me*



  • My couple and I actually met on a different game. We developed a relationship during that game and then suddenly we heard about Twin Saga. We both moved to TS before they even had a couple system but of course we considered each other couples already! I was sitting at school the day the couple system came out and he was joking about coupling someone else.. I honestly didn't realize he was joking at first and quickly went home and logged on TS to yell at him if he had another couple!! Little did I know he was just trying to surprise me and couple me without me knowing!!! <3

    I really think it's so sweet that he did that although I was pretty angry at first for him tricking me(angry)!!

    It's almost been a year since we've known each other and I love him with all my heart and I'm so glad he's still my couple !! You know who you are (fight)!!

  • My couple likes special things. Our date is ... December 31. He said "I want to start the year with u" (this was really cute) I did not resist(fight)

    We fight for stupid things all the time but we're really good together, an incredible duo in dungeons and of course we always fight for the love coins(nosebleed). He's Incredibly cute when he wants to, we make lots of plans together, we like to sleep together on terracotage while we get together in the discord, sharing music, videos and our lifes. And well ... that makes him more than special for me. <3

  • Just for fun - rewrote Enigma's example to my viewpoint (don't do this)

    Enigma and I originally met in mid-December, only about a week before Christmas. Enigma sent a dating invitation to me, and I was completely weirded out and taken by surprise. We talk to each other a lot on Discord, we don't often meet each other in-game. At this point, I'm surprised Enigma is still with me, this virtual relationship is a joke. I still, to this day have not opened the couple interface or even looked at Enigma's message. Besides, Enigma is probably just using me for Luv Coins. (Maybe I'll use them up (evil))

  • Zeratsu and I met about 3 and 1/2 months ago by joining our guild. He made me laugh a lot and he was always fun to be around. We would run dungeons together all the time and I would bully him all the time in PvP (mwuahahah). My favorite time running dungeons with him was when we were in FG and he had died and we were all standing around like looking at the cleric like "uhhh... is he gonna revive him?" Eventually, we decided to say something and then this cleric pops off with saying "Oh, he dead?" (laugh) Although we're not really a couple we're still really great friends and I hope we can stay that way for a very long time.

    Ign: Amanda

  • My couple and I have been together since the day the "couple system" was released. These days, I barely see my couple online as I await for them to come back when content is released. I always tell him about the stuff I do in Twin Saga, hoping he'll return and play Twin Saga once again with me, daily. We talk a lot in person and online, but our Twin Saga relationship does not amount to our real-life relationship <3

  • Maybe I'm a new player here and really a lot of stuff I must learn and do. Reaching for higher level is hard for me since I don't have much time for play and grind. Running a dungeon back there, with still in low gear, making me reach low HP in 4-5 hits from those mobs and monsters. And there, reaching level 60, at silence guild palace's lobby, that's when I met her. She's nice talking to me, smile at me, well I never guess to met her since who is she? She whispering me first and it's being rude if I don't reply her. Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I not introducing myself. So, well, my IG codename is A, and she is C.

    After that meeting, we usually run daily quest and dungeon together, precisely she helps me a lot. She currently in level 70, capped! and I'm still in level 60. It's really funny when I told her that my gear still level 48, I failed to beat Hasser and his friends. I thought she would laugh at me, many players beat Waking Wetlands's dungeon easily but not for me. So she back to the town, gather some her things, and surprised me that she would give me all of her level 58 equipment chest to help me to gear myself. I didn't ask her to do that and it's embarrassing for me, but she then tell me that she would be happy to helps each other, specially a guild member. I did respect her so I take that all chest and gearing myself, and boom! I can beat that Hasser in his face. I told her my story and she glad to hear that.

    Day after day, we play and had more fun, we sharing our moments together. Sometimes I've got my mind to get a good stuff to give her, as a present from a friend. I think that rolling a lucky machine with some crystals would give me a good haul. I decided to get a good wing for her, but what I got are just some charms and tickets of point. Well, I know I'm not a lucky person to do this. Doing a stuff in Lost Metropolis, she greets me from behind and asking if I've already finish my daily battlefront. And so we go together doing daily, labs dungeon, she helps me a lot getting gear scroll. Before we go offline each other, I told her that she's a good friend to me and thanking for help me a lot. She reply that she always glad to help me and tell her whether if I need something.

    It's been a week from our last meeting. I always check my friend list to see her whether she online or not. Maybe she got something to do, her works, in her real life and don't have much time to online. Two days before now, I saw her last online on two days before, that time I was not online and so I know she was still play. I plan to compose some message to her to see if she's okay and ask her when the time she can online. It's not like we would have a date, or being a couple, but I'd like to go out again with her and party some dungeon together. I will wait for her reply soon. To me, a love is not limited to love couple thing, but being a good friend to have, you find that love has more meaning.

  • The first time my couple and i met at 4 month ago when i start to play Twin Saga. We are same guild, she is a elite member and i am a newbie. I didn't like she because she always made me angry. She didn't call my true name and put nickname to me, that made me angry. She said i am fat and ugly, that made me angry. She didn't add friend with me, that made me angry. We don't have same language so we use English to chat each other, that made me angry. She type so fast, that made me angry. Her english well than me, that made me angry (sorry that my fall). She didn't accept my gift, that made me angry.

    Day by day, she and i play together, i understand she is a good person. She carry newbie, taught me many thing about game and how to enjoy it. She gave me gift at christmas. She always response when i need any help. At brightly morning, i saw the system message about a couple with she. I accepted without thinking.

    Finally, I break up with her to follow my friend but my friend didn't couple with me. What are i did ? Betray a good person. Now i stay alone with memory of my first love. Is this the price i paid for my pass mistake?

  • “no string attached”

    yea, still remember i said that. I met him, RonBlade, last year end of March 2017. I kept seeing his Party Recruitment and decided to join because I wanted to level up. I was leveling up mage class and asked him about some skills that I didn't understand and he explained it to me patiently. Since that day, we party together a lot!

    Then when we heard rumors about the couple system, i know that he was going to ask me to be his partner in game. He was so excited explaining everything to me about the benefit being a couple, and I just stabbed his heart by saying “why you act like you’re so sure I want to be your couple?” and he panicked! I was just teasing him, of course I want to be his couple since we play a lot together.

    A few days before the patch, i told him, “fine, no string attached” yea I remember it clearly, and we end up having a lot of strings on us till today, the string that tie us up together for 300 days! (yes, today is our 300th days) and on the day Couple Patch released, we logged in game, and he sent me couple invitations right away, and I clicked Yes without even realizing it cus I thought it was Warp Confirmation I never thought he would just sent it to me like that, really caught me off guard. (chickenblush)

    I was just a new player back then, never thought that I’ll be with someone like him. But yea, we’ve been together ever since, never broke up, never had a thought of changing partner too, not even once. We still play together almost everyday, run dungeon, earn gold and LP, and of course, collect and share Love Coins and everything we have. Even just in game, some people leave each other to find someone better, better player, better partner, I’m just grateful I’ve been with the best since beginning! He maybe not the best player in game, but he’s the best for me and that’s more than enough <3


    (chicken) IGN : Linns

  • Me and my ingame hubby met each other since OBT, we’re both OBT players. We were in the same guild but we never talk to each other, never notice each other’s existence (now I so very regret it...). My first impression with him was that he is so scary >.< He never talks, and I’m super shy (and mostly playing hard to get) to approach him also so even though we know each other we didn’t acknowlege each other’s existence for more than 1 year!! During the 1 year, our guild ran in issues and we both part ways.. Our existence were even fader to each other than normal. He was dating someone else (multiple someones :eyes:), so was I. Few times after our both relationships died, suddenly on one beautiful afternoon while I was semi afk doing homework he whispered me and ask “What are you doing? Want to go waterpark?”. I was so surprised like omg did senpai finally notice me haha. I think it was fate because by that time two of my friends are fighting so I wasn’t doing any dungeons runs, normally I wouldn’t have time to party with anyone else besides them (so again I’m sorry I caused you two to fight but also thank you). Now we’re together 24/7 playing TS. Our most favourite thing to do is Golden Desert. Every moment with him is my favourite memory. And I sincerely hope this will be the one that lasts.<3

    I love him more than words can describe(chickenconfused)

    L&T 🌙

    IGN: xLunar

  • Met Jhanz on a ftg party. Proposed to her, she accept, we make babies(Grimalkin). After this exciting proposal, things settle down. Every time I’m online, she’s offline, and every time she’s online I’m offline. I worked my best every day to do the couple quest so that I could brag to her about how sincere I am. Until one day she stopped. I moved on. Am still in relation with her but stopped. End. My love story. End. Friends with benefits.

    IGN: Porkling

  • IGN: LynnBunny


    When the sun was high,

    I'll tell you no lie.

    I was alone that day,

    But a confession was not in dismay.

    He came in red,

    He was not in dread.

    With chocolate in hand,

    Of an expensive brand.

    With our faces flushed,

    Both of us hushed.

    But jumping we went,

    Laughing with no end.

    A sensitive person he might be,

    Just the same as me.

    This love is still new,

    Hopefully, will be perfectly brewed.

    Wish we could be freed,

    From the lag, that is.

    Together, we could spend more time,

    To do dungeons of nine.

    Dedicated to Akakiryu (kiss)(chickenblush)

    Walking on broken pieces of glass, the pain can never compare to the pain of losing you, my red dahlia...

    IGN: LynnBunny (Gemini)

  • Me and Resonante have been a couple since our Raywing Harbor days <3 Boi, i was feeling alone then he was like, what if we go as couple here and have fun together? (chickenblush) I blushed omo And so we did main quests together, join Traces together, did dungeon runs too. We had good times together. We tried running party dungeons, dying and running again anyways coz y not but we skipped coz we knew we were too noob :'( Then.... he played real life. He got busy at work and doesn't log in much anymore. I now do dungeons with guildies and other friends. I miss him now but he told me he's coming back, maybe on new patch. Maybe not ;-; feelsbadman . But I got no complaints since I can hoard all the luv coins :$ Don't tell him! And that is prolly the end.... of this story not of our relationship hihi <3(nosebleed)(chickenblush)

    IGN: Mayavii

  • For Valentine’s Day, I, Celesiana, will share with you my favorite memory of my dear, DeadlyRose. Of the moment I first encountered my beloved, and the impressions that were etched eternally into both our hearts.

    Celesiana’s First Impression:

    I still remember the first time I saw her cute, bouncing pigtails, gleaming like the sun. Her glowing battle hammer in hand, as she landed that final blow…. She looked straight at me, with eyes that shimmered like emeralds, and it was like Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart.

    DeadlyRose’s First Impression:

    I still remember that day like it was yesterday, I had just finished slaying Arch-Ambassador Omar, and that’s when I looked up and saw her. My snow-white angel with glittering rose-colored tresses. The moment I gazed into her gorgeous eyes the color of love itself, I knew she had to be mine.